The Fountain of Youth in our cells..  

Optimise Your Mitochondrial Function!

March 7, 2022

By Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA TFH

(The information on this web site is not meant to replace proper medical care, but as information and support only.  Always consult your medical professional before implementing changes.  Supplements may be contraindicated with some medications.) 

Dr. Frank Schallenberger has been studying mitochondrial function for almost 5 decades and is a world leader in the field.  He has also come up with a way to accurately assess mitochondrial function using specialized equipment and software.  He has observed that mitochondrial function is an accurate indicator of  long term illness and longevity.  Low mitochondrial function may be asymptomatic, but excess fatigue, degeneration, and aging are clear indicators of it.   Youthful, optimal mitochondrial function is vital for longevity and has an established impact on healing and vitality. 

After searching for milenia, evidence suggests that we may have a "biological fountain of youth" built right into our cells.  All we have to do is protect and optimise it.  

Fatigue is a primary indicator that your mitochondrial function is low.  The mitochondria are the energy factories, or "car batteries" and are found in all cells except red blood cells.  The energy they produce is called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the principle molecule for storing and transfering energy in cells.  ATP is often referred to as the "energy currency" of a cell, and can be compared to storing money in your bank account. You may have a Ferrari in your garage but if the battery is not functioning, it’s not much use - or if your bank account is empty and you want to buy food, it may not be easy!  Our mitochondria produce about 90% of the energy in our bodies, as well as 90% of the "exhaust", or, oxidative stress. This is natural, and the mitochondria can keep everything balanced as long as there are bioavailable minerals.  The mitochondria in each type of cell, for example liver, bone, or brain cells,  may respond to different types of support, and some interventions such as Nitric Oxide producing exercise and sulforaphane (from broccoli) benefit most mitochondria in the body. 

If we can't make energy, we can't have optimal health, and we need key minerals such as copper and magnesium to make energy.  Morley Robbins, author of the new groundbreaking book, "The Root Cause Protocol", describes excess iron locked into the mitochondria as the primary root cause of aging.  As we age, we accumulate 1mg of iron every day in our tissues and mitochondria,  because we tend to be low in copper and magnesium (due to depleted soils and high stress levels) which are vital in iron "recycling" - keeping iron moving throughout the body.  We also have excess iron because since the 50's we ADD iron to processed foods. We are not tired because we are anemic from low iron - we have iron dysfunction, largely due to mineral deficiency.  It is not easy to measure iron levels accurately through blood testing because this does not measure the iron stored in tissues - only the blood.  If we don't have enough copper, and have too much iron, the mitochondria can't make energy and we feel tired. 

The body relies on "recycling" to regulate iron, keep it moving,  and stop it's accumulation.  A diet containing abundant copper and magnesium is vital. Copper is the key that unlocks the mitochondria to free up iron for recycling, and magnesium is priority to reduce oxidative stress ("exhaust") produced naturally by the mitochondria.  Interestingly, after assuring proper mineral levels, the most obvious, effective and free way to reduce over accumulation of iron is, with your doctor's approval,  to become a regular blood donor and save others at the same time.  Men should have about 5,000mg of iron in their bodies, women 4,000mg,  but if we accumulate 1mg of iron per day, you can multiply your age by 365 days a year and have an idea of what your levels are! One blood donation reduces iron stores by about 250mg which is about 3/4 of a year's worth, therefor by being a regular blood donor (here in Canada every 80 days is allowed), you can reduce your excess iron, and increase your energy to a more youthful level. 


Mitochondrial function decreases with age, but according to Dr. Schallenberger, even young people in their 30s can have asymptomatic “early onset mitochondrial dysfunction”.  They may feel great, but there can be a huge difference in how two “fit” 30 yr olds perform in performance, and what it comes down to is mitochondrial function. 

There appears to be a set of three very easy to perform electrical “exercises” which can immediately increase mitochondrial function  –  almost like flicking on an electrical switch.  (see #1)  They work by stimulating ionization,  left right polarity, and the electrical field located close to the body.  

Factors which can reduce our  mitochondrial function include:

Our mitochondria are fragile in the sense that modern day life often creates an environment which can destroy or lower their function.  This includes:

  • Medications in general, including all COVID shots approved in North America
  • Low quality foods: processed foods, seed and vegetable oils, refined sugar, glyphosate containing          foods such as CAFO raised animal meat and products, and GMO foods, non organic wheat, non                 organic vegetables, and processed foods.  
  • EMF exposure - this is a VERY major factor.  (see my blog article on EMFs for easy ways to reduce your EMF exposure.) EMF's open "gates" that allow excess calcium into the mitrochondria - our cells energy generators, which inhibits production of ATP (energy).  
  • Emotional stress such as caring for ill family members.  (Use EFT to help diffuse the effects of stress.)
  • Chemical exposure from non organic foods and personal care products, phytoestrogens from plastics and our environment, and other man made environmental factors.  
  •  Boost Your Mitochondrial Function NOW!

    If you want to do something RIGHT THIS MINUTE for your mitochondria, you can noticeably increase the energy of your mitochondria in about 1 minute by doing the 3 electrical exercises in step 1.  My kinesiolological testing has shown step 1 is normally a priority for many people and can often raise function from 5-10% to 60% immediately, although it needs to be done 2 x day without other support.  #4, short burst exercise, is an excellent follow up to it, once a day.   Our priorities as individuals may be different – sometimes Step 2, Chlorella, is a priority and the electrical exercises are second, but it appears these two steps alone can energetically regenerate mitochondrial function quickly.   See part B for long term more complete mitochondrial support. 

    This article will be updated as more data becomes available.


    A.  For an immediate upward mitochondrial energy shift:

    Numbers one and two increase mitochondrial energy immediately from 5-10% up to 60-80%, like flicking on a switch. The Epsom Salts (magnesium)/baking soda bath (#7) is also excellent extra support and works immediately, normally bringing mitochondrial levels up 10 percentage points if it is 70% or less, and may be especially beneficial for neurological stress.  Keep in mind that a natural supply of nutrients such as magnesium, retinol (vitamin A1), and copper, are vital for electrical functions. 

    1. Electrical exercises:  Repeat 2 x day for 6 weeks.  If you are also practicing the "long term support" listed below, after 6 weeks you can reduce electrical exercises to 1 x day.

    Ionization breathing: 

    Ionisation breathing is simply alternate nostril breathing - breathing deeply in one side, and out the other side.  (It is refered to in yoga as alternate nostril breathing.) Use your thumb and 4th finger to close off one nostril as you breath in, and the other as you breath out.  Our nostrils produce positive ions in one side, negative in the other, then they switch sides.  Ionization breathing helps to balance our electrical system. 

    Method:  Cover ie. your left nostril with your thumb and deeply inhale through your right nostril.  Hold your breath briefly as you switch fingers then exhale out your left nostril.  Inhale deeply through your left nostril, then cover your left and inhale through your right.  Keep breathing back and forth, side to side, for about 10 cycles. Do it quite quickly. 

    Left Right Polarity

    Left right polarity is a PKP electrical correction developed by Bruce Dewe MD in PKP Kinesiology. (It also happens to be a quick correction if your leg length suddenly becomes uneven.) We have 3 acupuncture meridians (rivers of energy associated with organs) running down the inside of the arms and another 3 running up the outside.  When we switch hands and massage the points, we are harmonising  these meridians, which are part of our electrical system.) 

    MethodMake "hitchhiker fists" - a fist with your thumbs extended, cross your wrists and place your thumbs under your collar bones, which are the ends of the kidney meridians - K27.  Massage thumbs quickly in about 10 small circles, then move the bottom hand so it is on top, and continue.  Repeat each side.  

    Electrical Field Regenerator

    Hold either one or both hands over your heart area, in the center of your chest. Move them about 1" away from your body and hold them there for about 20 seconds.  It is possible you will feel heat or "activity" such as tingling when you do this. 

    Repeat these 3 consecutively, 2 x day.  Compliance is easier if you can integrate it into  a routine such as when you brush your teeth, or with regular yoga or other exercises.

    2. UbinquinolThis is a reduced and more absorbable form of Co-enzyme Q10. 1 x day. 


    3.  Chlorella:

    This is a nutrient dense, detoxifying algae food which also provides support for depleted  mitochondria.  It comes in pressed powder tablets, capsules, and loose powder.  Because it's a food, recommendations correctly recommend a high number of tablets per day, so you may want to save the tablets for travel, and use the loose powder in foods - it combines very well with avocado or blueberries.  1 tsp, 2 x day for at least 1 month.  It's a good idea to continue taking chlorella on a permanent basis due to it's high nutritional value.

    Chlorella Recipes

    Chlorella with blueberries

    The quickest and easiest pleasant way to take chlorella is to stir 1 tsp chlorella powder to 3/4 cup frozen blueberries.  You can have blueberries pre-thawed, or  stir chlorella into the frozen berries and let them thaw.  The juices will absorb the powder.  

    Chlorella and blueberry Super Smoothie (see image)

    1 tsp chlorella, 2/3 cup frozen or fresh organic blueberries, 1T organic hemp hearts, 2 tsp bee pollen, 1/2 banana (optional) and approx. 1/2 cup filtered water.  Blend, then "structure" the smoothie.  (NOTE: Blending foods reduces their Life Force Energy. To re-integrate or "structure" blended foods, stir briskly 40 x left, 40 times right.) 

    Chorella with coconut milk yoghurt (see image)

    Stir 1tsp chlorella powder into 3/4 cup plain coconut milk yoghurt.  Add 1/3 cup blueberries, and top with a dab of organic whipped cream, organic hemp seed or chopped walnuts, and dark organic maple syrup.


    Chlorella Guacamole

    Add 1 tsp Chlorella per serving of your favourite guacamole recipe - TIP:  It should contain ample quantities of cilantro, garlic, cayenne pepper, and lime juice, to blend in the taste of the chlorella.  

    B.  For Long Term mitochondrial support :

    4.   Short burst Exercise (30 sec.): 

    This appears to benefit mitochondrial function in all parts of the body. 

    Nitric Oxide producing exercise is done ideally at least 5 -7 days per week.  This only takes a few minutes and is easy to incorporate into any exercise routine.  In the link below, Dr. Schallenberger and Dr. Mercola discuss the latest in the role of Nitric Oxide production from short bursts of exercise.  It was previously believed long periods of heavy exercise were required however it has been found that for non professional athletes, very simple brisk exercise at full exertion such as jumping jacks, rebounder, or exercise bike. is all that is required to increase mitochondrial function.  

    Warm up a bit first, then “go all out” for 30 seconds.  Lie down or sit and relax until your breathing and heartbeat returns to normal, then repeat another 30 seconds.   

    5.  Sulforaphane: This is a sulfur extract derived from from broccoli, and appears to support mitochondria located anywhere in the body, and is known to support recovery from many types of cancer including colon cancer.  The best food sources are organic broccoli, garlic, onions and onion family, kale, spinach, cauliflower, eggs and quail eggs, and grass fed meats. Do your best to get 4 servings per day of any of these high sulfur foods, but if not,  take a sulforaphane supplement for each serving you miss.  (see photo)

    6. Turmeric Blend:  Especially beneficial to detoxify the mitochondria after exposure to toxic substances (such as Covid shots).  In a container, combine 3T organic turmeric powder, 1T organic ginger powder, and 1 1/2 tsp organic black pepper.   Use 3/4 tsp of this per day either in food or put into capsules and take 4/day for at least 4 wks, then if you like you can drop it to 2 indefinitely. Note that turmeric may not agree with about 10% of the population so if you don't feel it's good for you, make sure you are taking chlorella. 


    7. Diet:  Include at least 4 servings of these ORGANIC detoxifying foods and beverages as part of your daily diet:                                                   

    • Include food sources of copper such as oysters, organic leafy greens, bee pollen (1 tsp                     every 2nd day)
    • Blueberries
    • Garlic
    • broccoli and other organic green vegetables (2 servings daily) test especially beneficial for the mitochondria – perhaps related to their chlorophyll content.  Always include chlorella in your diet.
    • cook with ½ cup per person of fresh chopped cilantro
    • drink 2 L spring or quality filtered water/day
    • veg juice approx. 5 days/wk. (You can make your own instant juice with 1 tsp each celery and beet powder in ¾ cup spring water.  Structure, stirring briskly 40 x left, 40 x right creating a vortex.)
    • Retinol (vitamin A1) and copper are vital for mitochondrial function. Retinol is found exclusively in animal based products such as grass fed butter (use liberally in cooking as a natural fat and on steamed vegetables), goat cheeses, egg yolk, oysters, oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, herring, wild sockeye.  Include 3 servings of any of these foods a day. 

       NOTE:  Copper is also vital to mitochondrial function, but if you are regularly eating cruciferous vegetables, whole organic eggs, and oysters, you should also have adequate

      amounts of copper.   

      8.  Muscle Mass: Note that muscle mass is also very important for stimulation of mitochondria, so include some muscle building exercises, weight bearing in your regular routine. Blood flow restriction training, which builds muscle safely and quickly, also for the elderly, is highly recommended by Dr. Joseph Mercola - specifically the KAATSU method. 


    9.  Support Thyroid function –  Dr. Schallenberger reports that 80% of people today over 50 have some degree of thyroid dysfunction.  It is known that EMF's are a major cause stress on the thyroid. 

    Do what you can  to reduce exposure from EMF exposure  (See my blog article on EMFs, link below )   and eat 2 servings of the following foods per day (over 2 meals) to help your body tolerate EMFs and subsequently protect your thyroid..

    Broccoli, green beans such as runner and string beans, kale, bok choi, yams and squash,  and herbs such as fresh cilantro (1/2 cup per serving), and  ½ tsp per serving of either dried oregano, sage, thyme (or any combination of the three).  

    Omega 3 fats also support thyroid function - eat a low carbohydrate diet with abundant good natural fats such as omega 3 from fish such as wild sockeye/sardines/mackerel,  chlorella, grass fed meats, butter, coconut oil, and eggs.  Avoid seed and vegetable oils, which are frequently found in salad dressings, fried foods, condiments, cookies, crackers, muffins, cakes, and other baked goods. 


    10.    B Vitamins:  According to Dr. Shallenberger (supported by my own testing) B vitamins are vital for mitochondrial health, especially Niacin (B3), Riboflavin (B2), and Folate. (B9).  However it is not a good idea to take individual B vitamin supplements long term because they can become imbalanced. My MD, who practices complementary and integrative medicine, recommended “Thorn B complex” brand, although I’m sure there are other good brands available.  Personally I increase B3 slightly by taking an extra  50gm B3 supplement daily (1/2 a 100mg tablet or capsule), as B3 is depleted by EMF exposure, and EMFs are damaging to the mitochondria. 

    11.  Epsom Salts bath (occasionally with Baking soda added):    Last but absolutely not least, magnesium is a priority for mitochondrial function as it is used up with every single chemical reaction involving stress - mental or physical.  The magnesium of the Epsom Salts helps the body relax and release, while the baking soda cleans stressful accumulated energies from your electrical field improving over all electrical energy.  Dietary forms of magnesium are also vital, such as cooked spinach, kale, broccoli 85-90% cacao dark chocolate, avocado, bananas, apple, carrots, beef, wild sockeye salmon, halibut, mackerel, edamame, tofu and tempeh (cooked), 

    Add 2 cups Epsom Salts and 1/2 cup baking soda to comfortably warm/hot water, ideally as a bath, but also as a foot soak . Soak 20 minutes.  You can do the Epsom Salts bath as often as desired as a magnesium supplement,  such as every 2nd day, but the baking soda is only necessary every 2 weeks.

    NOTE: Continental EUROPE sells Epsom Salts in a powder form as "Magnesium Sulphat", available in the Apoteke.  Use 400ml with 125ml Sodium Bicarbonate.  (See photo.) 


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