My Favourite Hacks for Health & Vitality!

August 25, 2022

by Karen Berger BAA, TFH

Someone asked me today about my top bio hacks for maintaining optimal health, fitness, and energy levels.  His question was, "how do you do it???"... This is a GREAT question that I think most people are interested in.. we all want to feel great, energetic, and youthful regardless of our age..      

I thought that sounded like a good blog article, so, using kinesiology testing as I always do, I tested through the priorities for MY body.  I do all of these things anyway (I admit I'm a bit OCD!), but this is the first time I've rated them in order of what my body loves and is truly important.  And, there's a good chance that what MY body loves, so will YOURS. 

The list fell naturally into five catagories, A-E.  For example A, structured water, came up as something my body LOVES and rated as the number one top priority. Perhaps because we are made up of at least 70% water! Then section B came up in the order you see it, and in a scale of 1-10 was an 9 in importance for 24/7 implementation - in other words a BIT of flexibility.   I was very surprised that wearing natural fibers was the next priority after supercharged water - this something ignored and unknown to most people including health experts. 

It is a fact that wearing synthetics such as polyester drives down the body's energy from the second you put it on,

(especially wearing it over the chest area) and can negatively impact whatever part of the body it's covering as well as whole body energy, such as tops over the upper chest, or pants covering the hips and knees, etc. More about all this below -  I have written blogs on some of these topics which I will indicate in the summary where applicable. 

A: Absolute Priority favourite, "10"

1. Drink crystal structured water, about 2 L a day.  Saturate your cells in this high energy healing frequency.  You will likely even see a positive change in your skin within two days.  See blog article "Supercharge Your Water!". 

B:  Priorities, Lifestyle, "9"

  1. Wear Natural Fibers
  2. Time restricted eating  (13-16 hours)
  3. Regular sensible sun or bright natural light exposure 
  4. Environment:  (low EMF, clutter free, eliminate chemical exposure "10")
  5. High energy eating
  6. Two specific healing bracelets: citrine/amazonite, amazonite
  7. Organic Food: As much organic as possible, avoid vegetable and seed oils.  
  8. Wear colours, full range of spectrum

C: Basic Supplements, "10"

  1. Chlorella smoothie (incl. bee pollen, org. hemp seed, oil of wild oregano)
  2. Magnesium - topical
  3. Turmeric blend

D:  Lifestyle: "10"

  1. Sleep 8 hrs, bed by 10:30pm
  2. Yoga 7 days a week
  3. 4 day "Master Cleanser" fast every 2 months
  4. Grounding
  5. Regular blood donation

E:  Extra supplements, "9"

  1. NAC
  2. Ubiquinol
  3. Flax oil capsules
  4. Ginkgo biloba

6. Vitamin C, natural source

7. Activated charcoal 


I have written blog articles about some of these areas with more detail and instructions, and will indicate that below where applicable. 


A: Drink Structured Crystal Water: (See blog "Supercharge Your Water").  This is the absolute priority above and beyond everything, that my body would not want to give up! It literally supercharges the cells when you drink the required amount or 2L/day. If you don't know where to start, this is the place!

B: Priorities:  Lifestyle factors

 These lifestyle factors are actually priority over all of the following, because they interfere with and reduce our natural energy levels.   It makes more sense to remove simple stress factors from the equation, and then focus on the support our body truly needs. 

1.  Wear natural fibers.  Some synthetics, the worst I have found being polyester and acrylic, lower your body's energy levels before it can even get going in the morning!  We wake up after a good sleep (in all natural fiber sheets - no blends!), have a shower, then pull on a polyester or poly blend bra or underwear, maybe sweats (normally 70% with polyester and acrylic) or top, and pants or skirt... You're body's energy levels will literally be cut by  - it hardly has a chance!  Aside from the damage to health, these fabrics are also an environmental nightmare as they are like plastic, and don't degrade.

On the other hand, the BEST fabrics  will INCREASE your body's energy by about 20% from it's base level.  Silk is interesting because it is the only "living" fabric that has it's own energy field, and it will donate energy to the wearer, and absorb stress.  You may have heard of wearing a silk scarf to heal a sore throat.  The important thing with silk is after you wear it, or at least before you put it on again, give it a good shake, like you're shaking out a tea towel.  This will release the stressful energy it has absorbed, and freshen it to it's natural state.

NEUTRAL fabrics will not affect your body's energy either way - they support your natural energy.  Once I had a cotton top from a famous designer, which tested stressful to wear - normally cotton is fine, but if you have cotton that does not feel good on even if expensive, there could be a problem with it such as GMO, or toxic dyes, so trust your intuition. 


     The Effect of Fabrics on Our Life Force Energy 

Silkorganic cotton Polyester (approx. 75% reduction)


 Acrylic     (approx. 75% reduction)               
merino wool (or wool)Pima cotton

leather or sheering   viscose NOTE:   Nylon is best synthetic,      

rayon with only slight energy reduction.




The most energy DRAINING fabrics I have found are are polyester and acrylic - there could be others I have not tested.  Sports clothing is a primary culprit with "quick dry" light fabrics which are typically 100% polyester, as well as "sweats" which are typically about 50% polyester. ANY is too much.  Nylon is the best of the synthetics, so look for nylon if you want the extra light tennis, golf and sports wear - it IS available but you may have to search. Watch out for the super soft socks, throws, and especially baby blankets,  - covering your baby with these immediately suppresses their body's energy levels, and are not good for health, growth, and development.  Stretch pants and leggings are often available in viscose or cotton with some elastin which is fine, so search them out. (Whole Foods carries organic cotton stretch leggings in black - but beware their "recycled polyester"!.)  A few brands such as Lacoste still make cotton sport shirts.   

Some cottons are fine to buy and wear without washing, but to be safe, wash new clothes first. Add 2T aluminum free baking soda to the detergent holder, unscented natural detergent, and 1 1/2 cups plain white vinegar to the fabric softener compartment.  This will freshen the clothing and remove chemical residue.  (I add these to every load as it also removes stressful energy.) 

Shoes can also dramatically affect your body energy - especially considering the reflex points on your feet are connected to all of your organs, and physiology in general.  Leather is best, sometimes real cork sole sandals are available, and some of the very light washable walking shoes are also fine. It is best to have at least a leather insole in contact with your feet as opposed to a plastic insole, and take note of how you feel when you walk a lot in certain shoes.  Some high density foams even in expensive shoes, are toxic to the energy field. Note how your joints and body feel after walking a distance in the shoes. If there is any aching, it could be the materials in the shoes. 

2.  Time restricted eating:  Eat all of your food for the day within preferably an 8 hour window (not more than 12).  For example no calories before 11am or after 7pm.  If you drink coffee or teas in the morning, black is fine. This gives the body a similar benefit to fasting.  After 12 hours of not eating, "autophagy" kicks in.  This is the process where the body destroys  bad or damaged tissues, and gives it the opportunity to "upgrade" and regenerate.  It is not able to do this if we are snacking around the clock. 

3.  Environment:  Eliminate stressful energies and reduce EMF's.

This is similar to the fabrics that we wear in the sense that by having a stressful home environment, we reduce our life force energy just by being there, or wearing the clothes. We want our base line to be as high as possible!  See my blog article "Creating a supportive environment!"  In summary, the priorities are to clear clutter, and spray your home thoroughly with a white vinegar and water spray (2 parts vinegar, 3 parts water), spraying the air, up and down corners, all fabrics or soft surfaces including window coverings, inside closets and drawers, wooden furniture, and under desks and tables. This will neutralise stressful energy and freshen the environment.  

It is best to check my blog article "EMF and Radiation Protection", for various easy ways to reduce EMF exposure, but two top strategies would be taking specific supplements to increase your tolerance (chlorella, magnesium spray or epsom salts baths every 2nd day, and Oil of oregano), and simply turning off your Wifi at night so your body can rest and regenerate properly. 

4.  High Energy Eating:   See details in my blog article "High Energy Eating".  I truly believe this is a big part of the French paradox, which has been credited mainly to drinking red wine!  Traditional French cooking uses a lot of high energy herbs, so they are inadvertently charging up the energy of their meals on a daily basis!  Some of the highest energy herbs I have found include oregano, thyme, lovage, cilantro, sage, along with Himalayan salt and black pepper. 

High Energy Herbs and Seasonings       


carbs such as pasta, bread, potatoes, white rice. 

tomatoes, cheese, eggs, salads, (best raw or almost raw)

ThymePasta, white rice, fish, lamb, eggs, raw on salad,
Sagepotatoes, meats, fish, vegetables, soups
Cilantropasta, white rice, potatoes, vegetables, salad, cheese, dairy/sour cream,

eggs, meats, fish, salad, most vegetables, soups

(Best herb for eggs) 

black pepper

eggs, meats, fish, pasta, potatoes, most vegetables,

cheese/dairy, soups

Himalayan salt  eggs, meats, fish, potatoes, most vegetables, soups

Abundant use of specific high energy herbs such as oregano, thyme, sage, and lovage, can double or triple the energy of your meal, which is passed on to you!   typical example of low energy food is potatoes - but you CAN transform them quickly and easily into a high energy food by first soaking potatoes about 1-2 min in a bowl of supercharged water. (This increases the life force of even organic potatoes from 0 to 30%, and removes all stress present because it's a night shade plant - about 35%.) After cooking the potatoes, use an abundance of herbs and seasonings such as oregano, black pepper, Himalayan salt, and lovage.  This will further increase the energy of your potatoes to the desired level of about 50% life force energy.


Salad:  The highest energy salad combination I have found is broccoli sprouts, sunflower sprouts, lovage or cilantro, with chopped red radish. 

Burgers: Use sprouts instead of lettuce, add a lot of black pepper and thyme or lovage to the meat.

Rice:  Add 1T per serving pastured butter when cooking rice. 

Copy and print this chart to keep handy in your kitchen!

                  Which herbs and seasonings best raise the energyof popular foods?

Food                       Herb or seasoning               

potatoes    black pepper, oregano, cilantro, sage
pastaoregano, lovage, cilantro, black pepper, thyme
breadoregano (honey on toast with oregano is delicious!)
riceoregano, black pepper, sage,  pastured butter
tomatoesoregano (use a lot)
meatthyme, lovage, black pepper
vegetablessage, lovage, black pepper, cilantro, Himalayan salt
fishblack pepper, Himalayan salt, sage, thyme
eggslovage, sage, pepper, Himalayan salt
saladlovage, cilantro
shitake mushroomHimalayan salt, sage, black pepper
green beanssage, Himalayan salt
avocadoHimalayan salt, e.v. olive oil (Greek), pepper, cilantro
extra virgin olive oilIf you are not sure about the quality, add 2 leaves sage to bottle
cheeseloveage, sage  (goat cheeses are easier to digest)

veg/seed oils

(best to avoid)

sage, black pepper 

Herbs will even significantly boost the energy of conventional foods, so if you travel a lot, you may want to bring some dried herbs with you to add to the meals. I bring Himalayan salt, black pepper, dried organic oregano, and sage in case anything is fried.   Our goal is for as many of our meals our meals as possible to reach at least 50% life force energy. Most of us today actually have a very low life force energy - under 20% which is around the point where illness start to develop.  Most fast, manufactured, and highly processed food has a life force of 0% and stress level of 20-40%. Fake meats have even higher stress levels, so be skeptical when you hear they are a healthy choice..   

5.  Semi Precious Stone bracelets: There are 2 formulas of stones that stand out because they are so helpful in reducing stress in the body from typical radiation exposure, which we are all exposed to today. See my blog article "Semi precious Stone Jewelry", bracelets #4, and #21.  #4 is pale blue amazonite with clear quartz and selenite for environmental support and overall energy, and #21 is similar but with citrine added, for bone healing.  (Radiation has a negative impact on bone.) 

6.  Eat Organic Food, avoid seed/grain oils:   Read more about this in my blog article "High Energy Eating".. 

Organic foods are highly regulated and you can be sure that fresh fruits and vegetables labeled "organic", are. Organic foods have a much higher life force than conventional, which are maximum just a few points above dead food. For example conventional blueberries have a life force energy of about 5%, and organic are 50%. Conventional broccoli has a life force energy of about 5% and organic is also 50%.  This is reflected with most fruits and veg I have tested.  CAFO farmed beef has a life force of about 0%, and grass fed about 30%, which can be increased to 60% using organic seasonings and herbs. CAFO eggs typically have a life force of 0, and pastured have 50%.   Note that conventional foods also typically produce high stress from chemicals. 

Seed and grain oils such as sunflower, corn, canola, soy etc. are loaded with omega 6 fats, which are degenerative and inflammatory in the amounts we consume them today as they oxidise in our bodies, creating excess free radicals.  This means to seriously avoid fried foods and salad dressings, and commercial baked goods such as cookies, cakes, crackers, etc.  Read the ingredients before you purchase commercial foods.  Pure extra virgin olive oil is ok in moderation but beware many Italian olive oils (especially big brands) are adulterated with cheap oils by the Italian "agro mafia".  I have found Greek olive oil to be fine, and most Spanish.  For baking, use butter - preferably pastured, and coconut oil for frying - just don't let it smoke. 

7.  Two specific bracelets:  These bracelets specifically have tested extremely positive for everyone I have tested them on.  The reason is that they reduce stress from EMF radiation which we are all exposed to today. Together they reduce the stress levels from most cells phones by about 70%, except

except the newest 5G enabled phones where it reduces stress by about 50%. (See my EMF blog article for ways to decrease EMF stress up to 90%.)

The bracelets are therapeutic quality Amazonite, clear quartz, citrine, and selenite. The specific combination reduces stress from EMFs, supports bone density which is negatively impacted by radiation, and are "self charging" due to selenite, so they are always working at optimal power. 

You can make these yourself if so inclined, using 8 or 10mm beads and the image above as a guide, or contact me for purchase. 

8. Wear Colours:  The wavelength of colours can also give us extra support on a daily basis.  Even if you prefer fashionable neutrals such as grey and black, pairing them with a colour can bring them to life. For example black on it's own is typically energy draining but it completely changes when paired with a high energy colour such as turquoise or hot pink (or coloured jewelry- even bracelets or rings, scarf, tie etc) it springs to life as a backdrop for the colour.  I suggest having a supply of colours in natural fabric across the spectrum - especially rainbow colours.  In the morning have a good look at your selection of colours, think of what you have to do today, how you currently feel, and see which colour feels most supportive to you! 

C: Basic Supplements: "10"

These are what I have found to be the priority supplements - note that they are all fully natural whole foods and the magnesium is topcial in the form of cream/spray, or Epsom salts bath.

1.  Chlorella smoothie:  This is such a priority because it contains only nutrient dense food, with a diversity of nutritional elements. Its' high chlorophyl content makes it highly detoxifying (especially for those who have had Covid 19 shots), and is also very helpful against stress from typical radiation exposure.  Blend the ingredients below, then to structure it, either stir briskly 40 x left, 40 x right creating a vortex, OR add about 20% supercharged water.  (I take 4 tsp chlorella a day at this time so in the evening I add 2 tsp chlorella and 2 drops oil of oregano to a bit of red grapefruit juice.)

  • wild or organic frozen blueberries 
  • 1/2 organic banana
  • 2tsp organic chlorella
  • 1tsp blueberry powder
  • 1T bee pollen
  • 1T organic hemp seed (for good fats/absorption)
  • 2 drops oil of oregano
  • cover with water to blend

2. Magnesium:  This mineral is VERY widely deficient today as our high tech environment exposes us to radiation which drains our stores of magnesium - be it home, office, travel in planes, cars or trains, and even walking outside we are exposed to 4 or 5G.  

Magnesium tablets are typically not absorbed well, so it is best to use a topical form, 2 x day.  I make my own  magnesium cream (I plan to give instructions to make it yourself), but have used topical sprays.   These are most effective on the chest over the heart and thymus gland area. However sometimes these can "prickle" with repeated used, so try it out - maybe you have to spray in different location such as inside your arms. Epsom salts baths are wonderful before bed - 2 cups in very warm water for about 20 min., and have as much of your skin covered as possible for more absorption.  For most people I have found doing this every 2nd day with supply adequate magnesium. 

3. Turmeric blend: Most people now are aware of the anti-inflammatory and other benefits of turmeric.  However it is not well absorbed on it's own - black pepper increases absorbtion apparently by 2,000%, and ginger works well with turmeric.  I use a combination of the 3 and either fill "00" capsules (2/day) or add 3/4 tsp to a vegetable juice drink such as carrot/celery/beet/apple.  Make a little supply and store in a small jar.

  • 3T organic turmeric powder
  • 1T organic ginger powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp organic black pepper

4.  Oil of Wild Oregano:   If I could only take 2 things with me on a trip, I would bring topical magnesium and Oil of Wild Oregano. I added this recently to my routine because it had a powerfully effective protective action against EMF stress, related to 5G enabled phones.. not mine - I don't have one, but from friends and others around me.  Oil of WILD oregano, as opposed to Oil of Oregano, seems to have the best protective properties.  It also has many other benefits, such as digestion and gut health, so I find it is a very appropriate and beneficial supplement to be taking in or high tech environment.  Take 2 drops 2 x day.  

D: Lifestyle: "10"

1. Sleep 7 1/2 to 8 hrs/night:   And go to bed at approximately the same time every night to get your circadian rhythm into a pattern. Personally, we go to bed at 10:30pm and wake up at 7, but whatever works for your lifestyle. This is the time your body heals and regenerates, and is truly a priority. For better sleep,

  • Turn off your wifi at night
  • If you use your phone as an alarm, put it on airplane mode and keep it more than arm's length from your sleeping position
  • The room should be very dark, and on the cooler side.
  • Sleep in 100% natural fiber sheets. 
  • Do not eat within close to 3 hrs before bed. (Water is fine.) 

2. Yoga or Stretching 7 days a week, regular exercise,.   My parents were professional figure skaters in their youth, but skated well into their 80's. My mother did about 1 hour every morning of stretching and yoga, and her fitness and agility was incredible her whole life - no sign of any frailty or stiffness with age. (See image age 81)  She said she "I have to do it or I don't feel good!"... It does not have to be specifically yoga, but some kind of stretching routine for a LEAST 20 min a day, (preferably 30) is very important to stay youthful and keep your body happy.  Add a weight bearing routine every 2nd day or 3 x week. We finish our daily yoga routine with 10 minutes meditation, and every 2nd day do a short weight workout. 

Walking of course is excellent - research has shown than about 7,000 steps a day is optimal - there is not much benefit over that, and the benefits of fresh air cannot be over stated! Make sure something you do as a daily routine is cardio, like running up the stairs, or jumping on a rebounder, to stimulate nitric oxide production. 

3.  Four day Master Cleanser every 2 or 3 months:   I have been doing Stanley Boroughs' "Master Cleanser" since age 35 or so, I believe written around 1943.  I used to do it for 10 days 2-3 times a year, but it was not so easy after I got married as it can be quite anti social! :)  Now we do it every 2-3 months as needed.  The book is available on line.  I have found it a priority since then, to keep healthy and trim - it is the best "quick fix" for most issues including weight gain, stiffness, pain of any kind.  The reason it works is because it supports "autophagy", a process where our bodies burn up or get rid of damaged cells, cellular "garbage', and debris in the joints and system in general.  I found we need at least 4 days to get true lasting benefit. You might want to do 4 days first, then next time 10!

It is centered around a "lemonade" drink comprised of:

  • 2T fresh lemon juice
  • 2T organic dark maple syrup (I use a bit less)
  • cayenne pepper (a few shakes to taste. It should be spicy.)

I have a system when I make a concentrate and store it in a jar in the fridge.  Juice, about 7 lemons, add a bit less than that of maple syrup, and roughly 9 shakes cayenne powder, depending how much liquid you have.  Use 2T of this concentrate in 8 oz warm water - this is strong enough. 

Drink as many of these drinks as you like a day, whenever you feel hungry, drink water, occasional herbal tea is fine, and first thing in the morning a salt water internal "bath" with 1L warm water and 2 tsp Himalayan salt. (It's cleaner than sea salt.)  

3. Grounding:  (See full blog article)  Around 1960 plastics were introduced, and rubber or synthetic soled shoes became the north.  They took over from 100% leather shoes, which are conductive and allow the flow of anti-inflammatory and energising electrons from the earth into our bodies.  Plastics block this flow.  Grounding is about having our bare feet on the ground to absorb electrons and keep our bodies electrically balanced, and able to fight off inflammation. Grounding is also demonstrated to completely break up blood clots in about 30 minutes by correcting the polarity in the red blood cells. (images are available on web site.)   Bare feet on the ground is not always practical or possible to accomplish due to seasonal weather, but there are now grounding tools available in case you don't live in a year round warm climate.  There are many products such as pillow case covers for better sleep, grounding mats to place your feet on at the computer or use as a large mouse pad - they also almost completely eliminate man made body voltage which we pick from the computer keyboard.  (see in USA, in Canada, and in Europe.) There are also excellent videos. 

The BEST grounding is walking barefoot on a beach with your feet in salt water, which is a great conductor of the earth's electrons.  Barefoot on a freshwater beach, or walking on damp grass is next best, but ceramic tile, brick, metal, concrete and stone as found in sidewalks and patios are also conductive.  (Wood and tar are NOT conductive.)  If you live in a condo and have a balcony, typically the concrete balcony is grounded and will transfer electrons to bare feet because the balcony concrete is connected to the ground indirectly through the outside of a brick or concrete structure, which is in contact with the earth.  If it's too cold for bare feet, cotton socks will allow most electrons through.  

Ideally we should be grounded 24/7 as our ancestors were, but the least amount of time is 30 minutes a day.  Personally we:

  • sleep with grounded pillow cases and half sheet
  • use a grounding mat barefoot at the computer (I have a stand desk, so I stand on the mat - my husband uses it as a mouse since he prefers to wear slippers)
  • walk on our neighborhood beach most mornings for 30 min weather permitting
  • spend my time on our stone patio in bare feet. 

4.  Regular blood donation:  Within the last 2 years or so, researchers have become aware that one major issue we have not recognised up until now is the negative impact of excess iron.  Our bodies accumulate iron throughout our lives, and does not really have a natural way of getting rid of excess iron so it stores it in our cells including mitrochondria, creating a whole issue of imbalance with other minerals such as copper, and a chemical chain reaction producing ROS (reactive oxygen species) and free radicals. Donating blood has been shown to increase longevity. 

(When I first read this I couldn't help but wonder how mother nature in her wisdom could have overlooked this factor of iron accumulation.  Perhaps when we were evolving we NEEDED the extra iron as we inevitably would  have accidents or animal encounters causing blood loss, as part of early life.)   

Experts suggest that those who are able, donate blood (450ml) every 3 months which is the maximum allowed as our bodies need time to replace the volume. We should ideally start donating when we are younger - men especially, and women at least after menopause, but since this is new information, starting at an older age would still be highly beneficial. 

E: Extra Supplements, ("9")

Still a "9" on a scale of importance of 1-10, these supplements are very important for me to take reguarly, but if I miss here and there for some reason, it's not going to throw me off too much. 

1.  NAC: (N-Acetyl Cysteine)  This is an amino acid which the body makes, but due to the challenges of today's foods, medications, reduced food quality, and environment, we often need more than our bodies can make.  It is the supplemental form of cysteine, and a vital pre curser the body needs to make glutathione - one of our most powerful antioxidants. 

It helps with detoxification from drugs and environmental factors, replenish glutathione levels in the lungs,  and relieve respiratory symptoms and inflammation in the bronchial tubes and lung tissue. It also helps replenish glutathione to regulate the neurotransmitter glutamate, involved in a wide range of brain functions, including those associated with aging. NAC may stabilise blood sugar by decreasing inflammation in fat cells and therby improving insulin resistance, increase Nitric Oxide production (NO), and reduce heart disease risk by reducing oxidative damage to tissues in the heart.  The boosting of glutathione levels may also improve immune function. 

2. Ubiquinol:  Ubiquinol is the active, reduced form (more bio available) of CoQ10 (Co Enzyme Q10).  It is a vitamin like subtance with similarities to vitamin D, and has a well established role in mitochondrial function and energy production, which typcially reduce with age.  It supports healthy heart function and ATP levels, cholesterol levels, fertility, supports, celular energy production, and is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps neutralise damaging free radicals.  

Dietary sources include:   fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, wild sockeye, grass fed beef, miso and tofu (or fermented soy products), spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, walnuts eggs, broccoli sprouts, cooked organic tofu, green beans, and peas.

3.  Vitamin D:  Vitamin D is not technically a "vitamin" - it is a master hormone, and is vital for the immune system. In fact, I read an article citing a study where no one with vitamin D levels over 50 ng/mL had died of Covid 19.  The goal to shoot for is 60-80ng/mL (some countries' measurement would be 150 nml/L to 200 nmol/L).  According to an article in Dr. Joseph Mercola's Sept. 5 2022 newsletter, the mechanisms of action of vitamin D are:

  • reducing the survival and replication of viruses and inflammatory cytokine production
  • Maintaining endothelial integrity - Endothelial dysfunction contributes to vascular inflammation and impaired blood clotting.
  •  Increasing angiotensi-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) concentrations, which prevents the virus from entering cells via the ACE2 receptor, and ease the severity of Covid 19.
  • boosts overall immune function by modulating your innate and adaptive immune responses and reduces respiratory distress, improves overall lung function
  • Regulates infalmmatory cytokine production
  • Helps produce surfactants in your lungs that aid in fluid clearance
  • Lowers risk of comorbiditiss, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease

Personally my Dr. has me on 5-6,000 iu of vitamin D daily (5-6 drops) and my levels are about 170 nmol/mL, so you can discuss it with your Dr. and use that as a reference.  However it is best to get vitamin D from sunshine - be outdoors in the sun for an hour around mid day. There are other benefits to sunlight, such as near infra red light (which also helps your body structure water) and melatonin production in the cells. It is not possible to get sufficient vitamin from the sun unless you live in a more equatorial climate, because even if it is sunny, the angle of the sun's rays through the atmosphere do not support vitamin D production - even in summer, say here in Toronto, there are only a few hours mid day when we can make vitamin D, and not at all in winter.  I have found "D drops" to be one of the most bio acceptable brands, 

(in Canada), and "Carlson" in the US. 

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Flax oil caps (or wild salmon oil for men and children):  I find Omega 3 fatty acids are always a priority.

  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • Excellent for helping to keep skin and hair soft and smooth. 
  • Fights stress and anxiety
  • Eye and brain health
  • heart and cardiovascular health - fights inflammation, dissolves blood clots, cholesterol, blood pressure, prevents arterial plaque, 
  • For women up to about 75 years oil, I prefer Flax oil capsules ("Omega nutrition" or "Flora" are good brands in Canada) appear to support female hormones, and for men and children, the Wild Salmon Oil form always tests best. (Women over 75 test better for wild salmon oil.) Check with your Dr. if 2/day is right for you (1+1).  Another good form of omega 3 is organic hemp seed - it must be organic due to the use of glyphosate as a drying agent in non organic - 1 T/day. 

NOTE: Flax oil is very volatile and not easy to process without oxidation and rancidity. Avoid bargain brands in clear gels as they are likely rancid, and try to stick to the brands mentioned above. They should be sold in a dark or opaque bottle, with dark gel capsule.  

5. Ginkgo Biloba:  This is a tree originating from China, and is the last surviving member of an ancient order of plants - it is sometimes referred to as a living fossil. 

Gingko biloba is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and is therefore beneficial for brain related issues and can help keep us mentally in a good place.  It:

  • has a positive effect on the brain function, psychiatric disorders, anxiety, depression, dementia, headaches, migraines, as well as vision. 
  • is a powerful anti-oxidant
  • fights inflammation
  • improves circulation and heart health

It is important to check with your physician before taking as it can interact with some medications. One to two capsules per day is typically appropriate. 

6.  Vitamin C (natural source):  We all know that vitamin C is vital for the immune system.  Our bodies do not make vitamin C, and we need quite a lot these days as we are faced with so many pollution factors which increase our anti-oxidant requirements.  It is important that vitamin C be natural Europe, Sanddorn (sea buckthorn) juice is available but it's not easy to find in North America.  Elderberry crystals are available - add this to a strong cup of rose hip tea (another great source), or look for supplements such as Can Prev's  "Select C", which contains sea buckhorn and citrus bioflavanoids. Foods do not contain much for today's needs, and orange juice is much over rated, aside from being stressful for many people (as are strawberries and red peppers due to high lectin content).  Blueberries, raspberries, and elderberry, and red grapefruit juice are good sources. 

Intravenous high dose vitamin C successful treats many form of cancer, as well as infections and sepsis.

I remember years ago when my mother was about 50, she had a operation on her knee and had to stay in bed.  My father came and sat on the bed beside here, and sat on her reading glasses, breaking them. She thought "oh no, here I am stuck in bed and I can't read", but low and behold, she discovered she could read perfectly well without them!  Her doctor had put her on significant doses of vitamin C, and this was a side benefit - she put her glasses away for good!

  • highly beneficial for the eyes 
  • anti-oxidant, immune function
  • reduce heart disease, gout, high blood pressure,  and dementia risk
  • circulation

7. Activated charcoal;  This is not a "nutritional" supplement, but it is one of my favourite health hacks.  It's purpose is to help remove toxins from the body - it is even used in medical settings as an emergency anti poison remedy. It is typically black (although sometimes white), odourless, and flavourless. 

Some people are familiar with it's ability to whiten teeth, but do not confuse the internally taken charcoal with the cleaner. 

It is a charcoal that has been treated with oxygen at very high temperatures to make it more porous, and reduce the size of its pores, increasing surface area. When liquids and gasses pass through the charcoal, they bind to it through absorption, and are then eliminated through the intestines. It may also support kidney function by reducing the amount of waste products your kidneys have to filter.  I take it because of our high chemical exposure today in the environment, and diet, and well as medications such as vaccinations. 

(This article is still being completed!)