The 6 Universal Foot Reflex Zones:   A simple protocol that can quickly restore & maintain natural health and balance

January 15, 2023

By Karen Unsworth Berger BAA, TFH

Maybe it's something about Spain. 

The last two times I've been to Spain, I have had "game changer" revelations evolving from what initially seemed to be extreme misfortune.  (I'm sure most of us have observed that sometimes it takes a freight train to get our attention!)  6 months ago in Mallorca, I was incapacitated for several days with bizarre  5G reactions from environmental factors including first time exposures to multiple 5G towers and enabled cell phones. This resulted in the discovery of diluted Oil of Wild Oregano (or even oil of oregano essential oil) for increasing tolerance and reducing symptoms from typical EMF and radiation exposure.  See my blog article on EMFs. 

I returned from the second trip last week.... Tenerife.  This time I had a quick but hard hitting bout of a digestive illness which only lasted 4 hours, but knocked me out for the rest of the day and night.  I could not even muster the energy to turn on (or listen to) the TV.  I just lay there all day without moving. And then all night.  The next day my back was so sore from the long bed time that I could not bend over or attempt my morning yoga routine. 

BACK PAIN:  I started to panic - I felt exhausted and far from my best.  We had group activities planned in Tenerife which I wanted to participate in.  Then I thought, "Ah, I'll try the foot reflex points for the back"... something I had almost forgotten about.  (Foot reflexology was a small part of my Kinesiology training, plus I took a reflexology course when living in Luxembourg.) Within 10 minutes of working the back points, the back pain had completely melted away, and I was reminded of the power of foot reflexology.  It was something I clearly needed a reminder about! 

SHOULDER PAIN:  After the success with my back, I thought, "I wonder if the shoulder reflex points can fix my right shoulder?"  It had been bothering me since a shot in the right deltoid muscle 1 1/2 years before.  I had arm weakness, discomfort, wrist pain, hand stiffness, and reduced flexibility in the shoulder. As a pianist it was becoming challenging.  Again, after a few minutes working on those points, almost all flexibility was restored and for the first time in months I could grasp my fingers of each hand reaching up my back with my right arm, and down over my shoulder with my left.  It was a major structural shift.  The discomfort in my arm/hand was greatly reduced.   

Multiple Benefits from the 6 universal points!

ENERGY LEVELS: I was still tired and not myself from my short but extreme illness, and again thought "I wonder if there are specific foot reflex points that will restore my energy levels?"..  Yes!  I used kinesiology testing to identify the points in order of priority -  they were Kidney, Solar Plexus, Liver, Pancreas, Lower back, and Lymph.   After a 1/2 hour treatment on these points on both feet, I was amazed at my dramatically improved energy levels.  Over the next days I tested the treatment on several volunteers, and the priority points were the same for everyone.  

EMF and RADIATION TOLERANCE: Expanding the scope of symptoms,  I wondered, "Maybe there are specific reflex points to increase tolerance to EMF and Radiation exposure?"... Sure enough, it was the same points. This DOES affect everyone in some way as these are not natural frequencies - some people have more obvious reactions than others, such as headaches, body pain, depression or malaise, weight issues (due to pancreatic stress), and fatigue.  Others may just have unseen chronic stress which can manifest as something such as high blood pressure or diabetes, but they are unaware of the cause.


To increase EMF tolerance, the kidney and

especially #4 (pancreas/stomach) 

need extra attention.   

BURNING FAT:  Hmm what else... "I'm eating much more than usual on this trip - I wonder if there are points to stimulate my metabolism to burn fat more easily, so I remain very healthy and very slim?"....  You guessed it - the same points again!

  FLYING and JET LAG:   Flying is stressful on the body and of course we can have jet lag depending on the flight. Flying back from Spain, I discretely removed my shoes and pulled one foot at a time up on to the chair. I tested for any points that were still under stress - it was only kidney and pancreas that needed extra support because of the added radiation stress from flying.  I don't know if this correction was the reason that I maintained high energy without jet lag after the trip.  (I will continue to update this article as I receive more information.)  

Desert Island solutions are ideal,

because they are free,

no tools required, 

 and can be done anywhere!

WATCH FOR UPDATES: These are only the areas I have explored so far - kinesiological testing indicates there may be multiple other benefits, including maintaining general health, and for optimal longevity. I will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

Update Jan. 30 2023:  The immune system may also be very improved as a result of this protocol. Using kinesiological testing, subjects were found to have increased immune function typically 30 to 50 percentage points.

The protocol should be applied 2 x day for 3 weeks.  More data will be posted as it becomes available. 

Update Jan. 30, 2023: For some people, a side effect of the current mRNA shots is fatigue, reduced "life force energy", and reduced immune function.  This protocol may be very effective in restoring the body to (and improving on) pre shot levels - It is possible it may help the body to eliminate other side effects as well.

The protocol should be applied 2 x day for 3 weeks.  More data will be posted as it becomes available.

Update Feb. 7,  2023:  There is evidence that this protocol is highly beneficial for the eyes, as well as bone health, specifically zone#5, so far showing a 20-50 percentage point increase, depending on health history.  (1-2 x day for 3 weeks.)

More data will be posted as it becomes available. 

Creating "Homeostatic Balance" with the

universal foot reflex zones..

Most of us have areas outside of these points that may benefit from extra attention, for example a knee or back problem would benefit from extra work on those reflex zones.   But this set of 6  reflex points appeared to be "Universal Balancing Points", freeing up today's common energetic blockages in the body, restore higher energy levels, and guide the body into achieving its own natural homeostasis.  In a state of homeostatic balance, the body is able to handle other concerns much more easily and effectively. 

For example one volunteer had lung congestion issues and her lung points tested stressful, but after treatment of the 6 points her lung reflex points were clear even though they are not one of the 6 universal points. 

Foot Reflexology targets energy to specific parts of the body..

Foot reflexology clears blocked energy in specific parts of the body, similar to acupuncture. There are nerve endings in the feet for all parts of the body. 

When we stimulate these foot reflex points, we target energy

directly to that organ or part of the body. The points are quite easy to find as they will be tender.

In acupuncture, the primary meridian for life force energy is the kidney meridian - the beginning point (K1) of the kidney meridian is the point shown above in the center of the sole of the foot.  So, it is not surprising that the kidney reflex point was the first priority to show up.  Most acupuncturists will tell you kidney meridian is very challenged in todays world, along with pancreas.  Pancreas energy is very impacted by EMFs and radiation exposure, however all 6 Universal Balancing Points play a significant synergistic role.


The points are easy to find - just look at the chart and press with your thumb looking for a tender point in that zone.  There is a more detailed description below in case you are not sure. 

NOTE: The pancreas is located on the left side of the body and it's reflex zone is on the left foot as shown on the above diagram.  The same location on the right foot is the stomach reflex zone.  

Follow in order:

  1. kidney      (press the area in the center of the sole of you foot, look for the tender point)

2.  solar plexus  (find the bone at the center bottom edge of your foot, and move down a bit to the soft area.. press there looking for the point.) 

3.  liver       (also in the center line of the foot, half way between kidney and solar plexus.) 

4.  pancreas  / left foot), stomach / right foo (Find the bone on the highest point of the arch on the inside of your foot  - it's on the same horizontal line as the kidney point.  Feel the bone(s) that run from toe to heal up the lower inside of your foot. Press just below the bone and look for the tender point.  There will likely be 3-4 tender points in this zone, especially the left foot, so start with the most tender.) 

5.  lower spine   (bones, skin/hair/nails) (Go back again to bone at the highest point on the arch which is the spine at the waistline, and "crawl" down along the bone with your thumb towards your heal until you come to a tender spot about 2" below the center of your inside ankle bone. NOTE:  These points are on the upper edge of the thick padded skin which comes slightly up the inside of your foot.)   

Check for the second lower spine tender point near the upper edge of the padded skin, about 2 1/2" below the back of your ankle bone. 

6.  Lymphatic zone to complete the treatment and clear debris that has been stirred up from clearing the previous 5 points.  (The lymph drains downwards between your big toe and next toe.  Think of it like clearing the drain of the kitchen sink so dirty water can flow out! Start just above between the toes and press between the bones looking for tender spots work back from the toes.  The most likely areas are indicated.  As you clear each point, brush lightly toward the toes a few times to keep the "drain" clear.  Finish with the point marked at the base of the leg, on top center of the foot.  If you flex your foot you will see 2 tendons pop out like a V.. it's on the top of the foot between these points. Finish by brushing lightly down you foot towards your toes a few times.  This is a good way to help the lymph to clear.) 

Significance of each zone 

1. The kidney point strengthens kidneys and life force energy

2. Solar plexus point clears and optimises your natural energy  

3. Liver point is strengthening to the physical body overall

4. Pancreas point (left foot) diffuses stress and balances blood sugar

4. Stomach point (right foot) supports digestion, improves absorption of nutrients

5. Lower back points sends energy to the bones, as well as skin/hair/nails, eyes/vision (note there may be at least 2 points here, the second being below the back on the inside ankle on the "spine" line).  For eyes and vision, continue doing this points as long as needed 2 x day. 

6. Lymphatic points are for purification of the body, remove old blockages, and clear waste resulting from treating the previous 5 areas.  There may be several tenders points here, especially close to the toes, so clear this area first. This area is the "drain for the sink" and should be kept clear. 

How often do I do this treatment?

The treatment is best done ideally twice a day for 3 weeks (If you miss a day don't worry, but it should be 2 x day as often as possible).   If you still have health symptoms after 3 weeks, continue 2 x day until they  are gone, then reduce treatments to about 5 x week for a few weeks, then eventually 3 x week should suffice for maintenance.   Compliance is easy if you have a routine, such as doing it while watching TV, or as soon as you wake up or go to bed.   

If you are electrosensitive, be very thorough doing the kidney and pancreas points, and continue to do all of the universal points 2 x day indefinitely to maintain your tolerance.  The first few times you may have to hold the points longer, but after a few days generally treatment time becomes much faster. 

If you are in unusual circumstances, such as flying, you can slip of your shoes during the flight and do the kidney and pancreas/stomach points with your socks on. 

If you do not always have time to do it twice a day, at least use the diluted oil of oregano 

inside your wrists 2 x day to support pancreas energy.  (see EMF blog article)

The amazing Synergistic Combination...

The combination of reflex points and using diluted oil of oregano inside your wrists appears to very effectively reduce EMF sensitivity, which is at the root of many of todays problems.  Both on their own are very effective, but together so far they seem to offer very full protection and support.  Just keep a bottle of the diluted oil of oregano (5 drops oil of oregano in 1/4 cup olive oil) beside your bed and rub inside the wrists morning and night.  You can even massage the diluted oil into the foot reflex pancreas and lymph zones. (I find this is a good option when working on others.)  Don't worry about washing it off in the shower - it only takes 1 minute to absorb. 


You can have some fun with this, showing the technique to others.  Make your own foot charts like the one above.. On a piece of printing paper,  trace the shape of your foot with a pencil,  (I used a pencil first and went over it later with a sharpie), then look at the zones on the chart above in order starting with 1.Kidney.  Copy the zone images above onto your foot map... mark each zone looking for tender spots, then highlight them for easy identification.   (Or you can even print the charts above.)   You'll have your own foot chart to keep handy!

Do the right foot first, followed by the left foot, which often clears more quickly except perhaps the pancreas zone.  I do it with bare feet, but you can certainly do it with socks on. There are 3 steps. Note that zones 1, 2, and 3 are normally a single point.  4, 5, and 6 are larger zones and may have multiple tender points. 

1. Check the chart, then pressing deeply with your thumb, search around starting with the kidney reflex zone in the center of the sole of your right foot, looking for the most sensitive point.   Press your thumb firmly into the point, feel around a bit with your thumb to make sure you have the most tender point in the kidney area.  Massage the point in small circles about 20x quickly and deeply, using your thumb.

2.  Then place the tips of 2 fingers (pointer and middle finger) preferably of your right hand  LIGHTLY on the point - we want to allow circulation -  and be aware of any sensations. Eventually the point will likely start to pulse, and you may even get a sensation somewhere else in your body.  (You may want to close your eyes to be more aware of the sensations.) Keep your 2 fingers lightly in place until the sensations fade.  Some people may give a deep sigh when the points are clear. 

(Step 2 is my own technique integrating reflexology with kinesiology.. we have alternating polarity in our fingers, and by using two fingers together we send a balanced electrical signal into that reflex point, which I have found makes it more effective and clears painful points very gently.) 

3.  Follow the points in the order on the chart, 1-6.  You may find multiple tender spots on several of the larger reflex zones such as pancreas, lower back, and lymph.  I have marked the most points for the lower back and lymph on the above chart, but you may find others within those areas. 

NOTE:  The points may also feel less sensitive to the touch after clearing. There may be more than one sensitive point to treat in some larger zones such as pancreas, lower back, and lymph.