Nature's Original Healer            

April 27, 2020

   By Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH 

One of the most important secrets to healing is right beneath our feet. 


 We are dominantly electrical beings, using water as a conductor of electrical signals in the body.   If we do not have water, the electrical signals between the cells stop.  If the signals stop, so does life.   In fact, there is one theory that “water invented life, so it could walk around on land!”


Negative ions are nature’s anti-oxidant, and a wonderful treatment for inflammation.  As we absorb negative ions, the nervous system becomes very calm and much more peaceful as the electron rich negative ions balance excess positive ions, a result  of our indoor and high tech environments.  Negative ions balance the left brain, and integrate right and left brain.  (Note that in dyslexia and autism there is little left-right brain integration.)  Levels of the stress hormone cortisol, drop.  


In the modern world, our bodies develop a positive charge. This acidic positive charge causes inflammation and most of  today’s diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, and fibromyalgia.

The benefits of negative ions include:

·      Improved sleep – connecting to the earth seems to be a cure for most people. It balances cortisol levels which can disrupt sleep.

·      Reduced pain

·      Reduced inflammation - Electrons are a Natural supply of anti oxidants

·      Relaxation due to instantaneous changes in the autonomic nervous system

·      Accelerated healing of injuries  (see below images)

·      Increased heart rate variability, an indicator of longevity

·      Less clumping of red blood cells and reduced blood viscosity.  Heart disease is the number 1 killer in the world, and all aspects of heart disease are connected to viscosity. 

·      Increases strength and energy within 10 or 15 min. going barefoot on the grass (or natural earth surface).


Dr. Joseph Mercola refers to this chronic positively charged state as ‘negative ion deficiency syndrome’.  The process of taking in negative ions through contact with the earth is called ‘grounding’, or ‘earthing’.    He has been ‘grounding’ himself since 2007 after examining the work of Clinton Ober, a cable company executive who had funded research over the previous 9 years with millions of dollars of his own money. 


“The Most Important Heath Discovery of all Time?”  Re-discovering what the ancients knew.

What (Dr. Stephen Sinatra) states as possibly the most important health discovery of all time, started with a simple observation.  While sitting on a park bench, Mr. Ober observed that everyone walking or jogging by wore synthetic soled shoes, and wondered if this ‘insulation’ had any effects on our health. 


He started his research that night by ‘grounding’ his bed using an earthing rod, and had the best night’s sleep he’d had in years.   The real surprise was when he realized his chronic back pain was gone.  He knew he was on to something, and hense years of full protocol double blind studies with humans and animals began. 


One study involving  a  Canadian 7 time winning Tour de France team is particularly interesting,  showing how grounding dramatically increases muscle recovery time, as well as healing from accidents.  Cyclists were able to compete normally the next day -  without accelerated healing from grounding they likely would not be able to compete.


Science attributes aging, disease, and degeneration to the formation of  ‘free radicals’ – atoms with unpaired electrons that ravage healthy atoms, in search of electrons to balance their positive charge. 


Free radicals are produced through normal metabolic processes and “living”, including extreme emotional and physical stress such as exercise,  pollutants,  cars or planes, chemical, and toxin exposure, emotional trauma, stressful relationships,  loss of a loved one, financial concerns, etc.  Consider marathon runners – many may display early signs of aging from free radicals produced from extreme exercise.  


What happened?

Before 1961,  95% of all doctor’s visits were for  (bacterial and infectious) illnesses… now 95% of doctor’s visits are for inflammatory illnesses and pain.  So what happened in 1961? 


Plastics were invented.  We began using non-conductive plastic and/or rubber on the bottom of our shoes instead of conductive leather, effectively disconnecting ourselves from the healing negative ions covering the surface of the earth.   Up to this time, leather soled shoes allowed the absorption of some negative ions into our bodies through grass, ground, brick, rock, or concrete.


What are the symptoms of disconnecting from the earth?

·      Inflammation: The cover page of Time Magazine March 1 2004 read “The Secret Killer. The surprising link between inflammation and heart attacks, cancer, alzheimers and other diseases”.

·      Diseases of aging and aging itself – free radicals are neutralized in the presence of electrons

·      Cardiovascular disease

·      Auto-immune diseases

·      Diabetes

·      Metabolic syndrome

·      Aches and pains,

·      Insomnia

·      Joint problems


“Never before has it been necessary (for humanity) to ground ourselves”

Dr. Steven Sinatra


Why do we need to ground ourselves? 

Because that is our natural state.   It is nature’s method of spontaneous, natural, healing and regeneration which we need to reconnect to, to stay balanced. 


Grounding restores our body’s natural  “Inner Authority”, or natural power in this connected state of peaceful harmony with the earth.  Dr. James Oschman, student of Nobel Prize winning bio chemist Albert Szent Gyorgyi,  states “Grounding stabilises our internal electrical environment.” Recovery is much faster and more complete.  Negative ions allow the body to be CALM and enter into “healing mode”, where it is able to heal and regenerate with efficiency.


There are very good reasons to believe that this may be the most important health discovery, ever, and it’s something you all need to know about. Electrostatics is a branch of physics, and it teaches us that when 2 conductive objects make contact, if they have different electrical potential, they equalize.  There is a virtually instantaneous transfer of charge so that the 2 objects equilibrate to the same electrical potential.  The human body is a conductor of electricity, and so is the earth.  You may know that penicillin was a revolution in  medicine – this is a revolution in health care that I think transcends penicillin.”

     Dr. James Oshman,


Less Tangible Effects of Grounding..

Peace and calm are two key requirements for physical rejuvenation.  Being grounded instantly brings calm to your nervous system, peacefulness increases.


“Calm” is what we have when connected to the earth. When we are connected to the earth, we are connected to all living things ON the earth. 


“Peace” is what we have when connected to the Divine.  

Connecting to the earth naturally increases our connection to the Divine, as the Divine is found in all living things.


Meditation can further increase the connection to higher Divine frequencies through opening the chakras.   Fears drop away because they cannot exist in the full presence of the Divine.   An organic, low sugar diet including raw fermented foods (ie raw, real sauerkraut, organic goat’s milk yoghurt) twice a day helps  to support the solar plexus chakra – our energetic connector to all living things on the earth.


On a spiritual level, when we are connected to the Divine, we are connected to the flow of life. Being fully connected to both the Earth and the Divine, renews and regenerates us physically, and spiritually.  You may be aware of increased creativity, and “grounded” emotions.


How do we “Ground”?

How do we stop, and reverse free radical damage?   The best and easiest thing you can do is free ...connect to the earth with your bare skin – especially your feet.


  • Lie on the grass, or beach - synthetic blankets may block the transfer of ions – pure wool and cotton are quite conductive.  Very dry sand or earth such as the desert, is not the best conductor as some moisture is required..

  • Walking barefoot on damp grass is wonderful, or walking on the beach at the water’s edge.  At least, wear leather soled shoes which do allow electrons to pass through.   Placing your bare or sock feet on the ground (grass, stone, concrete) is a good option, but not always possible.  Most condo concrete balconies I have tested are grounding as they are directly connected with the building and earth. 


  • Trees are extremely grounding as their roots reach deep into the earth and they contain a lot of water.  They may be more convenient in colder weather - lean against a tree with your bare hands behind your back touching the tree. 


Instantaneously, your skin will absorb negative ions at the speed of light, neutralizing free radicals.  Inflammation and pain will spontaneously start to reduce, sometimes noticeably within 20 minutes or less.  


Grounding Tools

  • Inexpensive grounding tools are now available to bring the earth’s energy indoors, and without having to make lifestyle changes. 


The most practical tools include a “grounding sheet” (full or half sheet) since we spend so much time in bed, and a grounding pad (see below) to use at the computer or your favourite chair.  It can also be positioned in front of your lap top so that bare skin is touching it as you work.


A grounding mat, connected to the ground of an electric outlet,

or a grounding rod.


To maintain healthy balance, we should be grounded at least 10 hours/day, which is easily achieved with these 2 items.  Sleeping 8 hours with the grounding sheet or half sheet, and use a grounding mat with bare feet at the computer at home should cover this easily for many people.  If you work on a computer at work, bare feet may not be appropriate so place the mat in front of your computer where it touches bare skin as you type or use the mouse.


If you have specific issues such as an injury, or toothache, carpal tunnel, etc., grounding patches are effective

to target electrons to a specific area, bringing sometimes quick and remarkable results.  Regular grounding should maintain it.


Cars are a source of positive ions and are not grounded because the rubber tires insulate them from the earth. Many complain of pain and stiffness after a long car ride.    If you spend a lot of time in the car or plane, a seat pad is available to ‘ground’ you to the car itself, clipping an alligator clip to the metal under the seat.  This is not technically ‘grounding’, but will keep your positive and negative ions more in balance. 


 These are some of the excellent, simple options available to allow us to be grounded pretty well around the clock, without having to make major lifestyle changes.


Our Pets…

Outdoor pets are more balanced and grounded, and this is grounding to people when they stroke them, depending how often the animal is outdoors to “recharge”.  Ungrounded pets, such as an indoor cat, would not have this benefit, although does have other benefits related to love for the pet, and the vibration of the purr.  It's a great idea to get your pet - especially indoor cats, a grounded "throw" for their bed. 


It is interesting to note the reaction of pets to grounding tools, as their natural connection to nature will attract them to them.  Dr. Karen Becker, veterinarian, jokes that in a thunderstorm their 2 cats and 2 dogs jump on to her grounded side of the bed, leaving her husband on his own on the ungrounded side!


Our Future

Humanity has spent the last 50 years disconnecting itself from the earth -  Reconnecting is a big part of our answer to thriving in the future.



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