"Home and Office Energy Medicine"

Clear and energise your

personal space for health and happiness!

March 16, 2022

By Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH


These excerpts from my upcoming book, "Home and Office Energy Medicine: Beyond Feng Shui", will describe 2 simple priorities that can make a huge improvement in your home’s energy TODAY, with little or no extra cost.  Our goal here is to efficiently clear your home of many of the "low" energies and patterns that inevitably exist in interior spaces, and then we will begin to further increase your home's positive energy. All energy - whether from people, pets, the TV playing the new or shows with violence, art, books, music, clutter  - has an imprint which it leaves in a space. These energetic imprints tend to keep us stuck in the same patterns, repeating old cycles - unable to change and move forward. 

We can easily clear and energise our home (or office) so that we are not continuously "recycling" old stress, anxienty, or illnesses, and can live our lives free of old stressful patterns. A very clear example of this is, how do you feel when you walk into an antique store?  Unpainted wooden furniture absorbs low frequencies and hold on to them unless cleared. Chances are you would notice a heaviness when you walk in - your breathing may even change. Think about it.  We absorb these low stress vibrations, which affects us on levels including our physical and mental health.   Even a brand new home would have the energetic imprint of the construction crew,  fear, and cultural or "mass consciousness" energies, depending on what is going on in the world. 

It's not always easy to positively progress in our lives with the continuous bombardment of these old stressful energies literally embedded in our environment, holding us back.  HOEM shows us how to dissolve these energies and become free to move forward. We feel lighter in body and fresher in outlook, much as we may have as young children.  It provides us with a release from the low vibrations of stress and a more clear starting place to make positive changes which we may not yet have been able to achieve, as well as feeling more joy, and being surrounded by happier relationships with loved ones.  And the good news is, it's all very, very easy. 

The Beginnings of  HOEM ( “HOME and Office Energy Medicine”) -  Finding the formula!


It started very simply - trying to sell our home in Virginia in a challenging market. Why was it taking so long to sell?  Large treed ravine lot, water view, clean with simple modern furnishings, excellent condition with lots of extras… but why wasn't someone snapping it up? Answering this question was how "Home and Office Energy Medicine" (HOEM) began...  The house was well located and we had an experienced agent who was an accomplished stager, but the house was on the market for months with little interest.  We heard it was the worst market in years and things were slow, but armed with a degree in design, a background in holistic health , AND Feng Shui studies in Budapest, my mind started churning – there had to be a way to may it irresistible to buyers!   …maybe a method or process… a formula of some kind?...


There have been many good books written on energy medicine for the body, but not much for the home.  Feng Shui is close and a fantastic science based around energy, but our home had already been Feng Shui’d.


I started at the top of the house, working room by room to bring the energy of each room up to 80% life force with 0% stress, which seemed to be the best levels we can reach for an interior space. (To put this into context, most homes, including ours, have a positive life force energy of The new system worked – the house sold literally the week I completed the last room, and the young family who bought it actually commented how “it had great energy”!  I did the testing using Kinesiology which can detect the percentage of stress in a space, as well as the supportive life force energy of a space.  I was AMAZED at what I found….


Does your home support you and your family’s health and goals?


Health, energy levels, aging and appearance, personal growth and evolution, happiness, career, finances, relationships…


How inspired would you be if you found out that you could create a home environment with an energy that actually supported the most important aspects of your and your family’s lives?  A home where you are more easily able, and empowered to achieve your goals?  Most homes do not support us energetically – in fact they more often sabotage and/or block our progress.


What are low energies?


The first thing we will do is clear out the negative low energies in the space, and then begin to add energisers to raise the energy higher.  We would recognise low energies as low vibrations....stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear.. all negative emotions. The second universal law, the law of vibration, posits that everything (every atom, object, and living thing) is in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency.  You can think of this frequency as vibrational energy.

In 1954, German physicist W.O. Schumann was able to demonstrate that the earth resonates at the frequency of 7.83 Hz (7.8 cycles a second). Life evolved at the gentle resonance of 7.8 cycles per second - it seemed to perfectly fit the biology of living things. That is especially important since it was the background resonance in which all life on Earth evolved, and supports our health on all levels. Physical things naturally resonate at a much lower frequency than the mental and emotional level - frequency of healthy, awake humans has since been measured at between 8 and 22Hz (as low as 2 Hz during sleep). 

For example, Enlightenment has the highest frequency of 700+ Hz and the greatest expansion of energy. The vibrational frequency of joy is 540 Hz,  and is expansive. The vibrational frequency of anger is 150 Hz and falls to contraction. This is very low and will eventually effect our biology.  Low vibration is characterized by sluggish thinking, slow learning, “mental fog,” poor memory, being stuck on problems and creative blocks.  

A high vibrational home nurtures healthy, happy people.

 What we are actually doing when using the HOEM system, is simulating the frequency of the earth as much as possible in our home environment. 

While working on our home, I had a life changing experience involving a seriously ill acquaintance, which opened my eyes to the power of this work. 

Her life was not easy.  She was divorced from her caring husband, she had battled cancer and recovered, her two children were sick - her 21 year old daughter had serious digestive issues, and her 17 year old son was a "special needs" child.  This tragic family situation led me to the startling realization of just how profoundly our home’s energy can affect our health.  There are too many details to get into here - I'll just say that even though her home had some clutter but was generally "OK", I discovered something in the home which was radiating such a toxic energy that it turned a bottle of essential oils I left her on the coffee table, rancid, in 3 days. The realisation actually left me speechless and in shock.  Her ex husband confided the item had been in the home for many years.  Sadly she was too ill by this time, but it made me realize that this is a vital field of science that can have an almost incomprehensible impact on many areas of our lives.


Where do low energies come from?


There are 3 types of low, stressful energies.  1 and 2 ultimately begin as energetic stress but can evolve to bio chemical stress in the body, if left uncleared – we have two simple sprays you can make to neutralise and many of these stresses instantaniously.   


The 3rd has a bio-chemical stress effect on the body. This is cleared by removing the offending items or reducing exposure, and by using harmonisers – some of which you may already have in your home.


1.  Primary low energies are the original source of the low energies.  The most common examples are many books, toys, and art, which transmit stress via the author, artist, or subject matter.  Clutter is also a primary low energy but obviously you cannot clear that with a spray - wouldn't it be nice if we could!

2.  Secondary low energies are items which in themselves may project neutral or even positive energy when new, but absorb low frequencies from other primary sources.  They then become transmitters of the low energies they have absorbed.  These items  are typically porous materials such as unpainted wood, papers, plastics, and fabrics.  

3.  Man made low energies include chemicals, and man made radiations such as microwave, electrical, and wireless technology.


(NOTE: Mold is clearly another environmental stress, but it is so deadly and so toxic over time that it cannot be mitigated – If you suspect mold in your home, have it professionally tested and removed.)


TWO priority steps to an energetically healthy space!

 If you don't have much time today, pick one room and follow these 2 steps!


Step 1.  Clear Clutter!

The presence of clutter (and dust) is a sure way to kill the energy in a space!


We know this as a basic Feng Shui principle, but is honestly and truly VERY significant.  The first priority in HOEM is to begin with a clear, clean, uncluttered space!  An organized uncluttered space is necessary in order to build a cohesive, positive energy in your home.  It is always the first priority in my private work where clutter is an issue. If you are an organised minimalist by nature, Step 1 will be a very quick process!  If not, walk through your home checking all countertop and other clutter prone areas, removing anything that does not have to be there and put it away.  It doesn’t mean you have to have an empty desk or dresser – just place things in an orderly manner, and if you can’t put papers away, stack them in a neat pile.  If you must have trinkets, organize them in groups, preferably enclosed in a cabinet.  


If you are "clutter prone", it is important to recognise that it is not possible for your home to have a high healthy vibration with the presence of excessive clutter.  It contradicts the laws of energy.  Clutter scrambles the flow of energy in a room into an incoherent tangled mess. In fact, if most energy enhancing items are placed in a cluttered space, for example a white orchid on the bathroom counter, they become completely de-activated and useless, only contributing to the clutter!  Most enhancers need clear space around them to radiate their harmonious frequencies in an undisturbed manner.  They cannot work properly with interference from the chaotic energy of clutter which sends out confusing messages.

For example:


  • if you want to create more prosperity and abundance, de-cluttering will help to support things that will move you in that direction.  Symbolically, in order to have space for more abundance, you have to have a place for it to enter your life! Make sure you have a lot of empty space or surfaces.. 


  • Think about people you may know who struggle financially, or are often tired or stressed – how much clutter is in their home, study, or kitchen? Chances are there is a lot. Now think about people you know who are financially successful.  What is their home like.. their study?  Think of the company’s CEO at work – what is their office like, or how is the big boss’s office depicted in movies or TV shows? Chances are it is meticulously neat and organised.  There is a reason for this.


  • For the single people out there looking for a life partner – keep in mind you have to make room for your future partner energetically – including free closet space!



It is interesting to note that the energy of certain organs  and glands in the body,

are energetically disturbed by clutter.


Specifically, the lungs, bladder, and kidneys, and the thymus gland (relating to our immune system) and general life force energy levels are significantly affected.  The chaotic, incongruent energy of clutter can imprint itself into our energy field, scrambling and sabotaging goals, such as health, energy, abundance, relationships, love life, and careers.Some people appear to do well in some areas of life despite clutter, however they likely have hidden issues in other areas falling under it’s influence...

Amethyst: You may also already have an amethyst stone in your possession.  People as me where to use their use it - the best place I have found for amethyst is either in a clutter prone zone such as a kitchen island (near the taps), or bathroom counter (also near the taps).  Amethyst has a way of organising energy to reduce the effects of clutter.  Amethyst is a more hardy stone in that it does not pick up low energies as quickly as other stones - to keep it clear and functioning properly, rinse under cold running water once a week, or sit it on a piece of selenite to keep it permanently clear.  (NOTE: It may also be useful in the center of your windowsill if you have bad Feng Shui, such as located at a T intersection.) 


Step 2. Vinegar and Water Spray:

First, there is one type of energy that I have found it not possible to clear - think of it as extremely bad Feng Shui.  These must be removed or discarded.  That is, all masks, such as African or Polynesian, even "Vienese" opera masks, or totem poles as decoration.  One person had jade bookends from Mexico, with "scary" face carvings of local Mayan "gods"... The energy from these is powerful and harsh - they were created originally with the intention of scaring away bad spirits OUTDOORS, and should never be used indoors. If you must keep it, at least have it sitting on your windowsill pointing away from your home - but be careful they do not face close to your neighbours.  I cannot over emphasise the importants of getting rid of these kind of items.  Even religious artifacts carry a low, stressful energy. However, in Christianity, a Celtic Cross (with the circle around the center of the intersection) is fine. 

This next step of "spraying" will actually remove the buildup of negative, stressful, and low energies from your space.  Instantly.  These are stressful energies which have been absorbed into porous materials and surfaces such as wood, fabrics such as upholstery and window coverings, and clothing, or in the air itself. Think of it like clearing second hand smoke! 

How to Make Your Vinegar and Water Spray


What you need:

1.  Measuring cup (preferably at least 2 cups size)

2.  1 quart/liter spray bottle which sprays a fine mist.

3.  Tap water

4.  Plain white vinegar


600ml water, 200ml vinegar


3 parts water, 2 parts vinegar


Use a quality fine misted sprayer from a distance of 2 ½ - 3 feet.  People have asked me if it is safe to spray wooden antiques with the vinegar and water solution. I have always done this personally, including an antique grandfather clock.  If you feel more comfortable you can spray the mixture onto a soft clean cloth and wipe it over.  The spray works in seconds and does not have to be left on the surface. 


What to spray with Vinegar Spray:

Give the following a light dusting of spray from a distance of 1 ½ to 3 ft, depending on the spray. Fabrics should feel very slightly damp.  Keep a soft dry cloth on hand to wipe up in case you spray too much on a piece of furniture.

  • Spray around the room as you would an air freshener.
  • Spray all antiques, and unpainted wood and doors, soft/fabric finishes, curtains (including behind curtains!) Very old wooden floors may need a light spray, or add vinegar to the water when you wash the floor.
  • Open drawers and spray once in each drawer, including kitchen and bathroom drawers.
  • Spray artificial plants, but be careful not to accidentally spray live plants with over spray – they do not like vinegar!
  • Papers, cardboard items:   You can give paper a light dusting with a fine mist of spray from 3 ft away.  Lightly spray any neatly organized piles of paper you may have on your desk.  
  • Fabrics:   Bedspreads, curtains or window coverings (front and back, including shower curtains!), cushions on each side, dining chairs, and sofas.  Spray anything fabric or natural wood, artificial flowers or trees. Open closets and spray lightly over and under hanging clothing and shoes.
  • Carpet and area rugs:  Spray very lightly and quickly over the whole surface of the carpet.  Synthetics do not absorb as much negativity as natural fibers, but they still must be at least sprayed lightly.
  • TIP:  To freshen and “clear” clothing and linens, you can add 1 cup white vinegar to your laundry in the fabric softener compartment, or add ¼ cup baking soda to the detergent compartment.


That’s it! Make a habit of spraying lightly around your home every 2 weeks or so, as you would an air freshener.  If someone in your home is not well, do it more frequently – even daily.  This includes our furry family members! (Do not use air fresheners by the way – unless they are organic, made with essential oils.  They are normally laden with toxic chemicals.)

The Big Guns - Rose Oil Spray!  The vinegar spray will not, however, clear energy from books, paintings/art, photographs.  For this, we must use a high vibrational "rose oil spray", with organic rose oil (Divine Essence is an excellent brand which I prefer - Aura Cascia's Rose oil is fine and more widely available, but needs 2 extra drops of oil.)  In 1/4 cup spring or filtered water, add 9 drops rose oil, agitate gently, then from about 2' away, spray along rows of books, displayed photographs (under glass), and all pictures/hanging art, carvings, etc.  This normally only needs to be done once.  If you don't like the smell of vinegar, you can use it to clear everything else the same as you would use the vinegar spray - it's just more expensive.  You can do a lot with just the vinegar spray, and you may even have that at home right now!

Body Ecology - Don't wear your old stress!  

  • Clothing is porous and absorbs our own stress on a daily basis - physical or emotional.  You may have noticed you don't like wearing anyone else's clothing, like borrowing a jacket. Their vibrational imprint is in that clothing, and may not feel compatible with your when you wear it.  Energetically clean your clothing by adding 1 cup vinegar to the fabric softening compartment of your washing machine,  and/or 1/4 cup baking soda to the detergent compartment.  The vinegar also acts as a fabric softener, and the baking soda as a whitener. 

  • You can also spray clothing with vinegar spray to freshen, or things like a coat outside for at least 10 minutes in fresh air.  This does remove foreign energies, and is why laundry hung outside to dry feels so fresh... it is!

  • Clear your own personal energy every 2 weeks with an Epsom salts (2 cups) and baking soda (1/4 cup) bath.  More often if you are under a lot of stress.

Optional Home Energy Boosters - step 3!

These two steps will clear many of the low energies from your home so that it feels "lighter".  If you would like to take it a step farther, continue by adding an "energiser" to raise the energy higher.  This will also give your home an energy boost!  Use white or light grey pots, to incorporate the Feng Shui elements and enhance the energy of the plant, living or artificial.  Living plants should not be places in metal pots. 

Living Plants:  Use Sansevieria plants ("snake plant") - the "all green" variety (not with yellow edges - this variety does not have the same energetic properties.   Sansevieria also acts as a "harmoniser" to harmonise many types of environmental stressors from many sources including electronics,  microwave radiations from cell phones, wifi,  and computers. 

Personally I have at least one sanseveria in most rooms of our home. Use them in central areas where people congregate, entry, such as kitchen, livingroom, media room, dining room and definitely in your study - anywhere you keep books and computers. They are one of the few plants that can also be used in bedrooms - use them on your end tables. 


Artificial Plants:  In this case, it is the "geometry" of the plant that does the work, not the energy of the plant itself.  For my real estate work, I buy my plants and white/light grey pots at Ikea. You may want to hide the plastic bases with "Spanish moss", from a florist.  The 3 of the most useful silk plants are:

  • Ficus tree (see above image):  This is excellent in front of a window to break up negative energy coming from outside. For example if you have a cluttered or low energy view, place a ficus tree in the window.  They are also excellent in bedrooms.   
  • White orchid: place in a bathroom on the counter near the sink. Do your best to avoid clutter.  Also use in an entrance table in a foyer area. 
  • Artifical white hydrangeas:  You can also include some green hydraneas if you like, and display a lot of green leaves.  These are especially effective for energising a dining room table, or kitchen island..  place flowers in a white, or glass bowl (such as from a dollar shop) with some clear glass marbles in the bowl.. 

Semi Precious Stones to energise your space

Energise your home with 4 types of semi precious stones..  Rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, and selenite.  These are safe to use.. You can combine either rose quartz or amethyst with clear quartz (to amplify beneficial energies) and selenite (to keep it clean).  Place stones in a cork dish (use an Ikea "mug holder") as this supports the energies of the stones.  You could also use a selenite dish.  Avoid anything with metal. 

Rose Quartz:  It has a gentle love vibration and is good for areas such as bedside tables, dining table, coffee table, or media room end table. Rose quartz absorbs low energies quickly, so keep it clear by sitting it touching a piece of selenite - you can get a little selenite "plate", or bowl for your rose quartz. 

Amethyst:   Look from a strong purple colour - pale amethyst is not as effective.  As stated already above, use amethyst to energetically "calm and organise" the energy of clutter prone areas like bathrooms and kitchen islands or peninsulas.  You can also use an amethyst geode, or a small piece of one... amethyst is quite stable and doest not have to be cleared as much - especially the larger pieces. To be sure, you can place a small piece of selenite touching it.  

Tip!  Amethtyst is also a healing stone, and helpful if placed beside a sick person or pet. ,resonance%20in