The 6 Universal Foot Zones:   A simple protocol that can quickly restore & maintain natural health and balance

January 15, 2023

By Karen Unsworth Berger BAA, TFH

Disclaimer: All information here is not intended as medical advice - always check with your doctor before taking supplements or making lifestyle changes. 


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Summary: What are Desert Island Solutions?  

Chapter 1 - Details of all Seven "Desert Island Solutions"

Chapter 2 - the background of the Universal Foot Zones

Maybe it's something about Spain..

Discovering multiple benefits from the 6 Universal Foot Reflex Zones

How does it work? Create homeostatic balance with the 6 Universal Foot Reflex Zones

Chapter 3 -  Universal Foot Zone treatment

The significance of each zone

How to locate and clear the 6 zones

How often should I do this treatment?

Chapter 4 - More info, tips, notes

Other ways we can optimise each zone and keep them clear

Extra Tips for Electro-sensitivity

A note to Reflexologists


What are Desert Island Solutions?

These are free, do it yourself health supporting strategies that can be done almost anywhere.  They can clear energetic blockages causing stress, pain, illness, and other undesirable symptoms, and allow the body to access it's own innate healing wisdom and ability to heal. The body has a tremendous ability to heal itself when given the chance, and it does this through energetic pathways which must be clear (think of the accupuncture meridians). Of course it does best when given high quality raw materials to work with, such as a nutrient dense diet. 

It is similar to an electrical switch - if the switch is turned off, there will be no light bulbs working on that circuit. Desert Island Solutions literally flips the switch to open the circuits, allowing electricity to flow freely, supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself. 

Many of these tools you can do anywhere. "Grounding" of course requires contact with the earth, so you can't do that while flying or traveling, but all other strategies can be done anywhere. 


1. Healing Ayurvedic Mantra:  Sing the mantra, "Om Shree Dhanvantre Na-mah.."   This mantra is used for longevity, health, and healing, and appears to protect the energy field from man made radiation. See more details below. Time, at least 1 minute,  2 x day 

2. K27 (Kidney 27)  "Hitch Hiker Thumbs":  Think of this like a reset for the body's electric system.    Treatment time, approx. 20 seconds, at least 2 x day

3. Thymus tap:  Fast and simple, stimulating energy and the immune system.    Treatment time, 5 seconds

4. Central Governing Clearing:  Fast and simple, clearing for the main 2 accupunture meridians, the Central (up the front of the body) and Governing (up the back of the body).    Treatment time approx. 1 minute

5. Grounding:  Connecting bare (ideally) or sock feet to the earth, absorbing anti-inflammatory electrons from the earth's surface. 

Treatment time, ideally 30 minutes 2 x day, or 1 hr 1 x day. 

6. Walk 10 min early morning.  Ideally as soon as you get up - even before a shower. Drink a glass of water, pull on appropriate clothing and walk briskly just 10 min.  This acts as instant hormone balance support, benefiting especially the pancreas. 

7.  The 6 Universal Foot Zones:  Your most powerful "go to" self treatment for serious health concerns, or just maintaining optimal health and vitality. 

Treatment time 10-30 minutes (or more) depending on severity of symptoms. 

8.  Sunlight - Safe sun exposure: Natural sunlight is excellent for charging the mitochondria in your bones, cartilage, and teeth.  Think of it as "solar powering" them!  

It is vital for all systems of the body, especially skeletal, endocrine, and reproductive systems.  See more important info below under "details". 


"Details" of the Desert Island Solutions (DIS)

The original Desert Island Solution is the 6 Universal Foot Zones.. a powerful healing intervention.  It is listed last, # 7, only because there is much more detail than the first 6 DIS. 

1. Healing Ayurvedic Mantra for Longevity, Health, and Healing: 

The Sanscrit Mantra is "Om Shree Dhanvantre Namah". (pronouced "Ohmm.. Shree D-havantré Na-mah (hesitation after the Ohmm)   The literal translation is “ Oh Lord Shri Dhanvantari, I bow before you respectfully with prayers”.  However the English translation does NOT have the energetic benefit of the original Sanskrit.


This is the latest addition to the natural EMF protocolm (October 24 2023) as well as to the Desert Island Solutions (DIS), and is still under trial to identify the extent of the benefits.


It is an ancient Sanscrit mantra used in Ayurvedic medicine for longevity, health, healing, and even "immortality" according to ancient tablets.  It is addressed to Dhavantari, the father of Ayurvedic medicine. 

Keep in mind that Sanscrit is the sacred high vibrational language of our most ancient ancestors, and mantras should be approached with the highest respect and reverence, in a meditative, peaceful, state.

The mantra can be sung in monotone or with slight variations – do what feels comfortable to you,  inhaling through the nose and being aware of the long exhalation. Repeat this mantra slowly for 1 minute twice a day.  (The first 2 days you may wish to do 2 or more minutes - of course you can repeat it as long and as much as you want to, but 1 minute is the minimum.)  Do it when you are out walking quietly in nature, in a quiet environment, or as part of a meditation or yoga programme. 

Typically at least 5-6 mitigations in total are needed for protection and tolerance to EMF, but it appears that saying or singing this 4 word mantra will put you FAR ahead in terms of removing stress from your body and protecting your body's natural energy field. 


How does it work?

Radiation frequencies appear to cause porousness and holes in the energetic fields around the human body, as well as of animals and most living things - think of Swiss Cheese!  Porousness allows low and stressful energies to move through our other energetic bodies right to our physical body.  The mantra appears to work mainly on the spiritual level – the most distant layer of the energy field, which may radiate roughly 5' from the body in all directions. This in turn protects  the other main levels closer to the body – emotional, mental, electrical, then physical. 


I believe the reason this particular mantra is so powerful is that the energy of the name “Shri Dhavantari” is a connection to the ENERGY of knowledge of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicine. When we sing “Om Shree Dhanvantari Namah” in Sanskrit’s high vibration, it takes it to a completely different level than if we use English, or any other modern language.

If I test the energy of the English translation, it has only 10% life force. No benefit or connection.  If I test it using the Sanscrit language, It’s life force is 100%.


The powerful high frequency of the language and words of this  ancient mantra appears to have an immediate forbearing effect over manmade radiation frequencies, and the energy field is protected, the holes are able to naturally fill in. The result is your energy field becomes complete again.  Virtually everyone in the trial could feel a positive effect immediately after completing the first round, and were enthusiastic about continuing it, and found themselves doing it for longer periods of time.   Because we are continuously being bombarded with man made radiations, now more than ever from satellites, this ancient mantra appears to offer us excellent, immediate support and protection. 

If you are suffering from EHS or health symptoms, sing the mantra for at least 2 minutes 2 x day for the first 2 days, then you can reduce to 1 minute if you wish.  I have been doing a trial with 10 volunteers for only the last week - We have found that repeating the mantra for 2 minutes will increase the "completeness" of the energy field from 0-10% up to 60% after just the first 2 minutes.  By the end of the second day the energy field so far has been typically 100% "complete". 

The mantra also supports the chakras.  It energetically benefits mainly the throat chakra, which is typically under 10% of it's optimal energy, due to the effect of man made radiations (and chemicals).  The throat chakra is considered the gateway for energy between the head and lower body. It is best if the mantra is sung or spoken (even whispered) as the frequency will pass through the throat chakra, HOWEVER, if this is not possible, such as with an ill person or with an animal, contact with them white reciting the mantra yourself will transfer the frequency to them, so it WILL work - it may take an extra day or two to get to the full potential.

Blockage of the throat chakra is said to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  (One can't help but wonder if this is connected to the rise in emotional/mental illness and violence in society today.)  Repeating the mantra in our trial has typically raised throat (and subsequently all chakras) energy to a very balanced 80% by the end of first 2 days.   Of course it must be repeated 2 x day indefinitely for ongoing support. 


NOTE: For EHS, (or most people today as we all have increased radiation exposure), it is helpful to use extra thyme oil on foot zone 5  - use 2 drops on each foot zone 5, twice a day for about 1 week.  This is to help to restore full heart energy from past radiation exposure. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), heart and pancreas energy are also related - A strong healthy heart engenders a strong digestion.. It’s only necessary to double the thyme oil on zone 5 for 1 week, then back to the standard 1 drop.

2.  "K27s" (kidney 27s, Left Right Body Polarity (nicknamed "hitch hiker thumbs") :   This is an electrical correction, and can be used for any kind of shock to the system - even something like breaking a bone, or being sick, surgery, etc..  Since EMF sensitivity involves the body's reaction to electrical fields and body signaling, I was not surprised when this correction came up repeatedly for people suffering from electro hyper sensitivity (EHS).  This is a simple Kinesiology exercise to balance the polarity in your body.  Do this 2-4 x day, for example when you brush your teeth, or as part of your regular routine along with the Universal Foot Zones, essential oils, etc.  - it takes about 1 minute to complete.  See photo above labeled "Left Right Polarity". 

  • make fists, fingertips touching your palms (to connect the meridians in your arms), thumbs sticking out like "hitch hiker" thumbs. 
  • Cross your wrists and place your thumbs in the hollows under the collar bones close to the sternum,   which is K27 (Kidney point 27) in accupuncture.   Note that the thumbs have a neutral polarity. 
  • Massage thumbs quickly in small circles or back and forth about 10 times.  (Note that even if you do not have exactly the right point, you will come in contact with it as you move your thumbs back and forth.)  Then remove the top hand and place it under the other one, massage again, then repeat.  Switch the top hand back and forth about 12 times.  

HOW DOES THIS WORK? You have different polarity in each hand, and also alternating polarity in each finger. The thumbs are neutral, like a "ground" to stimulate the K27s (end points of the Kidney meridian) below the inside ends of the collar bone. There are 6 acupuncture meridians (your body's electrical wiring system) running through the arms - 3 down the outside, 3 up the inside.  It is vital that your fingertips are touching your palms, to link up these meridians. Switching the top hand back and forth crosses the meridians outside and inside of the arm, and makes sure the polarity is balanced. 

8.  Sunlight - Safe sun exposure: Natural sunlight is excellent for charging the mitochondria in your bones, cartilage, and teeth, especially the near infra red spectrum.  It is vital for all systems and functions of the body, but especially for the skeletal, endocrine, and reproductive systems.   Vitamin D production is only one benefit from sunlight - equally important is the  healing and energising near infra red wavelength -   "solar power" to our mitochondria.  Almost half the sun's rays are near infra red. 

Our bodies cannot make vitamin D unless the sun is at least a certain angle higher in the sky, so in winter you would have be as far south as Florida or other semi tropical location to make significant vitamin D, therefore those of us living in the north must supplement it.  However supplementing D3 is not enough.  Aside from vacationing in the tropics every winter, we can receive the benefits of near infra red light at home as long as there is sunshine.  Near infra red light penetrates deep into the body - 6-7 inches.  When we we expose the whole face to the sun - including the glabella (the skin between the eyebrows just above the nose) we absorb enough of the near infra red wavelength to power the mitochondria.  

 Just 15 or 20 minutes of sun exposure to the glabella about 5 days  days a week if possible, is enough to receive benefits through  the winter.  (15 minutes if clear sky, 20 minutes if a slight haze.)   On a cold sunny day you can sit outside with heavier clothing as required,  close your eyes and face towards the sun, or if you go walking,  walk in a direction towards the sun for 15 minutes before turning around. You can do 2 x 10 minutes if you prefer.  It can be morning sun, or any time through the day. Just don't burn! If you find the sun too strong, do it earlier or later in the day. 


NOTE: Most sunscreens are toxic, and block the absorption of infra red rays as well as prevent our skin from manufacturing of vitamin D, so it is a better option to cover up.  Avoid seed and vegetable oils in your diet, which oxidise in the skin and makes it more susceptible to burning as well as aging.  

NOTE: numbers 2-6 "Details" of Chapter 1 will be completed shortly



Chapter 2

Maybe it's something about Spain.. 

The last two times I've been to Spain,  May and December 2022, I have had "game changer" revelations evolving from what initially seemed to be extreme misfortune.  (I'm sure most of us have observed that sometimes it takes a freight train to get our attention!)  In May 2022 in Mallorca, I was incapacitated for several days with bizarre  5G reactions from environmental factors including first time exposures to multiple 5G towers and enabled cell phones. This resulted in the discovery of diluted Oil of Wild Oregano (or even oil of oregano essential oil) for increasing tolerance and reducing symptoms from typical EMF and radiation exposure.  See my blog article on EMFs. 

 We returned from the second trip January 9.... Tenerife.  This time I had a quick but hard hitting bout of a digestive illness which only lasted 4 hours, but knocked me out for the rest of the day, night, and part of the next day.  I could not even muster the energy to turn on (or listen to) the TV.  I just lay there all day without moving. And then all night again.  The next day my back was so sore from the long bed time that I could not even bend over or attempt my morning yoga routine. 

BACK PAIN:  I started to panic -  I had been very much looking forward to a special golf destination we had planned on Tenerife, but I could hardly move and felt exhausted.  Then I thought, "Ah, I'll try the foot reflex points for the back - maybe that will fix it"... something I had almost forgotten about.  (Foot reflexology was a small part of my Kinesiology training, plus I took a reflexology course when living in Luxembourg.) Within 10 minutes of working the back points, the back pain had completely melted away.  I had clearly needed a reminder about the power of foot reflexology!  

SHOULDER PAIN:  After the success with my back, I thought, "I wonder if the shoulder reflex points can fix my right shoulder?"  It had been bothering me since a shot in the right deltoid muscle 1 1/2 years before, so was a longer term issue.  I had arm weakness, discomfort, wrist pain, hand stiffness, and reduced flexibility in the shoulder. As a pianist it was becoming challenging.  Again, after a few minutes working on those shoulder reflex points, almost all flexibility was restored.  For the first time in months I could grasp my fingers of each hand reaching up my back with my right arm, and down over my shoulder with my left.  It was a major structural shift.  The discomfort in my arm/hand was greatly reduced. 

Discovering Multiple Benefits from the

6 Universal Foot Zones!

ENERGY LEVELS and HEALING:  I was still tired and not myself from my short but extreme illness, and again thought "I wonder if there are specific foot reflex points that will restore my energy levels?"..  Yes!  I used kinesiology testing to identify the points in order of priority -  they were Kidney, Solar Plexus, Liver, Pancreas, Lower back, and Lymph.   After a 1/2 hour treatment on these points on both feet, I was amazed at my dramatically improved energy levels, plus I felt great.  Over the next days I tested the treatment on several volunteers, and the priority points were the same for everyone, with the same kind of results. 

Those who have had the 6 Universal Zone treatment mentioned the feeling of positivity and lightness immediately after it was finished. 

They felt MUCH better over all, even if they

felt ok to start with. And it lasts.

This feeling of lightness is how we feel when the body's electrical energy circuits or rivers of energy (meridians) are clear, and energy is allowed to circulate freely the way it is supposed to - sometimes for the first time in a long time.  The body's innate wisdom takes over allowing healing to begin!  This is something you can do not only for yourself, but for loved ones and family members with issues or even serious health conditions.  Illness stems from blocked energy, and this allows the healing process to begin immediately, often without making any other changes.  One person said "I feel light and completely different, like a have a huge weight off my shoulders".  

EMF and RADIATION TOLERANCE:    I have always been EMF sensitive, even though it took years to realise what it was!  I wondered, "Maybe there are specific foot reflex points to increase tolerance to EMF and Radiation exposure?"... Sure enough, it was the same 6 zones.  This DOES affect everyone in some way as these are not natural frequencies - some people have more obvious reactions than others, such as headaches, body pain, depression or malaise, weight issues (due to pancreatic stress), and fatigue.  Others may have unseen chronic stress, manifesting as high blood pressure, cancer, arrhythmia, inflammation, or diabetes (due to stress on the pancreas), but they are unaware EMF is the root cause.

METABOLISM:  Hmm what else... "I'm eating much more than usual on this trip - I wonder if there are points to balance my metabolism so I remain very healthy and slim?"....  You guessed it - the same points again!

FLYING and JET LAG:   Flying is stressful on the body mainly due to high radiation exposure, and of course we can have jet lag depending on the length of the flight.

Flying back from Spain, Idiscretely removed my shoes and pulled one foot at a time up on to the chair. I tested for any points that were still under stress - it was mainly kidney and pancreas, but I did all the points.   I don't know if this correction was the reason that I maintained high energy without jet lag after the trip. 

Desert Island solutions are ideal,

because they are free,

no tools required, 

 and can be done anywhere!

WATCH FOR UPDATES on BENEFITS: These are only the areas I have explored so far - kinesiological testing indicates there may be multiple other benefits, including maintaining a high level of general physical health, mental and emotional health, energy, and longevity.  I call these UNIVERSAL zones because they appear to cover a large variety of benefits and healing on many levels. 

I will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

Update Jan. 30 2023:  The immune system may also be very improved as a result of this protocol. Using kinesiological testing, subjects were found to have increased immune function typically 30 to 50 percentage points.

Update Jan. 30, 2023: For some people, a side effect of the current mRNA shots is fatigue, reduced "life force energy", and reduced immune function.  This protocol may be very effective in restoring the body to (and improving on) pre shot energy levels - It is possible it may help the body to eliminate other side effects as well.

Update Feb. 7,  2023:  There is evidence that this protocol is highly beneficial for the eyes, as well as bone health, specifically zone#5, so far showing a 20-50 percentage energy increase, depending on health history.  

Update Feb. 17 2023.   I have found that my shoulder continues to improve using only the 6 zones - treating the shoulder reflex point on it's own is not necessary.  Bones, joints, and muscles are specifically related to zone 5, always followed by 6 Lymph, to clear what has been stirred up by the treatment.  After about 6 weeks of treatment I also suddenly noticed my muscles felt stronger as I was able to easily carry my heavy electric piano, which had been an issue lately.

Update Feb. 19, 2023  We can also include "mental health" in the list of benefits.  Feedback from those participating indicates mental health benefits such as improved mood/happiness, positivity, and enthusiasm.  The fact that we are almost completely clearing energetic blockages allowing healing energy to circulate freely in the body, appears to have a positive impact on mental health, as well as physical. 

How does it work? Create "Homeostatic Balance" with the 6 Universal Foot Zones

These 6 Universal Foot Zones appear to be "Universal Balancing Zones", clearing energetic blockages throughout the body's entire electrical system, restoring higher energy levels, and guiding the body into achieving its own natural homeostasis.  In a state of homeostatic balance, the body is able to handle other concerns much more easily and effectively.  It frees up and clears the body's flow of energy, so the body can access it's natural "divine intelligence" to heal itself.  For example, one tennis player had a slight knee issue from an old injury.  After 4-6 weeks the knee issue was no longer detectable, even without directly treating the knee reflexology point. If all 6 zones are kept clear, zone 5 is the zone that benefits bones and joints. We can spend a little extra time and care on zone 5, and that may be all that is needed to clear the knee issue. 

Here is another example.  One person had lung congestion issues and her lung reflex points were not clear, but after treatment of the 6 Universal Zones, her lung reflex points were cleared even though they are not specifically part of the 6 Universal Zones.    I clarify the significance of each zone in more detail below under "The Significance of Each Zone". 

Foot Reflexology targets clearing, healing  energy to specific areas of the body..  Foot reflexology clears blocked energy in specific parts of the body, similar to acupuncture. There are nerve endings in the feet for all parts of the body. 

When we stimulate these foot reflex points,

we focus energy directly

to that organ or parts of the body involved. The points are quite easy to find as they will be tender.

In acupuncture, the primary meridian for life force energy is the kidney meridian - the beginning point (K1) of the kidney meridian is the point shown above in the center of the sole of the foot.  So, it is not surprising that the kidney reflex point was the first priority to show up.  Most acupuncturists will tell you kidney meridian is very challenged in todays world, along with pancreas.  Pancreas energy is very impacted by EMFs and radiation exposure, however all 6 Universal Reflex Points play a significant synergistic role.

NOTE:  If you have a good chiropractor, monthly chiropractic combined with 6 Zone treatments work well together for long term health, to keep healing energy flowing freely throughout the body.   

NEW!! (February 2024)... Finish with an Amethyst zone massage! 

It has come up in personal sessions lately to finish off the foot zone treatment with a 1 1/2 to 2 minute amethyst massage on zones 4 and 5.  One of the properties of amethyst is that it "puts things in order".. it has an orderly energy.  For example we know that clutter and disorganisation are stressors.  I have found that by placing amethyst in a clutter prone area such as bathroom or kitchen counter, it greatly reduces the stress measurement from the clutter.  This MAY be why it is so helpful for healing in general - it supports natural energetic order, such as order within the cells. 

So - when you finish your 6 zones, have a glass of water (to support lymph drainage and clearing), then massage zones 4 and 5 slowly with a dark purple tumbled amethyst stone. (containing no white streaks).  

Amethyst is quite a "stable" stone and maintains it's energy better than many, however it is therapeutically ineffective when in contact with any metal whatsoever (such as a pin in a pendant).  It is still ideal to rinse it in cold running water for 20 seconds every few times it is used, OR store it sitting on a piece of polished selenite or touching a small selenite stick etc.  This will keep it clear, charged, and ready to use at all times. 

Chapter 3

The Significance of each zone 

When the zones are cleared in the order of 1-6, they work together synergistically for overall benefit covering areas that are technically not in any of these foot reflex zones. 

A reflexologist will know for example, that the brain reflex points are not located on zone 5 (the lower spine zone), however when using this system, brain energy IS directly supported by this zone, as long as all the previous zones are clear. So this is not technically reflexology, but is related in some ways. 

After you have done this protocol a number of times, the zones

tend to clear more quickly.   4, 5, and 6, (especially 5-6) can take more time because zone 5 supports so many areas of energetic healing that you may not have realised you needed!


 If you have concerns around any of these issues listed here, pay extra attention to that zone. Some aspects are supported by all 6 zones together, such as nervous and circulatory system energy. 

ZONE 1:  Kidney 

  • strengthens kidneys and life force energy
  • adrenal stress, (emotional, mental, or environmental)  
  • In acupuncture, this point is the first point of the kidney meridian (K1) and is very commonly blocked in today's world of EMF stress and toxic chemicals.  

ZONE 2:  Solar plexus

  • point clears and optimises your natural energy
  • maintaining a clear connection with divine energy
  • unconditional love
  • spleen, gall bladder, lung energy
  • issues such as heartburn, hiatal hernia tendency, or general digestive stress
  • breathing or lung issues 
  • metabolising anti-oxidants


ZONE 3:  Liver 

  • strengthening to the physical body overall
  • DNA repair and mitochondrial energy support 
  • happiness, good mood, being in a state of joy
  • creativity
  • detoxification on physical and spiritual levels
  • liver and heart energy support
  • Virus and bacteria filtering (ie. if you are vulnerable to sore throat)
  • Eczema (plus zones 5 and 6) 
  • handling of sugars and fats.

ZONE 4: Pancreas  (left foot)

  • Diffuses stress and balances energy for blood sugar and diabetic conditions
  • ability to break addictions (ie. to sugar, other) 
  • weight loss
  • blood pressure
  • immune system (including support against common infections such as teeth, UTI
  • allergies  (ie. cats or environmental allergies.)  
  • EMF and RF (radio frequency) sensitivity: There may be some very tender points in this zone if you are electro sensitive, as the pancreas is especially sensitive to EMFs. 

ZONE 4: Stomach zone  (right foot)

  • Stomach and small intestine energy
  • Supports digestion, absorption of nutrients
  • manifestation power

ZONE 5:  Lower back (Note: this is lower back in reflexology, but in this system covers multiple other areas).  If ill or other serious issues, this is typically the zone to spend longer on, especially the left foot.

  • structure:  bones and fractures, muscles, aging skin/hair/nails/eczema, teeth and gums
  • eyes/vision
  • hearing
  • voice (for singers, speakers) 
  • support the body's normal healthy function on a cellular level (i.e. clearing cancer cells)
  • lungs, heart and cardio vascular energy, including blood pressure
  • spleen energy/immune system/allergies
  • general pain, stiffness, unknown origin
  • Brain energy:  mental health, memory, positive attitude/happiness, remove energetic blocks causing procrastination, supports enthusiastically moving forward will plans/goals, problem solving.

ZONE 6:  Lymph

  • purification of the body
  • mucous conditions such as allergies, colds, flu, or covid or long covid where there is a lot of mucous being produced, immune system
  • removing energetic blockages on all levels  (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) to allow clear energy flow throughout the whole body
  • clears mucous and debris stirred up from clearing the previous 5 zones and all symptoms including
  • clears eczema/skin stress, aging skin 

Clear lymph is vital to keep the body's energy flowing freely. Regardless of what issues you are working on healing, including EMF sensitivity, the lymph zone is key in carrying debris out of the body and keeping the other zones clear. 

Every full or partial treatment should end with Zone 6,

lymph clearing, and ideally drinking a glass of water

to support lymph flow.   

Very often, blocked lymph is involved if you have a "heaviness", tiredness/fatigue, and even the pain that people feel if they pinch their arm or leg in the soft tissue of the arms or thighs.  This area shown between the great and 2nd toe, up to the base of the leg (see diagram) is the "DRAIN FOR THE SINK" and should be kept clear to allow proper drainage into the lymph duct.  After treating the lymph points,  brush lightly about 10x downwards between the great and 2nd toe to support clearing. 

Can I do extra treatments for specific concerns?

If you are concerned about specific aspects of your health, you can do the regular 6 zones treatment 2 x day,  then later as extra support repeat just zone 5, then 6,  (Zone 5 energetically supports the most areas of physical and mental health), or include whatever your most tender zone is, for example if zone 4 is always tender, do  zones 4, 5 and 6.  If it's zone 3, then do 3,5 and 6 extra throughout the day.    

Examples of how to use the 6 Universal zones for health concerns: 

The essential oil blends of oregano and thyme oils should be used 2 x day when you do all 6 zones. More is not necessary. 

  • Brain health:  If an elderly parent or other loved one has memory or state of mind challenges, or someone is suffering from depression or other related symptoms, you can easily spend 5 minutes gently holding each of the two zone 5 points during each full treatment, or do extra treatments between full treatments doing only  zone 5 followed by 6, for extra support.

  • Weight loss/metabolic health:  Zones 4, 5 and 6 twice a day on top of the regular 6 zone treatment as zone 4 (of the left foot) supports pancreas/hormonal balance.   

  • Allergies:  if you are an otherwise healthy person, but have allergies to cats or other animals/environment, do 4 and 6 as extra support on top of the regular treatments, ideally 2 x day until you have achieved your goal.  If you have other health concerns as well, do 4,5, as 6 extra support, ideally twice a day. 
  • Addictions:  Sugar is one of the most common addictions.  To clear this or other addictions, do all 6 zones 1 x day, then  zones 4, 5 and 6 on the left foot (pancreas) twice a day for a few days or until craving subside.

  • Breast congestion, mucous conditions:  If someone's main concern is "breast congestion" or mucous conditions such as allergies, more time can be spent on zone 6, (lymph) as this is priority for clearing energy flowing through the breast, and clearing mucous in general.  Finish with a glass of water. 

  • Bones and Joints:  If you would like an extra boost for certain areas such as joints and bones, or have broken a bone or have teeth issuces,  you can do the 6 universal zones, and at some other point in the day do just zone 5 then 6 as extra.   

  • Serious conditions:  If you or the person you are working on has specific serious health challenges, spend extra time on zone 5 during the regular treatment - even 2 minutes on each zone 5 point.   Do extra treatments of only zone 5 and 6. (ideally 2-3 x day).  NEW:  Finish by massaging zones 4 and 5 on the left foot, with a smooth (tumbled) amethyst stone - for about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.   (Therapeutic amethyst should be dark purple with little or no white streaks). 

How to Locate and Clear the 6 Zones


First print out the above charts (or take screen shots to refer to).  The video is helpful to initially locate the points. You can stop the video as you treat each point, then continue.  There are written instructions below to locate each point, in case you would like more detail.  Especially if doing this with family or a group, you can have some fun with it, and everyone trace their own foot print on a piece of paper, then fill in the zones carefully, copying the charts above. 

NEW!!  3rd point in zone 5!

After breaking a bone in my foot last month, I found another very relevant 3rd point in zone 5. Currently the 2 points in Zone five are the the inside of the heal.  This new one is on the OUTSIDE of the heal .   Find the back of the ankle bone just in front of the Achilles tendon, trace down to the thick skin at the bottom of the outside of your heal. Massage briefly, then hold 2 fingers on this point. (30 seconds is normally long enough. )

Every point is cleared the same way.  

TIP:   Decide what you want to improve (ie knee, back). Bring up the stress, such as moving in a way you can feel the discomfort a bit, or if you would like to improve blurry vision, read or look at something, and assess it on a scale of 1-10.  Do the treatment spending extra time on zone 5 for those issues as listed above, then re-evaluate after the treatment, comparing before and after.

Begin with the right foot, doing zones 1-6, in order:

  • Locate point (tender spot):  Print or take screen shots of the above charts for reference, and watch the short video to accurately locate the points and zones. 
  • Massage point:  Press hard into the zone with either left or right thumb - you may have to angle or twist your thumb to get in deep enough, or "dig" to find them, pressing with the side of your thumb, or even your first knuckle. When you find a tender spot, lighten up (you don't want to bruise yourself) and massage the point about 10 times quickly in small circles or back and forth, just to stimulate the area.  
  • Hold 2 fingers lightly on the point - This is the step that actually clears blocks energy.  Hold pointer and middle finger of your right hand, very lightly on the point. You just have to make light contact with the skin so you allow good blood flow under your fingertips. (This is not a traditional reflexology technique - it's an integration with kinesiology, using electrical energy from the alternate polarities in the fingers to clear the points.) Read below how to know when points are cleared. 
  • Breathing: It helps to release the stress from the point if you consciously focus on deep exhalations.  Inhale through the nose, exhale stress out of the body through the mouth.

How do I know when the point is clear?

NOTE:  Points will often feel less tender right after they are cleared. 

  • Pulse:  If you feel a pulse, tingling or sensation in or under your fingertips,  continue holding the point lightly until after any sensations pass.  This indicates the point is clear.
  • Time it:  if you do not feel any pulsing or sensations, count the seconds "one thousand two thousand.."  Hold each of the first three zones for 30 seconds.  Hold each tender point in last three zones for 1 minute.   After doing the treatment for a few days, you can cut the time in half. 

  • Tenderness/pain in point is reduced or gone after treatment:   If you have found a sharp shooting little sensation in the tender spot, the sensation will be greatly reduced when the point is cleared.  Just press hard on the area to see how it feels.  There may still be a slight tenderness, but there should be no real pain as before. If there is still pain, continue holding the point with your 2 right fingers until pain is gone. 
  • Your Breath: Some people notice that they involuntarily sigh after holding the points for a while.  This can be an indication of an energy shift, and the point is cleared. 

Locate and Clear the zones in order!   (see video link at the top of the article)

If you do not feel tender spots, then locate the area or points according to the charts, video, and description below and treat the area anyway. Every point is vital.  (They can either be extremely tender, or not show up right away.)  

  1. Kidney      Locate the highest point in your arch with your thumb, and use this as a reference point to "crawl" with your thumb towards the center of your foot. When you get to the center, press hard looking for the tender point. This point may take longer to clear the first time only - at least 30 seconds.

2.  Solar Plexus  Press just below the bone, just under the ball of your foot - it's a soft area.. look for the tender point.  You may have to press upwards into the bone to find it.

3.  Liver       Also located in the center line of the foot, half way between kidney and solar plexus zones. 

4.  Pancreas  / left foot), stomach / right foo The pancreas zone is located on the left foot arch, and the right foot arch is the stomach zone. 

Locate the highest point of the arch on the inside of your foot.  (At the arch the zone is about 2 thumb widths wide and becomes narrower towards the center of the foot a bit pie shaped - see chart.) The bottom line of the zone runs from the highest point in the arch across to the #1 kidney point at the center of the foot.  Start by pressing and massaging this bottom line, then press and massage the whole pie shaped zone to locate the most tender spots.  , working the underside of the arch bone to look for tender points.  There will likely be 3 tender points on the left foot zone, and typically 2 on the right.  Start by holding 2 fingers lightly on the most tender spot. 

5.  Lower spine   Go back again to the highest point on the arch which is the spine at the waistline.  This is on the inside of your foot - the skin transitions to thicker, more like the sole of your foot.  "Crawl" with your thumb down the inside of your foot towards your heel. You will come to a tender spot aligned directly below the center of your ankle bone. 


When that point is cleared, continue "thumb crawling" another inch or so down the inside of your foot towards your heel, still in the thicker padded skin directly below the center back of your ankle bone. You can also feel a bump or rise here where your heel bone starts.  The tender spot is just at or before that bump. 

6.  Lymphatic zone (3 points.  If you don't feel any pulsing, hold them about 30 seconds then re-check that any tenderness is diminished.) 

The lymph zone is key to clearing out all of the "junk"  cleared from the previous 5 zones.  Lymph drains downwards into the duct between your big toe and next toe.   We start at the point nearest the toes and work back up towards the base of the leg.  Think of it like clearing a clogged kitchen sink drain so water can drain properly! There are three points - Clear the drain area first. 

1st point:  Press in the groove between the big ball joint of the big and 2nd toe.  

2nd point:  Work back from the toes about 2" to the small bump which I call the "volcano point".  Place the two fingers lengthwise on the bump and hold lightly - the pulse may be more detectable on this point. 3rd point: Finish with the point in front of the center of the base of the leg on the top side of the foot.  If you flex your toes upward towards your knee, a large tendon will pop out with a hollow at the center of the top of your foot - press with two fingers gently until it clears. Finish by sweeping down to clear the drain between the toes! - Finish ZONE 6 and the treatment by brushing lightly down your foot from the base of the leg towards your toes about 10 times to help the lymph drain into the lymph duct between the toes.

Repeat zones 1-6 on your left foot.

Apply a bit of diluted oil of oregano to each zone, and diluted thyme oil to zones 3,5, and 6.

Oil of oregano:  Dilute 6 drops oil of oregano per 1T olive oil.  You don't need much - 2 drops on the fingertips is enough for zones 1-4, 1 drop for zone 5, and 2 drops for zone 6 (as it is long) should be right.     You can also use 4 drops on the thymus gland area, and 2 drops on the thyroid area.  For more details on this see "The Natural EMF Protocol" blog. 

Oil of Thyme:  Dilute 10 drops oil of thyme per 1T olive oil.  Apply to zones 3,5 and 6.  1 drops should be enough for zone 3 and 5, and 1 drop for zone 6. 

When you have finished both feet, ideally drink a glass of water to assist the lymphatic clearing,  then re-assess how you feel! Compare any discomfort or lack of motion you may have had before, with how you feel now. 

How often should I do this treatment?

  • Full 6 zone treatment ideally 2 x day.  Choose a time that consistently works for you, such as while enjoying a warm drink in the morning, or watching TV at night.  Apply the diluted topical oils of oregano (all zones) and thyme (zones 3,5,6) after each treatment.  
  • Long term maintenance:  1 x day 

After you achieve your desired results, you can cut back  to once per day, noting how you feel.  Personally I find 2 x day is optimal for me.  You cannot over do it. 

If you are sick, tired, mentally down, or just not feeling your best, or just want a boost, do the treatment 2 x day for at least two days or until you feel recovered. 


TRAVEL:  If you are in unusual circumstances such as flying, or in a train, you can slip of your shoes during the flight and do all 6 zones with your socks on.   When you arrive at your destination, doing the full 6 zones should also help with jet lag. 

Compliance is easy if you have a routine, such as doing it while watching TV, in the bath, or as soon as you wake up or go to bed.

Chapter 4:   

How can we provide extra support to each zone?

I used the 6 Zones twice daily for several months with great benefits before adding chapter 4.  I added it because I had observed in myself and others, that some zones were always more tender than others, so I explored what the key factors are to support each zone.

For example if your most sensitive Zone is always Zone 4, pancreas (left foot arch), this is very common today due to our high EMF and radiation exposure.   Look over the list of factors under Zone 4 (Pancreas) and see if there is something in your lifestyle you can improve to support that Zone.  Applying the topical oils to the zones and other areas indicated, increases the benefits of the treatment, and reduces the need for a lot of  extra strategies.  

For example, myself, Zone 5 was ALWAYS tender as it is related to many areas - especially bones/joints (vulnerable to EMFs and radiation), muscles, eyes, lungs, skin, and brain energy.  When I first put part C together it was early spring, and I had not had much sun exposure - the priority for me in Zone 5 tested as healthy sun exposure, which was clearly missing from my lifestyle.  Now that I have had a lot of sun exposure it no longer comes up for me as a priority. So, it depends on your personal lifestyle and what you are missing in this list.

Some factors impact several zones, so rather than print the same detailed explanation multiple times, I have listed them together here at the top of section C.

NOTE: Applying the diluted topical oils as indicated above when you complete your treatment, will increase the energy, strength, and clearing of each zone.

  • oil of oregano on all zones, 4 drops on the thymus gland area of upper chest, 2 drops on thyroid gland area, center of throat.  (dilution: 6 drops oregano oil per 1T olive oil)
  • Thyme oil on zones 3,5, and 6  (10 drops thyme oil per 1T olive oil)
  • Myrrh oil, 2 drops on heart chakra area, lower half of sternum above solar plexus                    Dilution: 3 drops myrrh oil per 1T jojoba oil

1. High energy diet:  Zones 3, 5, 6

First, eliminate low energy foods which drag down your body's natural energy and increase stress levels.  This includes fried foods such as fast foods, and highly processed packaged foods such as commercial breads/pies/baked goods such as muffins which are loaded with deadly omega 6 vegetable oil products. Read all labels in your cupboard and purge of anything containing oils such as sunflower, corn, canola, etc.  Avoid commercial "CAFO" meats and poultry, and especially farm raised salmon which is extremely toxic. 

Chicken and pork are also high in bad omega 6 fats as chicken and pigs do not have the ability to convert omega 6 from the grains they are fed, to omega 6.  "Pastured" chicken and pork should be fine, but is not easy to find.  Farmed salmon is LOADED with omega 6 so AVOID it - not omega 3 like wild Alaskan salmon - as well as massive amounts of anti-biotics and drugs used to treat their diseases. 

KEY TIPS for a high energy diet:   

  • Use culinary herbs: Certain every day culinary herbs that you likely have in your cupboard are powerhouses of nutrient dense energy, which can dramatically increase the life force energy of your meal, which is in turn transferred to you!  The best culinary herbs and seasonings include organic (where possible) fresh or dried oregano, cilantro, sage, thyme, use Himalayan salt, black pepper, ginger, turmeric. (Other herbs such as rosemary, tarragon, basil, parsley, and mint are common, but not as nutrient dense.) 


This simple and inexpensive POWER HERB BLEND is a blend of standard nutrient dense herbs and spices you likely have in your cupboard.  This blend will increase the life force of organic vegetables from ie. 50% to 80%, and non organic broccoli from 5% to 40%. (Yes there IS that much difference between organic and non organic.)   It will increase a typical retirement home, school meal,  or "airplane meal" from 0% life force to 40%, which is very acceptable, and improve the absorption of nutrients. 

Make this blend in batches and keep handy to add to your cooking. Use organic ingredients where possible as they are more nutrient dense and much higher in energy.  Sprinkle it on all foods to boost energy and nutrient absorption of your meals. Each meal should contain at least 3/4 tsp of the POWER BLEND.  You can even stir it into goat's milk yoghurt, add a pinch to cheese and crackers (vegetable oil free), etc. 

Power Herb Recipe:

Use organic herbs where possible. In a small bowl, mix together well, and add to a spice bottle - using a funnel makes it easier to pour in.. 

2T  oregano

2T cilantro

2T sage

1T black pepper  (if this is too spicy for you, 2 tsp will work)

Turmeric Blend Recipe:  

This blend is effective as it is especially anti inflammatory and detoxifying, good for the brain, immune system, and over all health. This is a balanced and synergistic blend of ORGANIC turmeric powder, ginger powder, and black pepper.  Either fill 00 size gel capsules (1/4 tsp each) and take 4 spread out, per day, or take 1tsp of the blend over the course of the day mixed into foods or beverages.  This amount of ginger is enough to give good support to  pancreas energy.  (I have not found any commercially available turmeric formulas as beneficial as this.) Mix together in a small bowl:

3T turmeric

4 tsp ginger powder

1 1/2 tsp black pepper*

*Note: if you find the black pepper too spicy you can reduce the amount slightly. 

Other dietary factors

  • OMEGA 3 Fats are a priority. For those than enjoy fish, small fish such as sardines, mackerel and anchovies, should be included about 1-2 x wk also as a natural source of vitamin D (on top of a vitamin D supplement).  These small fish are lower in mercury than larger fish - mercury is a very significant concern. An easy way to eat sardines is to break it up and add to soups.  Make sure to use your "Power Herb Blend" on your fish,  as cilantro is a chelator of heavy metals.  The only "seed" I use is organic Hemp seed.  It is shelled, and very high in omega 3.  Women can use 2 tsp 2 x day cold flax oil on salads and mixed in goat's milk yoghurt. (Flax oil is supportive to female hormones.) Top with hemp seed and a bit of dark organic maple syrup. Men and children are better with marine sources. 
  • Fats and oils:  Coconut oil is good, REAL unadulterated olive oil is fine (Italian is usually adulterated - I use Greek, Spanish, or Tunisian).   Bake with butter and ghee. 
  • Do your own baking using light spelt flour, and if you can get it, sucanat/rapadura are the best sugars, but if not, Organic turbinado sugar is good. 
  • Increase organic vegetables to several portions over 2 meals per day, such as peas, green beans, boiled/rinsed spinach, boiled sweet potato/mashed, broccoli, shitake mushrooms, microgreen salads (pea, sunflower, especially broccoli micro greens).  In home baking, substitute flour with light spelt flour, and refined sugar with organic sucanat (or rapadura in Europe) or at least organic turbinado.
  • Animal products: Include pastured eggs, grass fed meat (bison, beef, veal, lamb), and a bit of fish such as wild sockeye salmon or sardines packed in water. 

2. Low Oxalate Diet:  Zones 3,5,6

If you have issues around inflammation such as stiffness or painful joints, oxalates may be a factor. They are found in many otherwise healthy foods, such as leafy greens (spinach, kale, Swiss chard), lentils, chick peas, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, almonds/almond milk, kidney and other beans, dark chocolate, beer, beats, cranberries, berries (especially strawberries), soy, oranges, seeds, nuts, black tea, apple skins, and whole grains - especially wheat.   Most EMF sensitive people, OR those with high exposure, are also sensitive to oxalates.  I believe this may be due to the combined inflammatory effects of both EMFs and oxalates.   

Oxalates are water soluble, therefor boiling certain foods such as well boiled spinach, kale, potatoes and yams, can adequately remove them.  However boiling does not appear to be effective enough for the other foods on the list above, including beans and pulses.  

 INCLUDE in a reduced oxalate diet:

  • Animal products such as meats, dairy, fish, butter, cheeses, olive and coconut oil do not contain oxalates.
  • Vegetables such as peas, green beans, avocado, cauliflower, cabbage, shitake mushrooms, onions, microgreens such as radish / sunflower/ broccoli/ pea,  are low oxalate.  Medium oxalate vegetables include asparagus, broccoli boiled in just a bit of water, boiled parsnips / turnips/ potatoes/ yams /spinach / kale.
  • White organic Jasmine rice is the best grain to include, used as a base for lots of vegetables.  LIGHT spelt flour is also good for baking, but the whole grain has oxalates. 
  • Fruits: apples (peeled), grapefruit, grapes, banana, nectarines, melons, plums, pinabpple, cherries

You can check above in Part B under

"The Significance of Each Zone", to see what health issues the tenderness in your specific zones may be related to. 

Supporting the Zones

Zone 1, Kidney: 

1.Drink about 2 L structured water per day*If you have a sharp tenderness in this zone, the number one factor is usually hydration.  The kidneys simply need more water!  Try drinking a large glass of water then re-checking the point.  Chances are the tenderness will already be lessened. 

To optimise water absorption, you can structure the water by pouring spring or filtered water into a glass or jug, then stirring briskly 40 x left, 40 x right, creating a vortex.  Safe sun exposure also structures the water already inside our cells.  OR, see my blog article on super charged water for more tips.

2. Quercetin:   'Quercetin is a natural flavanoid - A large number of studies have demonstrated that quercetin may protect kidneys by alleviating renal toxicity, apoptosis, fibrosis, and inflammation in a variety of kidney diseases.'  Food source is best - normally one organic (peeled) Gala apple per day will be a good supply of quercetin.  Or if I miss my apple, I take 500mg quercetin 2 x day. Red onions are also an excellent food source.

 TIP: Ideally it is best to peel apples as the peel is high in oxalates, chop into slices, sprinkle in some power herbs, and keep with you as an energising snack.  

3. Chemical exposure:  Reduce chemicals in your home environment, air pollution, diet, and un-necessary medications. If you have unavoidable pollution exposure, ask your Dr. about taking 2,000mg/day of vitamin C which includes a natural source, such as with Sea Buckthorn, Acerola cherry, Elderberry crystals (add to rose hip tea), or take your supplements with a strong rose hip tea, which is high in vitamin C 

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cystine), is also supportive in cases of chemical exposure. 

4. Therapeutic Jewelry:  #15, Amethyst with quartz bracelet (see blog article "Semi Precious Stones").  Wear 3 x wk for at least 5 hrs each day - day or evening. (As a general rule, do not wear semi precious stones to bed.) 

Zone 2, Solar Plexus:

1. Intermittent fasting*, (meaning no calories) for about 12-14 hours per day, (ie 7pm to 9am or whatever works for your schedule) and eat all your food ideally in an 8-10 hour window.  After 12 hours of no calories, the body is able to  digest and eliminate old or dead cells, and do “maintenance repair” as needed. In the morning stick to water, black coffee or tea/herbal tea. This helps to keep a clear body, which supports the spirituality of this zone. 

2. Topical Oil of Oregano:  Dilute oil of oregano in olive oil (7 drops in 3T olive oil) and apply the equivalent of 5 drops to the thymus area, 3-4 x day. (At least 4 x a day if you have high EMF exposure such as office, travel, 5G.)  This is not only excellent EMF support, but it supports healthy gut balance, even when applied topically and absorbed through the skin. 

3. Focused Meditation: This zone is likely off if we feel unhappy, disconnected, depressed, lonely, etc.  If you don't feel better after doing a full Zones 1-6 treatment, go back to Zone 2 and as you hold your 2 fingers on the point, do this visualisation. 

See your whole body filled with glowing, shimmering white light, and see a cord of white light connecting you at the solar plexus with the "Divine". (God, creator, source energy, universal love, or however you relate to it.)  Feel the love coming into you through this light, and in return, feel and send the love back, thanking the Divine for using you as an instrument of it's work.  Keep your mind blank, focusing on feeling the connection to this Divine light that all of life is connected to. Do this for about 2 minutes or until you feel a strong connection.  Finish with Zone 6.  Drink a glass a water. 

4. Avoid omega 6 fats and include Omega 3.  Avoid all seed and vegetable oils/fried foods, avoid adulterated and processed foods such as commercial candy and baked goods, crackers, etc, fast foods and restaurant foods as they normally contain omega 6.. (Read labels - there are a very few good ones.)  In other words, go for a natural organic diet.

Include omega 3 .. for men, fish oil such as Carlson brand (my husband takes 2 caps/day) and about 1T organic hemp seed sprinkled on yoghurt etc., and for women, hemp seed plus about 2 tsp refrigerated flax seed oil (Flora brand is good) on yoghurt or salad.

Flax seed oil tests well for women in general as it appears to support hormone balance. In fact, studies have shown that 40gm of flax seed works as well as HRT for mild menopausal symptoms, however the cold pressed oil tests MUCH better than the seed, which is high in oxalates.  Just be very careful of the brand - most flax seed oil capsules sold are not processed carefully, and are rancid. Buying it in a healthy food store, refrigerated, is the safest option. 

5.  Quercetin:  Quercetin is a plant flavonol from the flavanoid group of polyphenols. Two of the best food sources include apples such as organic Gala (peel to avoid oxalates), and red onions.  This powerful anti-oxidant appears to have an affinity for the solar plexus zone. It is also a natural anti-histamine and helpful for those with allergies.  Food source is best - normally one organic (peeled) Gala apple per day will be a good supply of quercetin.  Or if I miss my apple, I take 500mg quercetin 2 x day. Red onions are also an excellent food source.

 TIP: Ideally it is best to peel apples as the peel is high in oxalates, chop into slices, sprinkle in some power herbs, and keep with you as an energising snack.  

6. Therapeutic jewelry: (see blog article "Semi Precious Stones" ) #21 Citrine and amazonite bracelet (with selenite). Wear 5 days a week (at least 5 hours at a time - more is fine). 

7.  Probiotic and prebiotic foods to support the microbiome: Include probiotic foods without added sugar such as goat's milk yoghurt, and raw sauerkraut and/or prebiotic foods, or 1/2 tsp Natto.  If traveling or for convenience you can take a good probiotic supplement from the refrigerated section of a health food store from time to time. Again, this relates to the spiritual nature of this zone by keeping a healthy, balanced micro biome.  Prebiotic foods include the Power Herb Blend, bok choy, broccoli, broccoli microgreens, goat's milk Gouda cheese, and the turmeric blend. 

8. Hard Alcohol: Eliminate or dramatically reduce hard alcohol. Quality red wine is the healthiest alcoholic beverage overall. You can also add 1T of structured water to a 6 oz glass of red wine to increase the benefits without changing the taste. Also, apply your oil of oregano to the thymus gland area before you drink wine, to have a stabilising effect.  The frequent drinking of hard alcohol has a counterproductive, "anti spiritual" effect on this zone. 

Zone 3, Liver: 

1. Kitchen spices for liver cleanse and support*:  There are basic, inexpensive herbal combinations you probably have in your kitchen cupboard, to detox your liver.  It is a good idea to do some kind of liver support 2 x year. 


Combine mustard powder and black pepper (3:1) and fill size 00 gel caps available in health food stores.  I take 1 cap 2 x day with food for 1 week when a cleanse is needed.  (Alternately,  consume between 1/4 tsp 2 x day added to food or beverage.)  This could be ideal to support the liver from general cumulative stress - not specific chemical exposure. 

Turmeric blend:  This blend is excellent over all, or if you have had chemical exposure (ie pollution, chemicals used in your area, etc.) It is also very anti inflammatory, and can be used on a regular basis.  Combine the below 3 ingredients well, in a small bowl, and either use 1/4 tsp at a time, 4 x day in food or beverage, OR fill 00 size gel caps and take 4/day, spread out.  It is fine to take 2 capsules at once. 

Turmeric blend:  Note - must be ORGANIC turmeric powder:    3T turmeric powder, 4tsp ginger ginger powder, 1 1/2 tsp black pepper)

Power Herb Blend*:  

See full details above at the top of section C under "High Energy Diet".  This is the easiest and cheapest (and most delicious!) way to power up all of your meals and snacks. Mix 3/4 tsp into all meals. You can also add 1 1/2 tsp to ie. a banana bread recipe or other home baking. This is not enough to change the taste, but enough to increase the energy and nutrition. Great with vegetables, eggs, smoothies, soups, meats/fish, etc.  Sprinkle on all your appropriate foods (even goat cheese and yoghurt) and mix at least 3/4 tsp of the blend into each meal. You can always have more, or add extra black pepper if you like it spicier, or even just a little less black pepper if it's too spicy for you. 

2.  NAC (N-Acetyl-Cystein)*  is an amino acid made by the liver.  It helps detoxification if you have had chemical exposure from VOC's or agricultural chemicals or are on medications. It is also a pre-cursor for Glutathione, a vital anti oxidant.  (Glutathione supplements do not test well in my experience - it is better to give your body the raw materials to make it's own as needed.)  I had heavy exposure to glyphosate after a neighbour across the street poisoned trees, and became very sick with a burning lungs and a metallic taste in my mouth.  My doctor recommended 3 x 500mg NAC and I recovered quickly.  I continue to take 2 per day, or 3/day for a few days if I have been exposed to pollution or chemicals.

Foods rich in NAC include high protein foods such as meat, fish, pastured eggs, pastured chicken and turkey, goat cheese - especially goat's Gouda, and some plants such as onions, and broccoli or especially broccoli microgreens.  If you are a vegetarian or eat very little meat, ask your doctor if you can take NAC supplements. 

3. Chemical exposure: Avoid Pollution/airborne chemicals, air pollution, golf courses, plastic cups and water bottles:  indoor (cleaners, laundry, fire retardants), foods and artificial sweeteners, un-necessary medications, and outdoor air pollution.  Chemicals in foods such as PFAS's and phthalates (endocrine disrupting "forever chemicals" mostly in plastic bottles and toys).  GMO foods are high in glyphosate, but so are many no GMO foods such as grains (especially non organic wheat and oats) and non organic orange juice, as they are normally heavily sprayed with glyphosate. 

Drinking from plastic cups and water bottles also shows up as liver stress due to Bisphenol A (BPA) and other chemicals in plastics. An easy solution is to switch to flass bottles filled with filtered water.

 If you suspect you have been exposed to recent spraying, or have been exposed to any of the above sources of pollution or chemicals, ask your doctor if you can increase NAC to 3/day and Quercetin 2/day for at least 5 days. Instead of quercetin supplements you can eat 2 peeled organic apples (preferably organic Gala) a day for a similar benefit.  Extra vitamin C is also helpful - I take 2,000-2,500 mg/day with a natural source of vitamin C.  The body may not be able to absorb more than 1000-1500mg at a time, so do not take it all at once.

4.  EMFs (Electro Magnetic fields/radiation): 

Studies have shown EMFs to have a negative effect on liver function in areas such as filtering toxins, blood building, and even eye health. Everyone reacts to EMFs, whether they realise it or not, but If you recognise that they do noticeably affect you, it's definitely a good idea to take mitigation steps. 

  • Reduce EMF exposure at home, such as using a hard wired, wireless free computer set up. See more details in my blog article "The Natural EMF Protocol". 
  • For the liver, specifically ask your doctor if you can take NAC (N Acetyl Cystine), an amino acid and precursor to glutathione. NAC is made by the liver, and glutathione is a vital anti oxidant which requires NAC.   EMF stress can compromise the function of the liver, and thus NAC production. I take 2 NAC/day. (600mg each) 
  • Myrrh essential oil is a detoxifier, and supports the liver and is strengthening for liver energy.  Add 6 drops Myrrh to 15 ml jojoba oil in a small glass bottle, and apply 4 drops 2 x day, to the heart chakra area (lower 4 inches or so of the sternum). To keep things simple, you can apply this at the same time you apply the oil of oregano to the thymus area - perhaps keep them together with your toothbrush. 
  • The above turmeric blend is supportive to the liver in relation to EMFs.  
  • Do the "Desert Island Solutions" energy clearing exercises... K27 "hitch hiker thumbs" and Central and Governing clearing points, and foot reflex zones 2 x day (or more) when more support is needed. These are also highly beneficial when traveling and EMF exposure is typically high. 
  • As a short term solution you can shield radiation from the thymus and heart area by wearing a silk or viscose scarf knotted comfortably around your neck with the tails hanging down the center of your chest.  (Note that silk absorbs stress and must be removed and shaken out a few times, depending on the strength of exposure.) 
  • See blog article "Semi Precious Stones", as the #4 bracelet is especially energetically supportive against EMFs, reducing negative stress.  It is especially effective when used in combination with other strategies. 

5. Quercetin rich foods or supplement:  Quercetin is a powerful anti-oxidant found in many fruits and vegetables, and supports liver energy, protecting against liver disease. It is also a powerful natural anti-histamine. 

 Quercetin is a plant flavonol from the flavanoid group of polyphenols. Two of the best food sources include apples such as organic Gala (peel to avoid oxalates), as well as red onions.  It is also a natural anti-histamine.  To insure an abundance of quercetin, I include these foods regularly, plus optionally 2 quercetin capsules daily if there is a need due to allergic reaction or allergies, or you are not able to eat an apple. 

It is not easy to completely avoid chemical exposure today or allergic reactions, so it is smart to consume  these foods every day, to help heal and protect the liver.  

The best quercetin rich foods include organic yellow and red onions, broccoli or broccoli microgreens, blueberries, apples - organic Gala are one of the best (not apple juice),  and purple grapes. 

6.  Environmental - low energies in the home:

Keep a clear, clean, high vibrational energy in your home.  I have seen situations where low energies can seriously impact both physical and mental health yet this is something that is rarely recognised as they are not visible.  But you can certainly feel them - a perfect example is the heaviness you may have noticed walking into an antique store.  If you have wood furniture in your home, especially wooden antiques, including beloved family heirlooms, they can absorb and emit strong vibrational stress which can create energetic toxicity, affecting  liver energy.  It can also impact areas of Zone 5 including the energy of brain, heart, and immune system. The same is likely true if you live in an old or century home.  Paintings, photos, sculptures, and books can do the same but require a different treatment - Read more about this in my blog article on home energy. 

You can clear most low energies easily with a cheap white vinegar and water spray.  Fill a large spray bottle which produces a fine mist - fill it 25-30% with vinegar, and top it up with tap water.  Clear your environment quickly by spraying antiques, unpainted wooden furniture, and all porous surfaces (such as fabric/sofa/dining chairs/window coverings) lightly with a mix of 3 parts water, 1 part cheap white vinegar.  Spray all sides and edges lightly, under the table, once inside each drawer, and inside cupboards - keep a soft cloth handy to wipe dry if necessary.  Spray up and down corners where energy can stagnate, under desks, beds, etc.  Anything that is fabric. Hard surfaces such as metal and porcelain do not absorb low frequencies.  Keep a bottle handy to freshen as needed, such as after guests leave. 

Linens and Clothing

Our bed linens and clothing also hold stressful energies after we have used or worn them.  Who wants to wear yesterday's stress on your body! To keep clothing fresh and clear, add 1 cup white vinegar to each load of laundry in the "fabric softener" compartment.  Keep a spray bottle of vinegar solution handy and you can spray clothing you may wear more than once, such as jeans - especially if you have body pain or illness.  Spray lightly before you wear them a second time. (Or hang them outside over a railing.)  

To release low energies stored in your body (whmay manifest as aches and pains) add 1/2 cup baking soda to very warm bath water and soak 20 min. 

Vitamin C increases the body's tolerance to low energies, but it must be at least 2,500mg/day for optimal benefit.  Choose a supplement that includes natural sources such as sea buckthorn, elderberry crystals, or acerola cherry.  If you can only find ascorbic acid, make sure to take it with a natural source of vitamin C such as red grapefruit juice, or strong rosehip tea.  Take it in at least 2 doses a day since the body cannot absorb more than 1,000-1500mg of vitamin C at one time. 


Zone 4, Stomach (right foot arch)

1. Remove processed and fast foods*.  Artificial foods, Omega 6 fats (vegetable and seed oils such as canola, corn, sunflower, and soy) are not properly digestible and accumulate as fat in the cells.  The only healthy fats include butter, animal fats, ghee.  Coconut oil is acceptable as it , does not contain Omega 6, but it also does not have vitamin A as does butter and ghee.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fine IF it is not adulterated with cheap oils.  To be sure, avoid Italian olive oil - Greek, Spanish, and Tunisian and much safer. 

2. Include grounding in your daily programme, whether grounding outside at least 30 minutes  - weather permitting, or using grounding tools (see my blog article on grounding).  Grounding outside is optimal as there are other factors to consider, such as the benefits of sunlight. 

3. Include organic vegetables in two meals per day.  Sweet potato is at the top of the vegetable list as long as it is boiled to reduce oxalates - you can make mashed sweet potato (with butter, salt/pepper), have a large spoonful as a snack during the day,  and keep the rest up to 3 days in the fridge (or freeze in ice cube trays).  Next priorities are asparagus, peas (organic frozen are fine), green beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cooked spinach, shitake mushrooms, microgreen salads (pea, sunflower, broccoli microgreens, with one small chopped radish and a small amount of red onion per serving)

4. Reduce Oxalates, found even in "healthy" foods such as spinach, kale and other dark greens, dark chocolate, beans (ie. kidney beans), coffee, beer, beets, cranberries, soy, rhubarb, oranges, nuts, black tea.  Limit the total amount of these foods that you consume at one time and be aware of how you feel to know your own limits.  Common side effect of oxalates include joint stiffness and kidney stones. 

5. Prebiotic Foods or probiotic capsules  The Turmeric blend acts in some ways like a probiotic, balancing gut bacteria.  Real raw sauerkraut is one of the best natural probiotics - we only about 2T per serving.  I will often have a serving of goat's milk yogurt, or if traveling or this is not possible, I take a good probiotic capsules 2 x day.  I also mix it up, and take a probiotic capsule in the morning, and sauerkraut with dinner.  1/2 tsp Natto per day is also good support. 

Zone 4, Pancreas (left foot arch)

NOTE: Pancreas and Heart energy (zone 5) are impacted by each other's energy. 

1.  Power herb blend:  These 3 every day culinary herbs plus a bit of black pepper have a beneficial effect on the body in general, including supporting the liver and especially pancreas energy.   For optimal benefit, add 3/4 tsp 2 x day to your meal, or add to a smoothie.  If it does not fit your meal taste wise, put it in 00 size gel caps, and take 3.  (They are 1/4 tsp each.)  Make a "batch" and fill and empty spice bottle. This is also an excellent way to add energy and nutrients to meals when on vacation.  The sage supports the handling of fats.  It is not strong tasting - very pleasant!

2T dried organic Cilantro

2T dried organic Oregano

2T dried organic Sage

1T organic ground black pepper

Mix well in a small bowl and pour into a spice jar.  Use 3/4 tsp on 2 meals per day.  Great with vegetables, eggs, smoothies, soups, meats/fish, etc. 

2.  Topical magnesium Magnesium the most abundant mineral we have in our body - but it is also the most commonly deficient.  EMF exposure can also deplete the body's supplies of magnesium.  It is much better absorbed through the skin than through the digestive tract so look for topical magnesium such as in a spray or cream.  Apply to upper chest/throat  (thymus and thyroid) 2 x day.  You can apply to the Zone 4 pancreas area if you are especially EMF sensitive or for extra pancreas energy support. 

See recipe at the end of my blog article "The Natural EMF Protocol" for the recipe to make your own magnesium cream. Taken internally, Magnesium L Threonate is quite well absorbed - personally I use both topical and oral.   You can also take a warm (as is comfortable) epsom salt bath using 2 cups of epsom salts, 2 x wk as an extra source of magnesium.  

3. Oil of Oregano:  Use to strengthen and support against EMF exposure.  Apply the equivalent of 4 drops on the thymus gland area, 2 x a day.     Optionally, rub 1 drop onto the pancreas foot zone. (If your bottle does not have a dropper,  tip bottle against 4 fingertips and apply to thymus).  Avoid and mitigate EMF exposure (see blog article).  The pancreas is very affected by EMF but it can be mitigated with these basic techniques.


4. Avoid and mitigate EMF exposure, avoid wearing metals

EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields and radiations) place a high level of stress on pancreas energy.  Please check my blog "Natural EMF Protocol" for ways to reduce exposure in your home, where you DO have more control over your environment. 

Myrrh essential oil provides excellent support for pancreas energy, as well as heart energy. Add 6 drops Myrrh essential oil to 15ml jojoba oil, and apply 4 drops to the heart chakra area (lower portion of the sternum), 2 x day. 

Simple energy clearing exercises such as K27 "hitch hiker thumbs" (left right polarity), Central and Governing clearing, and doing the foot zones 2 x day can clear energetic blockages which may result in symptoms. 

(See my blog article "The Natural EMF Protocol".)  An effective way to immediately reduce the effect is to wear a silk, viscose, or cashmere scarf (knotted loosely at the throat so there are several layers) when you are traveling, or working at the computer. Silk does absorb stress, so note that it should be taken off and shaken like a tea towel, every few hours to energetically freshen it. Cashmere and Viscose scarves work as well, and do not have to be shaken out. 

Foods that support pancreas energy from EMFs include shitake mushrooms, dark orange squashes, yams (if prepared by boiling to remove oxalates), and especially the Power Herb Blend (top of section C under "High Energy Diet". 

5. Exercise - be active! In general, look for ways to be more active, such as taking the stairs, walking regularly, and doing at least a short yoga (or tai chi etc) routine daily. The pancreas is very  affected by EMFs that we are all exposed to today in varying degrees.  Avoid extended sitting time. Exercise including gentle muscle maintenance (light weights for example when walking) has a therapeutic/hormonal benefit to pancreas energy.

NOTE: Running on treadmills or using electronic equipment is not a good idea due to EMF exposure from these devices. Insulin levels have been shown to INCREASE after working out on a treadmill.  

6. High energy diet:  See details at the top of section C. 

The energy in your food is tranfered to YOU.  

  • Certain herbs are power houses of micro nutrients.  The first step to power up your meals, is to use the Power Herb blend on everything you can in your current diet (see top of secion C).  High energy organic seasonings and herbs (fresh or dried) can also be added, such as thyme, Himalayan salt, ginger, and the turmeric blend, which are all highly beneficial and increase the energy of your food.  (I have tested basil and rosemary, but found they did not test as well as those mentioned above.)
  • Include Probiotic and Prebiotic foods such as fermented foods, and organic vegetables. 
  • Add the Power Herb Blend to organic vegetables to two portions 2 x day, such as peas, green beans, cooked spinach, sweet potato, shitake mushrooms, microgreen salads (pea, sunflower, broccoli micro greens).  In home baking, substitute flour with light spelt flour, and refined sugar with organic sucanat (or rapadura in Europe) or organic Turbinado. 

7.  Turmeric blend capsules: This also belongs under high energy diet - see top of section C. Mix powders in a small container: 3T organic turmeric, 4 tsp organic Ginger, 1 1/2 tsp organic black pepper, and fill 00 size veg caps or add a scant 1/4 tsp to your food or beverage, 3-4 x day.  (Check with your doctor as this blend has many therapeutic properties and could affect some medications.)  

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory benefits to the pancreas, which is negatively impacted by our chronic EMF exposure today. It supports general conditions of the pancreas and balances blood sugar/stimulates insulin production.  

8. Avoid Processed sugar, omega 6 seed oils,  and fast foods, as they are typically sugar laden and high in bad Omega 6 fats (vegetable and seed oils).  If you eat out, choose carefully to avoid fried and fake food, sauces, and bring along a bottle of your "Power Herb Blend" to use on your restaurant meal. At home, avoid added omega 6 fats (seed and vegetable oils), and fried food unless fried in butter, ghee,  or other natural animal based fat. Coconut oil is fine - the only vegan oil without Omega 6. 

9. Vitamin C : Check with your doctor.  Make sure your supplement includes natural sources, not just ascorbic acid. Natural sources include sea buckthorn, elderberry crystals (add to rose hip and hibiscus tea), or acerola cherry.  If you can only get ascorbic acid, take it with good natural sources of vitamin C such as red grapefruit juice or strong rose hip tea.   I take 2,500mg a day (1500 + 1000), as this amount is the least that will also support you against absorbing low/stressful energies. 

Zone 5, Overall healing

NOTE: Because the skin is so thick in zone 5, you may have to press more heavily with your thumb to identify sensitive points.  Even if you don't feel sensitive areas, treat the area anyway with you fingertips for at least 30 seconds on each of the two points in Zone 5. 

NEW!!  3rd point in zone 5!

After breaking a bone in my foot last month, I found another very relevant 3rd point in zone 5. Currently the 2 points in Zone five are the the inside of the heal.  This new one is on the OUTSIDE of the heal .   Find the back of the ankle bone just in front of the Achilles tendon, trace down to the thick skin at the bottom of the outside of your heal. Massage briefly, then hold 2 fingers on this point. (30 seconds is normally long enough. )

1. High Energy Diet:  See above, top of section C. 

2. Quercetin: Quercetin is a flavanoid anti-oxidant, detox, and anti-imflammatory agent that has a strong ability to scavenge free radicals, including thos from chemical exposure.  It inhibits hydrogen peroxide induced DNA damage, and enhances DNA repair.  It does permeate the blood brain barrier and is helpful in neurological damage from chemicals.  Quercetin came up for clients specifically exposed to plastics, such as plastic water bottles and cups, as well as environmental chemicals..  Studies show that the toxicity of BPA (Bisphenol A, an endocrine disruptor) in plastics can be prevented by quercetin, which protects the body against oxidative stress and BPA induced biochemical toxicity.* 

Quercetin is also a heavy metals chelator.  Zone 5 supports bone energy in general, the cardio vascular system, the eyes, and brain energy (amongst many other areas).  BPA disturbs bone health by interfering with the absorption of calcium, and BPA has neurological toxic effects on the brain.    The good news is BPA does not hang around for long in the body - approximately 24 hours, but the body can repair damage caused if it has the right tools, such as quercetin. 

I take 2 x 500mg/day of quercetin - the best food sources are quality red wine (organic is safest), organic or wild blueberries (frozen are fine), organic apples such as Gala, red onion, dark cherries, and sage.   energy diet  The first easy step to a high energy diet is to mix the "Power Herb Blend" as described above.  (See details at the top of section C, "High Energy Diet".) 

3. Strengthen your body against EMF's:    (See blog article "The Natural EMF Protocol".) 

  • Reduce your exposure as much as possible at home
  • Include Grounding - either mat or outdoors at least 1/2 hr 2 x day (or sleep on grounding mat under your bottom sheet)
  • Clear low/stressful energies from your home and clothing spraying and washing with vinegar. Wear natural fibers - avoid polyester and acrylic.  Real leather has shielding properties. 
  • Take NAC (N Acetyl Cystine) 2 x day to increase Glutathione (anti oxidant) production
  • Eat a high energy diet (See top of section C)
  • Topical magnesium (and optionally Magnesium L Threonate) 
  • Turmeric blend to heal inflammation caused by EMF
  • Quercetin - 1 peeled organic Gala apple/day supplies high quality quercetin, a powerful free radical scavenger. 

4. Vitamin D  is actually a hormone - not a "vitamin".  It is extremely important for Zone 6, as this zone includes bones, teeth, immune system, and eyes - all which require ample vitamin D.  On a sunny day if not wearing sunscreen (don't burn!) your body can make up to 25,000iu vitamin D in one day.  But this is not every day - depending on where you live, and the time of day you are exposed.  The best brands of vitamin D I have found are drops...  In Canada, D Drops or New Roots brand, and Carlson in USA.   My doctor recommend I take 5-6,000iu per day.  I take 6,000 iu (6 drops on food), and my husband takes 7,000. In winter time north of Florida, increase by 2,000iu.  It is best taken at the same time as a topical or oral (Magnesium L Threonate) magnesium supplement, and in the presence of foods containing vitamin K2. (ie. Broccoli, broccoli microgreens, asparagus, pumkin, beef, pastured eggs, sauerkraut, Natto, Gouda cheese (goat is best), brussel sprouts) 

Deficiences are associated with immune and bone issues, eye disease such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, uveitis, dry eye syndrome, and impaired tear function. 

It appears that continuous EMF/5G exposure may increase the requirements for vitamin D.  Vitamin D is supportive to hormonal balance as it is in itself a hormone. EMFs, which we are all exposed to, have a negative impact on bones and the immune system, so have your levels tested in your next blood test.  Here in Canada we have to ask for this test as an extra. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, optimal vitamin D blood levels for protection against cancers and optimal immune function should be 50-60 ng/ml in USA measurements, and about 120-150 nmol/L in Canada and Europe. 

There are many extra benefits in getting as much vitamin D from safe sun exposure (around solar noon), such as structuring the water in your cells, and absorption of near infra red light which helps the mitochondria to produce melatonin.  

5.Remove or reduce high oxalate foods, reduce or elminate gluten, processed sugars:  Oxalates and gluten in excess can cause stiffness and pain in the joints, which is aggravated by today's high EMF and microwave radiation exposure, and play appear to play a strong role in pain, stiffness, and inflammation.  They are found even in "good" foods such as spinach, kale and other dark greens, dark chocolate, lentils, beans (ie. kidney beans), coffee, beer, beets, cranberries, soy, rhubarb, oranges, nuts, almond and nut milks, wheat/gluten, black tea. Boil the dark leafy greens (instead of frying or baking) as oxalates are water soluble and will be released with boiling. Boiling does not seem to be enough to remove oxalates from beans and pulses.  Limit the total amount of these foods that you consume at one time and be aware of how you feel, for example no more than 5 almonds at a time, once a day. You may need to limit high oxalate foods to small portions 3 x week - note your own response.  Grounding,  and taking the turmeric blend (1 1/2tsp a day), is helpful to reduce inflammation caused by high oxalate foods. If you notice pain in your hands you can also place your hands on grass/stone/concrete/trees for a few minutes to target grounding to the problem area. 

If you are eating high oxalate foods, as mentioned, limit the amount, and add 3/4 tsp Power Herb Blend to the meal may help to counteract the inflammatory effects of the oxalates - which can be exacerbated with EMF exposure.  It can also be helpful to take a binder, such as activated charcoal, to bind to the oxalates and remove them from the body. 

If you are suffering from pain and inflammation from oxalates (oxalic acid) be sure you are taking anti-inflammatory whole food supplements or foods such as omega 3 fats (I take 3/4T 2 x day, plus 1 T organic hemp seed and ideally 1 sardine/day), and my husband takes Carlson (or Barleans) brand fish oil  instead of flax oil.  The turmeric blend is effective against inflammation - 6 x 00 size capsules (2+2+2) or 1/2 tsp 3 x day. 

Personally I limit organic coffee to one cup per day, and maximum a few pieces of dark chocolate a day - any more and I get joint stiffness and inflammation.  If you like beans, black eyed peas are a good substitute. I replace wheat with light spelt in baking, and limit gluten to Italian made pasta (does not contain glyphosate) - our favourite family meal - once a week.  Find you own limits! 

Commercial processed candies are typically loaded with GMO sugars and chemicals, all which are inflammatory. 

6.  Turmeric Blend:   

(See top of section C "High Energy Eating" for the formula, and more details.)  Detoxifying and anti inflammatory, brain and eye energy support. 

Plastics chemicals and others accumulate in the the soft tissues of the body including the brain and eyes, which come under Zone 5.  Curcumin (the anti-oxidant compound in turmeric) "has received considerable attention for it's pharmacological activities, which appear to act primarily though anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant mechanisms. For this reason, it has been rpoposed as a tool for the management of many diseases, among which are gastro-intestinal and neurological diseases, diabetes, and several types of cancer."***

Turmeric is wonderful detoxifier, anti-oxidant, and supports the mitochondria in our cells. Benefits are also mental/emotional for those suffering from depression, improving the state of well being.  Turmeric contains curcumin, a fat soluble anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory ingredient - especially beneficial when combined with ginger and black pepper.   Turmeric alone has pool bioavailability, but adding black pepper increases the absorption of turmeric by 2,000%.  The other ingredients work well together for a synergistic effect.

NOTE: Gut health is a major concern in people with electro-magnetic sensitivity, as EMF can have a negative effect on gut health and the micro-biom. The turmeric blend fuctions a bit like a probiotic, balancing gut bacteria. 

Take 1 tps of the turmeric blend over the day - either fill capsules and/or add to soups/dishes.  I fill 00 gel caps (1/4 tsp each) and take 4/day. 

7.  Regular, healthy sun exposure:  Just don't burn!  Sunlight seems to be a priority for this zone - not just because it makes vitamin D, but because it contains near infra red and other benefits.  The body can only manufacture vitamin D when the sun strikes the skin at a certain angle - around mid day, but going out early morning in bright sunshine for at least 15 minutes is highly beneficial.  Do not use sunscreen unless necessary except perhaps on your face, as it blocks the benefits of sunlight and the skin's ability to make vitamin D.    Ideally sit outside in the sun, grounding with your shoes off and bare feet on grass, stone, or concrete, including concrete balcony. Expose as much bare skin as possible, ie shorts and T shirt, or roll up your pants and sweater sleeves. 

8.  Myrrh essential oil:  Heart energy is related to Zone 5. This can be an easy fix for Zone 5, especially if you have heart energy related stress symptoms such as irregular heart beat, or general issues related to heart energy. Myrrh is highly beneficial for heart energy, which is included under Zone 5.  Add 4 drops Myrrh essential oil to 15ml jojoba oil.  Apply 2 x day to the thymus area. 

9.  Omega 3 fatty acids:  Always check with your doctor before starting omega 3 as it has properties that could interact with medication.  See details under "High Energy Eating" at the top of section C.  

Best sources are organic Hemp Seed, Flax oil for women (not flax seed as it is high oxalate and you would have to consume too much flax seed to get enough oil), Marine source supplement for men. Small fish (containing less mercury) such as sardines, mackerel, herring, and anchovies, are an excellent food source.  Most of the brain is composed of omega 3 fatty acids - brain function comes under zone 5. 

10. Semi Precious Stones:   Wear Pearls and Amazonite, sleep wearing a Larimar bracelet, massage zones 4 and 5 with amethyst.:   (See my blog article "Semi Precious Stones".)  Wear pearl bracelet OR necklace about 5 -7 x wk, day, evening, or both. (at least 5 hrs).  Young men are also starting to wear pearls for fashion, but if some men do not feel comfortable wearing even a pearl bracelet, they can keep it in their pocket or wear it at home.  Pearls have been used through the ages to improve skin, calmness, and support soft organs such as heart, digestive, and reproductive systems.

Pearls:  I believe the main reason why pearls test so well for Zone 5 is bone support - ingesting pearl powder has been long used for it's bone health benefits, but you don't have to ingest it (seems like a waste of beautiful pearls!)   By simply wearing white pearls you will receive not only their calming energy, but their vibrational frequency which aligns with healthy bones. They also support the throat in singing and speaking. 

Amazonite (see bracelet #4 in blog article "Semi Precious Stones") is also beneficial as it mitigates EMF, giving a protective energy for the skeletal system, and it's vibrational frequency also aligns with heathy bones.  For eye support, wear both the Amazonite necklace and bracelet when at the computer, especially for extended periods of time. 

Larimar  (from the Caribbean ocean - bracelet #7 in my semi-precious stones blog article) is one of the few semi precious stones that can be worn at night - it's energy calms the body and supports better sleep. 

Amethyst:  As mentioned above, when all zones are completed, drink a glass of water (for lymph), and massage zones 4 and 5 with a smooth (tumbled) dark purple amethyst stone. Hold it on, or massage any areas that may still feel tender. 

11. Prebiotic and Probiotics foods:      Readily available probiotic foods include:   1 tsp/day turmeric blend, 1/2 cup goat's milk yoghurt, or 2T real raw sauerkraut per serving, or 1/2 tsp Natto.  You can also use a quality probiotic supplement from the refrigerated section of your health food store. For myself, goat's milk yoghurt with a probiotic supplement as a "gut health snack" works well.  

Other foods that are "prebiotic" and support the microbiome, are yams (this is the top food when boiled, to reduce oxalates), organic Bok Choy, broccoli or broccoli microgreens, goat's gouda cheese, red radishes, cilantro, oregano, and ginger.  Garlic on it's own is surprisingly not highly beneficial as a prebiotic food, but garlic with thyme, and garlic with sage  have a powerful prebiotic effect when used together.

12. Light weight training every other day,  or authentic Kaatsu training, which can even be done daily if desired as it is very gently on the body. 

13. General Detox may be required: Sometimes we just need a good detox to remove harmful chemicals from the body.  There are many "cleanses" out there, but a very simple and effective one is simply eating organic vegetables and herbs for 2 days approximately every 2 months, or as needed.  This includes vegetable soups, and home made cleansing vegetable juices using organic carrots, celery, apples, turmeric, and ginger. If you purchase a vacuum container (I got one at Bed Bath and Beyond) you can store juice safely, preserving it's nutrients, for up to 5 days.  

When you do this simple cleanse, be sure to drink the full 2L of water per day, and ideally take 1 activated charcoal per day for one week (ask your doctor), through and after your cleanse, to help the body eliminate toxins.  This may also be a good time to do the mustard powder/black pepper liver cleanse, see above under Zone 3. 

14.  Low Energies/environment:  See above Zone 3 "Liver", #6. 

Zone 6, Lymph

1.Drink 2 L of water per day, preferably structured water  (see my blog article "Supercharge Your Water").  The lymph needs good hydration to do it's "cleanup" work.  You can't use a dry mop to wash the floor!

2. Walking and moving regularly throughout the day - avoid sitting for long periods of time without standing up and moving.  The lymphatic system does not have a pump, such as the heart for the circulatory system, and depends on muscle contraction to move lymph throughout the body.

3. Oil of Oregano (topical/diluted),   Oregano is helpful to purify the lymph and eliminate bacteria.  Diluted topical application (To dilute, add 6 drops of oil of oregano to 3T olive oil and pour into a small glass bottle).  Apply 5 drops  (or equivalent) to the thymus area 3 x day, and 1 drop to Zone 6 on both feet for extra "cleanup" support for the lymph. 

4. Eat a clean diet with emphasis on Power Herb Blend with organic vegetables and high energy foods such as common organic culinary herbs, spices, and vegetables.  Remove all added omega 6 seed and vegetable oils.   (See my blog article "High Energy Diet")  Or, on vacation I take 3 capsules per day of turmeric blend. (See above Zone 4 Pancreas, #5, for details)

5. Avoid chemical exposure to reduce the toxic load on the lymphatic system.  Common sources are processed foods, home environment, and air pollution, fire retardants on new furniture, carpets.  Take turmeric blend, and NAC. 


6. Activated charcoal may be useful during a detox to assist the lymph in carrying toxins out of the body. Ask your doctor about taking 1/day for a few days in a row as a detox, or after vacation.  In general after that, 2 x week for maintenance.

7.  Power Herb Blend:  See top of section C under "High Energy Eating", for details.  It is especially detoxifying for the lymphatic system. 

Extra tips for Electro Sensitivity - a synergistic combination with oil of oregano..

  • For people who are very electro-sensitive, Zone 4, Pancreas (left foot arch) should be worked on very thoroughly as this is the zone most prone to negative effects and energetic blockages from EMF stress. 

  • Do all universal foot reflex zones  1 x day, and Zone 4 Pancreas, (always finish with Zone 6),  2-3 times a day extra as needed.   When finished, drink water.  Or you may want to do zones 4, 5, and 6, as extras, depending on your symptoms as indicated above under "Significance of each zone". 

  • Note that there may be very beneficial to do a liver cleanse just with mustard powder and black pepper (fill 00 capsules) or other detoxes mentioned above -   See part C,  Zone 3, for details.  Also see part C, Zone 5 "Turmeric blend", and "Probiotics" for more details. 

  • The combination of 6 Universal Reflex Zones, and using diluted oil of oregano on the thymus gland and on zones 4 and 6 (See EMF blog article, or recipe below) twice a day, is proving to be extremely effective in reducing EMF sensitivity - the root of many of todays physical and mental health issues.  Both the Oil of Oregano and the 6 zones on their own are very effective, but together they offer the highest support.  

How to Apply the OIl of Oregano: 

Mix the Dilution:  Add 7 drops Oil of Oregano to 1/4 cup (2oz) olive oil.  Pour into small bottles, with or without dropper.  If you have a dropper, drop 5 drops on the thymus gland and massage into the area, then apply 2 drops of the blend directly to zones 4 and 6. 

Don't worry about washing off the oil in the shower - it is absorbed in about 1 minute.

(for more details on Oil of Oregano, see my EMF blog article) 

A Note to Reflexologists

As reflexologists, you already have the skills and knowledge of the foot reflex zones and working with the feet, so this could be an ideal therapy to offer.  The clearing technique is a bit different, and of course the zones such as pancreas clear other areas which at first glance are not related, so there are differences.  I would encourage you to try out this protocol on clients who present with an overwhelming number of issues or extreme illness or symptoms.  In my experience every person I've used it on has felt a very noticeable improvement after the first session, and were amazed at the change.   Each session would only take about 1/2 hour, therefor this could be an excellent package offer that is favourable to both the client and practitioner.  The schedule I would suggest is a package of 2 sessions per day for 5 days, (weekend off),  once a day 5 days a week for 3 weeks, 3 times a week for 2 weeks, then 2 times a week for maintenance.  If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to email me at