The Gemstone Essence Collection

March 16, 2024

BY Karen Unsworth Berger BAA, TFH

Gemstone essences are a powerful vibrational medicine.  It can be compared to vibrational pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Everything has a vibration, and a certain gemstone essence (or "remedy"), for example amethyst essence, may have the piece that you are missing vibrationally, or could use more of.  When you apply that essence, that piece snaps into place.  Homeopathy is another example of vibrational medicine - gemstone essences are diluted down in a similar way and become stronger with the dilutions up to a point.  Chroma therapy is another vibrational medicine, using the frequencies of colour, or infra red, or ultra violet light, etc.  Essences can have very different, and often more powerful properties than if one wears or places the physical gemstone.  (Note also that wearing gemstones in jewelry that contains or touches any metal, temporarily de-activates the stone's energy.) 

Instructions for use are generally the same for all gemstone essences. The exceptions are Banyan Tree and Enviro Blend when being used for energetic detoxing from heavy metals and environmental exposures - use 3 x day for 3 days, then 2 x day for at least 4 weeks, or longer if desired.  Otherwise,  apply 4 drops inside the wrist, then rub wrists together 2 x day, morning and night.   I suggest leaving the essences on your bedside table and using them when you wake up and go to sleep. They work very quickly so will not "wash off" in the shower. 

I have included 2 essences with this collection that are not made from gemstones.. Banyan Tree, and Rose of Melissa.  They work well together with the gemstone essences.

NOTE: For those with EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity)

For optimal support against the effects of manmade EMF/Radiation there is a simple protocol that can be done morning and night.  For easy compliance, keep these items together on your bedside table and do them first thing in the morning and before bed at night.  For more details see my blog article "the Natural EMF Protocol".   Using these two essences makes the protocol much easier and more effective! With these 4 simple step you should notice an improvement.


  1. Electro Blend (aquamarine and fluorite essence).   
  2.  Oil of oregano blend on the thymus gland area.    Add 6 drops of oil of oregano per tablespoon of olive oil, to a small glass dropper bottle. Apply 4 drops 2 x day to the thymus area - morning and night.  (see more details in "The Natural EMF Protocol"). 
  3. Walk 10 minutes early in the morning to benefit hormone balance with exercise and natural light. 
  4.  Wear only natural fibers - avoid polyester and acrylic. (Nylon is fine.) 
  5. Do the K27's ("hitch hiker thumbs"/body polarity)  This is an "electrical reset" correction.  2 x day at the same time.  (See details in "the Natural EMF Protocol".)  

Banyan Tree and Rose of Melissa Essences

I will list these two essences first as they are my oldest essences, and the only non-gemstone essences in this collection. 

Banyan Tree Essence

The Banyan Tree is also known as "The Tree of Life".  I made this essence in San Diego California when visiting a friend.  She brought me to a grove of magnificent trees on the waterfront where she like to sit - they turned out to be Banyan Trees.  The energy from the trees was remarkable, so, looking for a way to bring them home with me, I made the essence from tremendously powerful, freshly dropped Banyan tree leaves.  It was interesting that leaves taken from the tree did not work - the leave had to have gone through their life cycle. 

Use 4 drops inside the wrists, 2 x day. 

 Unique energetic properties of Banyan Tree Essence include

  • Organs: supports bladder and brain energy
  • Longevity
  • inspiration
  • not judging yourself, progressing spiritually
  • detox the heavy metals energetic imprint remaining after heavy metals detoxing. Use 3 x day for 3 days, then 2 x day for 4 weeks. Sources of heavy metals include past or present dental work, diet (including commercial breakfast cereals), some lipsticks, dark chocolate, air and water pollution.  Speak to your health professional regarding physically detoxing the body from heavy metals - this can include taking chlorella and/or cilantro (including fresh organic cilantro chopped into meals), along with activated charcoal. 
  • physical resoluteness, strength
  • endocrine system balance (use with Turquoise essence), or use after any shock to the system 
  • inner direction
  • immune system support
  • mitochondrial energetic support, assimilation of nutrients
  • being tapped in, tuned in to Divine energy, oneness, feeling connected
  • boldness
  • decisiveness (for the body achieving a goal - staying focused)

Rose of Melissa Essence

This flower essence was made after a spiritual experience in 2004, and is the only flower essence in this collection.  It was made from an antique rose bush that my grandfather had brought my parents from Scotland, as a tiny clipping in 1949.  It is mainly a spiritual essence.  Use indefinitely - 2 drops 2 x day between eyebrows.  (This is the only essence used in this location). 

Unique properties of Rose of Melissa include

  • Organs: supports gall bladder and kidney energy
  • Spiritual power, being on top, clear, permanent connection with the Divine
  • Inner direction - moving forward spiritually, in career
  • neutralising low vibrations from toxic foods, medication, chemical exposure, moulds
  • acts as a protective shield around the body against "low energies", not getting caught up in fear or negative mass consciousness
  • Spiritual growth in the future
  • Mental resourcefulness
  • listening to your intuition
  • Physical: Lymphatic system support

Gemstone Essences

Amethyst Essence (made also with clear quartz):  the master healing essence for body and mind

Some remedies include the same benefits as others - properties marked with a star are the most powerful properties specific to Amethyst essence.  One very special property of Amethyst is the energy of "organisation, strength, and structure".  This could be on a physical level supporting the healing process, or on a mental level helping one to think in an orderly, logical way.


    The Unique vibrational properties of Amethyst Essence energetically support:
  • Organs:   best support for small intestine energy, supports heart energy
  • restoration  and structure - helps the body maintain or get back to it's optimal blueprint
  • raise your vibration:  rising above the effects of low energies
  • release stored low energies from the body (use 3 x day for 3 days, then 2 x day)
  • tolerating stress from bad Feng Shui such as clutter or other Feng Shui principles
  • where there is a diagnosed memory disorder: supports accurate long and short term memory
  • use ongoing for typical every-day chemical exposure
  • maintaining body balance after chemical exposure (could be as simple as going into dollar stores and breathing chemical laden air for a few minutes, or low air quality days)
  • confidence on physical, mental level
  • energy of accurate DNA replication, including from microwave radiation
  • may be helpful with fertility issues (use with Aquamarine to reduce environmental stress if working in an office or other high EMF environment) 
  • environmental stress of any kind - use with Aquamarine
  • optimistic, positive energy
  • helps the body cope with low/stressful environmental energies, as well as allergens
  • While recovering from any kind of illness or surgery, fractures, accident, etc.  
  • supports "physical togetherness", rebuilding the body after surgery, illness or accident, all systems of the body working together for repair and regeneration
  • nerve inflammation such as sciatica
  • spiritual advancement

Other energetic properties of Amethyst essence:

  • heart energy
  • supports the body against infections, inflammation
  • assimilation of nutrients from foods and supplements, using them optimally
  • clear old stress on all levels, including past drugs/medication, EMF, chemical, and/or mould exposure, stressful events, phobias
  • clear karmic debt
  • supports and increases heart energy
  • supports rational thinking, order in the mind if overwhelmed or a lot going on (for those whose brain is normal - not dementia, depression etc)
  • spiritual playfulness, lightness of spirit

Aquamarine Essence (with clear quartz) - EMF support, skin rejuvenation,  relaxation

Aquamarine is a powerful essence, and has several very unique energetic properties specific to itself..

  • Organs: best support for heart energy, supports kidney energy
  • increasing tolerance to typical manmade EMF and radiations, past and present effects
  • rejuvenating for the skin, supports youthful skin structure
  • Supports balanced heart energy
  • Relieves mental stress and anxiety
  • hormone balance, de-stressing for the body
  • relaxing - supports healthy cortisol levels
  • nervous system

use 4 drops inside wrist 2 x day indefinitely

Fluorite Essence (with clear quartz) 

    The Unique vibrational properties of Fluorite Essence energetically support:
  • Organs: best support for large intestine and skin energy
  • bone, teeth, and cartilage health 
  • joint inflammation
  • works with aquamarine to protect bone/teeth/cartilage energy from EMF/radiation and other environmental exposures
  • increase tolerance to outdoor allergens such as pollen, moulds, or other immune system stressors
  • general detoxification, physical and emotional (releases low energies stored in the body which can manifest as pain/stiffness)
  • environmental allergies
  • Protection from absorbing low energies (use with Green Jade)

Green Jade

  • Organs:  This is the best energetic support for the gallbladder, large intestine
  • soothing on all levels
  • sleep (use before bed)
  • supportive after mold or other environmental exposure (use for 3 wks)
  • release self doubt, supports confidence on all levels
  • Physical: the body focusing it's energy on regeneration
  • letting go of stress that may be holding you back
  • chemical detox (from air pollution or medication), use with Turqoise 3 x day for 3 wks
  • Protection from absorbing low energies (use with Fluorite)


The unique vibrational properties of turquoise essence include: 

  • Organs:  best support for muscle energy, supports heart energy
  • energy of the eyes
  • nervous system: reduce accumulation of past adrenal stress, release present day stress
  • rising above low energies, staying clear,  buoyancy
  • detoxing from chemicals and mould (a component of Enviro Detox blend)
  • mental calmness
  • anti-inflammatory
  • healthy slim weight
  • mental harmony - thinking in a balanced way, clear headed
  • memory in a healthy person, more clear and sharp, 
  • support optimal cell function, metabolism
  • supports rejuvenation, and repair from issues such as broken bones, sprains, burns, bruises, oral surgery, bouncing back from emotional stress , etc.
  • vision - sharp and clear
  • spiritual: being on track with life's purpose
  • Endocrine system balance (use with Banyan Tree essence) 


You can make your own Dose bottle blends using drops from your "Mother" bottles - the 15ml Mother bottle contains about 365 drops. Add 7 drops from the Mother bottle to a 30ml glass dropper bottle which you have prepared. (boiled to sterilise, add 1/3 VSOP St. Remy's brandy or similar, 2/3 pure water) 

Why make your own blends?

  • It's cheaper.  This is the most cost efficient way to do it instead of purchasing pre-made dose bottles of the blends, or you could purchase 1 pre made Dose bottle and test it out before buying your own Mother bottle.  The Mother bottles will last many years (10-15) since it only takes 7 drops to make your Dose bottle (depending on how many people are using it). 
  • It's easier and quicker.  By making your own blends, you can cut down the number of bottles you use daily.  For example, if you want support in relation to EMF/radiation, you would use 4 drops each of Aquamarine and  Fluorite.  By blending them to make "Electro Blend", you only need 4 drops.  This can add up if you are also doing the "Low Energy Detox".  You only use 2 bottles instead of 4 every morning and night. 

How to prepare your dropper bottles: 

It's best to use the standard 30ml glass dropper bottles - you can purchase at most stores who sell essential oils.  If you have a dropper bottle that is larger, say 50ml, that is fine - use the measurements below.  You don't have to fill the bottle completely.  Be very exact about the number of drops, and be sure the bottles are sterilised, at least the first time you use it - then every few refills.   (Put a few inches of cold water in a small pot, add the the bottle, and bring to the boil.)  Store your bottles well away from electronic equipment, such as in a drawer or shelf.  

Prepare your 30ml glass bottle (It's fine if it's larger such - you don't have to fill it)

  • add 10ml (2 tsp) brandy such as VSOP
  • 20ml (4 tsp) pure water
  •  Add the drops from your Mother bottle. 

Electro Blend (in 30ml)

EMF's and man made radiations (ie wifi, cell phones/computers, cordless phones, etc) can affect us on all levels from cellular, mental and hormonal function, to our level of happiness or patience. I have also noticed that these invasive stressful frequencies do not support spiritual development or connection with "Divine Energy" - whatever your beliefs - and can actually lead us away from spirituality. 

Keep the bottle on your bedside table, and apply 4 drops inside the wrist morning and night. 

Add to a prepared 30ml glass dropper bottle:

4 drops Aquamarine

3 drops Fluorite

Memory Blend

(For those with a diagnosed memory issue)

4 drops Aquamarine

3 drops Green Jade

Sharp and Clear Blend

(For healthy people to "stay on top and on track" mentally)


Rose of Melissa

Low Energies Detox Blend  

The purpose of this blend is to neutralise Low Energies, and also release stored Low Energies from your body and energy field - it is an "Energetic Detox".  

By "Low Energies" we are referring to several things. 

  • after we suffer emotional trauma or shock, such as loss of a loved one  
  • watching or listening to the news or negative shows or movies
  • other people or groups of people
  • "mass consciousness" depending what is going on in the world at the time
  • affects 100% of homes I have seen - stressful energies are absorbed by porous surfaces in the home such as natural wood furniture and fabrics.  They are produced by books, art, TV content, stressful music, and the emotions of the residents of the home (as well as guests). Note: homes are VERY easy to clear with a simple vinegar and water spray.  (See my article "Home and Office Energy Medicine - Beyond Feng Shui)

Example:  Think of the feeling you get when you walk into an antique store (or very old castle, building, or home),.. there is a heaviness which is caused by low energies emitted from the antiques. It just "hangs in the air".. Our bodies absorb these low, stressful energies, which can manifest as pain or eventually illness.  Note also that if you have had physical injuries or issues, such as sore knee or back, low energies tend to be attracted to these less resilient areas.  Even if you do not have past injuries, Low Energies are naturally attracted to the energy of the heart and brain. 

 Use 4 drops inside the wrist (then rub wrists together for a few seconds)  3 x day for the first 2 weeks, then 2 x day morning and night, indefinitely.  

Add to a 30ml prepared glass dropper bottle: 

4 drops Green Jade

3 drops Rose of Melissa

Enviro Blend (energy clearing after exposure to chemicals, mould. )

Many of us are much more exposed to stressful environmental factors than we realise.  These include chemicals, and mould.  For example look at chemical exposure - If you frequent Dollar Shops, most of them have significant off gassing from cheap plastics and fabrics off which you can often smell, or even taste. (I will not enter these stores more than 1x quickly, every 2 weeks.)  Do you ever drink from plastic bottles or handle plastic bags frequently*, such as foods stored in the refrigerator? What kind of household cleaners and personal care products do you use? Are you on medications?  How is the air quality where you live? Do you sleep on a conventional mattress? (Most commercial mattresses are laden with toxic fire retardants.)  These exposures can affect the chemical balance in our bodies and are strongly implicated in long term memory disorders as well as other symptoms.  

Like EMF and heavy metals, mould, and chemicals can also impact our levels of "Joy" or spirituality. 

 Mould exposure is common especially in the home such as bathrooms and under mats, attics/basements, and from poor ventilation (watch for this in the homes of older people - it can be associated with memory and skin issues).  These past exposures may have been cleared and mitigated long ago, but  there will likely still be an energetic "imprint" or trace remaining the body's energy field,.. 

This imprint can be left in any of the energetic levels as well as energetic stress in the physical body in the areas that were impacted - perhaps lungs, brain, back, etc., or cellular level.   If you have had previous injuries/accidents, old injuries areas can also attract stress as they are in a weakened state.  Environmental Detox will help to remove this energetic imprint or pattern, and leave you feeling lighter and "fresh", more joyful.   

Speak to your health professional about supplements for physical detoxification.  Note that proper hydration supports detoxification - typically 2L water/day (1/2 hr away from meals as it dilutes beneficial stomach acid required for good digestion):

  • Chemicals:  NAC, vitamin C, and Quercetin
  • Heavy metals: chlorella and fresh or dried organic cilantro, activated charcoal
  • Mould: Oral oil of oregano, probiotics, thyme blend tea, (See my article "The Natural EMF Protocol" for the tea formula), activated charcoal, expose face (glabella between eyebrows where it can absorb into the pineal gland) to outdoor sunlight -  total of 15-30 min/day depending on strength of sun. Do not cover that area with sunscreen.  You can also do it a few minutes at a time if the sun is strong. 

Use 4 drops inside the wrist, 3 x day for 3 days,  then 2 x day for at least 4 weeks, longer if desired.  (This is one of the few essences where use 3 x day is best.)

Add to a 30ml prepared glass dropper bottle: 

4 drops Turquoise

3 drops Amethyst

*Note that water filters such as Santévia are an excellent option. Most filters are made from stable plastics and the water is not sitting long enough to leach chemicals.  Your water bottle should ideally be glass. 

Digestion Blend (support for food tolerance - not for allergies)

This may be helpful for mild food sensitivities but not allergies.  For example I don't normally eat any kind of wheat including pasta, because I know my body doesn't love it.  But if I'm in a situation where I'm "obliged" and it's not much wheat, (or would really love it!) this remedy blend seems to help to neutralise stress on my body from it.   

Banyan Tree


Transition Blend

Accepting the situation realistically, and constructively moving forward with clarity.  For example if you have a big transition in your life, perhaps a scary one, this blend can help you think clearly and make wise choices in the present and  future.

4 drops inside the wrist 2 x day for at least 4 wks - as long as you feel you need it, or until the transition is completed and you feel settled. 

Add to a 30ml prepared glass dropper bottle: 

4 drops Banyan Tree

3 drops Turquoise

Allergen blend

Reduce stress from environmental seasonal allergens, as well as animals such as cats.  

Add to a 30ml prepared glass dropper bottle: 

4 drops Amethyst

3 drops Fluorite