Shot Mitigation Protocol

December 6, 2021

by Karen Unsworth Berger B.A.A, TFH

Always check first with your health care provider and work with them before starting supplements. There can be serious interactions between supplements and medications, including blood thinners, anti-coagulants, heart medication, and anti- inflammatories. 

  About this Protocol

 This is a general mitigation protocol which I compiled for myself and loved ones in an effort to address current and future concerns around the new covid shots. I studied PKP Kinesiology for 4 years in Scotland, and have 25 years of experience in the field, so it didn't take long working with people to confirm that the main issues to be addressed are around the already recognised concerns related to inflammation and blood clotting. It's all about bringing the body back into balance, by giving it what it needs before, during, and after, to reduce stress and support full recovery.  I  had in mind to ultimately share this protocol with others if it proved truly successful and could make a positive difference.  After seeing the overwhelming number of tragic videos and stories of people looking for help, I would like to offer this protocol to anyone looking for something along these lines.  It was designed specifically for the JnJ and AZ shots, and works for the other shots as well although not as completely.  (I'm working on it, but unfortunately the issues are more complex.)  

I was initially terrified at the thought of receiving the shot because I historically react to common painkillers, chemicals, cosmetics, foods, EMFs, etc. but I felt obligated to receive it in order to fly to elderly family overseas. I know many are in the same situation.  This is a compilation of what I learned from working with those who had received the shots, and from my own experience.  Sure enough, immediately after the shot I went into "the shakes"and a racing heartbeat (my typical stress response), but this calmed down quickly when I began implementing the protocol within the first minute. I did have a slight headache on day 2, and fatigue and slightly blurred vision when reading for the first few days, but that was it. I don’t want to imagine how it might have turned out if I had not brought literally a suitcase of mitigation tools to use as needed! 

Everyone I have worked with who has used this protocol has done very well, with a much more complete recovery over those who have not. Many people feel fine and believe they don’t need mitigation, but believe me, I have not seen ANY exceptions - We are all human beings, and this is about simple biology. Inflammation can go completely un-noticed until there is an event.  2 months after the shot I had a medical checkup with extensive blood tests including live blood cell micoscropy where the technician looks at a sample of your blood under a microscope.  He was very surprised that there were absolutely no visible signs of the inflammation in the blood typically associated with what he was seeing from shots, and my MD was also surprised that all blood tests were good. ( He has patients with serious side effects.) 

We begin with larger doses of supplements and gradually reduce them to a maintenance level over a period of 6 weeks.  If you have already received the shot I would suggest that you could start with day 15-30, which is a reduced amount.  Follow it for 1 month, and continue with day 31-42.. If you have side effects and are looking for help, do the same except increase the turmeric blend/juice, NAC, and vitamin C to day 6-14 levels.  Again, it is VERY important to work with your doctor especially if you are on medication.  If you are on multiple meds and cannot take many of the supplements, grounding is a fantastic tool - see below under General info/Grounding.   There are also topical vibrational remedies included in the protocol which may be more appropriate for some in the beginning - please do not under estimate the potential of these remedies! 


General info regarding specific supplements and details of the protocol

Niacin: Take niacin  a few times before you receive the shot to be aware of how the natural flush feels.  We WANT the flush, so avoid “no flush” brands. When you purchase niacin, be careful to get 100mg – it is also sold in 500mg which is FAR too much for most.  Niacin can produce very uncomfortable flushing which can last up to 1 hour but this is a typical and harmless side effect.  It may be helpful to take it with food.  Niacin dilates the capillaries and flushes them out - we use activated charcoal capsules to assist in eliminating toxins quickly from the body. For most people there are no noticeable side effects from the charcoal.  

NAC: (N-Acetyl Cysteine)  This is an amino acid which the body makes, but due to the challenges of today's foods, medications, reduced food quality, and environment, we often need more than our bodies can make.  It is the supplemental form of cysteine, and a vital pre curser the body needs to make glutathione - one of our most powerful antioxidants. 

It helps with detoxification from drugs and environmental factors, replenish glutathione levels in the lungs,  and relieve respiratory symptoms and inflammation in the bronchial tubes and lung tissue. It also helps replenish glutathione to regulate the neurotransmitter glutamate, involved in a wide range of brain functions, including those associated with aging. NAC may stabilise blood sugar by decreasing inflammation in fat cells and therby improving insulin resistance, increase Nitric Oxide production (NO), and reduce heart disease risk by reducing oxidative damage to tissues in the heart.  The boosting of glutathione levels may also improve immune function. 

Ubiquinol:  Ubiquinol is the active, reduced form (more bio available) of CoQ10 (Co Enzyme Q10).  It is a vitamin like subtance with similarities to vitamin D, and has a well established role in mitochondrial function and energy production, which typcially reduce with age.  It supports healthy heart function and ATP levels, cholesterol levels, fertility, supports, celular energy production, and is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps neutralise damaging free radicals.  Since the shots have been shown to negatively impact mitochondrial function (note that fatique that often accompanies them) Ubiquinol can help get things back on track.   2 caps/day, (1 + 1) but you can also eat foods high in CoQ10,

 Dietary sources include:   fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, wild sockeye, grass fed beef, miso and tofu (or fermented soy products), spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, walnuts eggs, broccoli sprouts, cooked organic tofu, green beans, and peas. 

Turmeric Blend: (Anti-inflammatory and natural anti-coagulant.) Combine 4T organic turmeric powder, 1T organic ginger powder, 1 tsp organic black pepper.  Either put into size 0 empty gel caps, or stir 1 tsp into 1 cup diluted veg juice (50/50 water) such as carrot and beet.  Add 1 T organic whipping cream or coconut cream as good a good fat for absorption. The cream also tones down the taste.  


Vitamin C:  Vitamin C is best taken in natural source form such as elderberry or sea buckthorn.  The best capsules I've found in the Toronto area are at Healthy Planet..  "Can Prev" brand “Synergy C vitamin C complex” 500mg (with Sea Buckthorn) 2 x 2 per day.  This contains several natural sources of vitamin C for bioavailability.  You can also purchase "Flora" brand elderberry crystals (they do not contain sugar) and add 1/2 tsp to a strong cup of hot or cold rose hip tea, or to red grapefruit juice, or juice of 1/2 lemon and water, perhaps with 1T organic maple syrup.  (Orange juice is over rated as a source of vitamin C.)


New research has shown concerns that vitamin C taken in the form of ascorbic acid powder may have complications, therefore to be safe, it is best to use natural sources.  

Organic Rose oil spray: (Vibrational medicine. Reduce stress and calm the body.) Divine Essence organic Rose Otto.  Add 9 drops to ¼ cup spring water, or next best widely available is Aura Cacia Rose Otto (add 12 drops to ¼ cup spring water). Spray on upper chest and around your body.


Magnesium: (Topical.) Magnesium is calming to the body under stress, and helps balance the effects of radiation.  It is best absorbed topically.  Use something like “CALM” magnesium spray on the chest (if it prickles too much use on other areas instead) or do Epsom salts baths with 2 cups Epsom salts every second day.  If you don’t have a tub, use the spray 4 x day for the first month. 


  • It’s a good idea to take Niacin/charcoal, Elderberry/C, and NAC at the same time, with food, as they work well together.
  • REST for first 3 days. 9 hrs sleep, avoid exertion, nap in afternoon. Spray your home and bedroom/linens/towels with vinegar/water (2:3) to freshen from “shedding”.   Spray around your home and where you sit 6 x day days 2-7,  then 2 x day

A Note about typical radiation exposure:  Make an extra effort to reduce radiation exposure for 4 weeks after the shot while you recover – especially cell phone.  Keep your phone away from you when not in use, and if it must be in your bedroom at night, switch to airplane mode and turn off your wifi so your body can rest properly.  If you have a clock radio in your bedroom, remove it for at least for 4 weeks.  (Ideally remove it permanently.)  Certain foods increase your body’s tolerance to radiation and keep the body’s polarity balanced.  Include 2 substantial servings per day of any of the following: sweet potatoes, specific organic green veg. (green string or runner beans, cooked kale, broccoli and spinach) and organic herbs (cilantro, sage, oregano, turmeric, and ginger).


Grounding (or "earthing") is very supportive through the whole recovery process, but especially in the 1st 5 days after the shot.  Grounding brings anti inflammatory electrons into the body and helps restore balance.  If you are injured, or cannot use some of the supplements due to medications, this is a VERY valuable tool!  You can ground yourself free by placing bare or sock (natural fiber) feet on the bare ground/grass, stone, or concrete such as a concrete balcony.  (Wood or synthetic materials are not conductive.)  In recent years grounding tools have been developed to use in your home which is convenient if you live in an extreme climate where bare feet in winter is not an option. See my grounding blog on this site, and check for more info, videos, and to order grounding tools such as a bed sheet, throw, or universal grounding mat. 


(Topical vibrational medicine.) If you can’t order the two Native Texan essences listen at the end of the protocol, the next best is to use “Rescue Remedy” by Bach available at most health food stores and pharmacies.

Use on the skin, 3 drops inside the wrists and on thymus every hour or more as needed (for shakes, stress, etc.) for at least 5 days as needed.

Vinegar and water spray to clear stress from your home environment

Make a large sprayer of plain white vinegar and water (2:3) and spray your house, furniture where you sit, and bedding, daily for 2 weeks after the shot.  Change towels and sheets more frequently.  There is controversy over "shedding", but as a kinesiologist I can say I have found there IS some kind of healthy, normal release from the body initially as it eliminates toxins through the lungs, skin, and digestion. 

Our GOAL for the protocol:  "My whole body works together as one to protect my cells and body 100% from the (J and J) shot, and I recover quickly and completely." 


For the first month after the shot, do your best   to AVOID SUGAR AND ALCOHOL. Eat cleanly, and eat organic. There are some diet suggestions under "General Info", then down to "Radiation Exposure".

Pay special attention to the Bhastrika breathing starting 2 hrs after the shot, for 5 days, to help nanoparticles escape through the lungs and prevent them from being absorbed into the body. 

Starting 5 days before shot:

Turmeric blend: 2 tsp or 2+2 caps /day

Vitamin C: Elderberry capsule (“Flora” brand), 2 caps 2 x day (see details below)

Rose oil: 2 drops or 3 sprays on thymus, 2 x day

Probiotics: 1 cap 2 x day

Veg juice: 1 cup/day with 1 tsp turmeric blend

(Take 100mg niacin a couple of times just to get used to how the niacin “flush” feels.)

Day 1: Bring with you to the location where you are receiving the shot.

Immediately after shot:

  1. Drink water starting immediately, and equivalent of at least 3 lg glasses over the next 2 hrs.  2 ½ litres for the day if possible, and for the first few days, also as a kidney cleanse. Drink 2 glasses AM before food.
  2. Immediately start taking Flower Essences (see at end) every few minutes: 4 drops (mixed) on thymus then every 30 min for 6 hours,  as needed until bed time, or use Emergency Essence Bach remedy full strength.
  3. After drinking water, start sipping 2 cups veg juice containing 2 tsp turmeric blend*.   Drink over 2 hrs time alternating with water.
  4. Have this ready in a baggie:  10 min after shot take  200mg niacin,  1 x NAC cap, 2 x  activated charcoal,  1gm vit C as detailed above.  (MAKE SURE YOU ARE AWARE OF THE NIACIN FLUSH above, which is a normal response.)
  5. Organic Rose oil spray (in small glass or aluminum spray bottle, add 9 drops in 1/4 cup spring or filtered water) on chest every hour or more often as needed until bed time. (OR use Banyan Tree spray, or both.)
  6. Grounding/earthing:  Between 1 and 2 hours after shot, do grounding for 30-45 min – place bare or sock feet directly on grass (or concrete outdoors such as a concrete balcony).  
  7. Bhastrika* yoga (detox) breathing:  Start about 2 hours after the shot to rid the body of nanoparticles beginning to come out through the lungs. 20 breaths every 10 minutes, or as much as you can over the next hour.  (See video link at the bottom)


Beginning 3 hrs after shot  (Take these 3 x throughout rest of the day, best with food.)

  1. start slowly sipping on second round of 2 cups veg juice with 2 tsp turmeric blend. Throughout the rest of the day take the following supplements 3 more times (every 3 hrs).   1 NAC, 200mg niacin, 1 activated charcoal, 1 gm vit C.
  2. start taking probiotics 4 hrs after shot - take 2x2 with meals or before bed.  Milk thistle 15 drops in water 4 x day, vit D 12,000 units 1xday
  3. Bhastrika yoga breathing: continue 20 breaths 4 x hour until bed, ideally outside or by open window to keep your indoor air cleaner.  If indoor, you can use 50/50 white vinegar and water spray to clean the air continuously from the nanoparticles you are exhaling. 

Day 2 -5

1.    4 cups veg juice with 1 tsp per cup Turmeric blend  through the day.

2.    Probiotics 2 x 2 until day 30

3.    Ubiquinol (ideally start on day 3)     1 + 1

4.    Niacin 200mg 3 x day, Activated charcoal 1 cap 3 x day

5.    1 NAC 4 x throughout the day (take with 200mg niaicin/2 charcoal, Elderberry C)

6.    Milk thistle  15 drops 3 x day

7.    Begin taking Chlorella capsules,  2 x 2 for 1 month (or ¾ tsp 2 x day in beverages, although the taste may not be agreeable.)

8.    Bhastrika Breathing:  Focus the first few hours in the morning on breathing: 20 breaths  several times an hour.

9.    Vitamin D, 12,000 units a day

10.    Flower essences 6 x day or more as needed

11.                  Rose oil spray all over/around the body, chest 3 x day

12.                  Epsom salts bath ideally before bed: 2 cups in warm bath, 20 min, shower rinse after bath to remove toxins from the bath water.  If you don't have a tub, use a magneium spray on the chest or inside arms 3 x day.  Every second bath you take you can add 1/2 cup baking soda for extra electrical system detox. 

13.                  Grounding, 2 hrs/day

14.                  Sleep/rest, nap


Day 6-14

1.    Veg juice blend with turmeric blend, 2 x day

2.    Probiotics: 2 x 2

3.    NAC : 1 cap 3 x day

4.    Ubiquinol: 1+1

5.    100mg niacin 3 x day

6.    Activated charcoal 1 cap 3 x day

7.    Elderberry C, 1 gm 4 x day

8.    Milk thistle: 15 drops 1 x day

9.    Vit D: 12,000 iu

10.    Bhastrika breathing 20x, 4 x day

11.                  Flower essences 3 x day

12.                  Epsom salts bath: every 2nd day (continue to shower after bath)


Day 15-30

1.    Veg juice blend 2 x day

2.    Probiotics 1 x 1

3.    NAC, 1 cap 3 x day

4.    Ubiquinol   1+1

5.    Niacin 100mg 1 x day,

6.    Activated charcoal 1 cap 3 x day

7.    Elderberry C,  1 gm 3 x day

8.    D, 8,000 iu

9.    Bhastrika breathing 2 x day

10.    Flower essences 2 x day

11.                  Epsom salts bath every  2 days, or use CALM magnesium spray 2 x day.  (No need to shower after bath from now on.)

Day 31-42

1.    Veg juice blend 1 x day, plus 2 turmeric blend caps

2.    Probiotics 1 + 1

3.    NAC, 1 cap 2 x day

4.    Ubiquinol   1+1

5.    Elderberry C,  1 gm 2 x day

6.    D, 6,000 iu

7.    Bhastrika breathing 2 x day

8.    Flower essences optional

9.    Epsom salts bath every  2 days, or use magnesium spray 2 x day


In the future...

Since we don’t know all the long term effects, it may be wise to protect yourself and continue to take the supplements indicated day 31-42 indefinitely, for added protection. Take  2 Ubiquinol a day for at least 6 months, then reduce to 1.  Always check supplements with your doctor. 

** “New Native Texan” Flower Essences from Judy Griffin PhD, (mix in dropper bottle, 1/3 brandy, 2/3 spring water, 4 drops essence)  If you cannot get the physical essence, read the properties details below instead.  Read each description once, and repeat the affirmation 3 x.


Spike Lavender:   Spike lavender aids those who need to practice the art of co-operation instead of domination.  It helps to reduce lung conjestion and bronchial spasms, and is indicated for those who sigh frequently or feel heaviness in the chest.

 Affirmation:  “Co-operation will attract the best for me.”  (repeat 3x)


French Lavender:

French lavender helps to appreciate and focus on the blessings in our lives. It also helps release the need for more, or “bigger and better”.    

Affirmation:  “I find pleasure in simplicity.”  (repeat 3x)


Sources: Multiple sources were compiled over time, including @niatonin (Dr. Dmitri Kats), and 

Info links

Bhastrika yoga breathing  (Art of Living, Inda)

There are many videos on this –This is to help the body eliminate toxins through the lungs.  Just do how many is comfortable.


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