The Natural EMF Protcol

 Give your body the power tools it can use today!

February 25, 2022

by Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH

Disclaimer:  This article is for general information and support, from my own personal experience and others I have worked with.  It is not intended as medical advice.  Always check with your medical doctor before taking supplements as some may not be right for you, or have interactions with medications!

 Partially Updated May 18, 2024 


"When I started working with Karen I was barely able to walk.  Many months of chronic global pain and headaches had rendered me virtually immobile, and I was rarely able to leave the house.  My doctor was at a loss for what was wrong with me and had me taking painkillers to cope.

I have always been incredibly sensitive and Karen recognised my pain and discomfort was largely a result of EMF exposure.  Relief came soon after implementing Karen's regime and making her recommended changes in my home.  Topical oil or oregano, magnesium cream, turmeric blend capsules, and structured water helped me to reduce the inflammation in my body, and subside the pain.  The introduction of the Universal Foot Reflex Zones has proven to be especially helpful, particularly when I experience pain from long flights or train rides.  A quick self reflexology session always alleviates pain and I enjoy keep up with a daily practice to maximise the effects.  Karen and her incredible "Desert Island Solutions" gave me my life back, and I will be forever grateful." 

Helen B. Age 50, Toronto


Any one mitigation alone will not likely give you the results you are looking for to increase your tolerance to today's high EMF/man made radiation environment . Read over the main issues around mitigation strategies, and look for about 5 priorities that stand out for you.    How often do you get your bare (or sock) feet on the ground? Do you live or work in a high EMF environment? Do you wear synthetic clothing?  Do you follow a generally low/no vegetable and seed oil diet? Do you have root canals or any gum issues whatsoever? Do you take  magnesium?  Is your micro biome compromised by chemical/plastics exposure, heavy metals, moulds, or EMFs?   These are some of the across the board priorities for human beings in general. 

i have included many "fixes" such as the Desert Island solution's "K27/Hitch hiker thumbs, which addresses body polarity", the foot zones as a do it yourself accupuncture treatment for quicker recovery, the use of certain gemstones, and topical essential oils to help you through... these are helpful for support until you clear the REAL issues and modify your lifestyle to optimise your body's natural energy at least in your home.   The basic priorities include: 

  • implementing vigilant regular grounding habits
  • eliminating omega 6 seed and vegetable oils (which stay in our body for at least a couple of years)
  • topping up your magnesium levels.  

Sections at a Glance

Chapter 1:   EMF Info

Examples of conditions and illnesses associated with EMFs

Simple and powerful solutions appear 

Chapter 2: Power Up Your Body With "The Natural EMF Protocol"

Top Interventions to increase EMF Tolerance

Common foods to support your body

EMF's, Diet, and the Microbiome

Solutions for the Microbiome

Travel tips for safer flying and travel

Chapter 3: The Home, Magnesium cream recipe

Simple strategies to reduce home EMF exposure

Make your own magnesium cream! (recipe)

Some basics!

Everyone exposed to EMF and man made radiations today - some people have more extreme symptoms than others, and other people who have medical issues may be unaware that the issues are actually triggered by exposure to EMF and mostly microwave radiation.  One of the most devastating effects of today's exposure is destruction of healthy micro biome balance, where mitochondrial energy is dramatically depleted.  The result is the mitochondria cannot produce enough energy to maintain the anaerobic environment required by healthy gut bacteria - healthy gut balance is key for our immune system, brain health, and over all health.  See my blog article on  "Micro Biome Optimisation". 

  If you are highly reactive or diagnosed  with Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) of course the first solution is mitigatating your exposure as much as possible - some of the best of these mitigations are listed in Chapter 3.  There are also other life style factors and exposures that can lower your tolerance, increase your body's stress baseline, and therefor increase your sensitivity to EMF.   Look down this list and identify possible factors for yourself.   One significant increaser of sensitivity may be teeth and gum issues such as broken/reconstructed teeth, root canals, infection, and gum disease.  If you have old root canals, consider extraction and replacement with a zirconia implant.  Some oral surgeons specialise in this - you want to avoid titanium implants because so far, everyone I have tested with EHS is sensitive to metals, and you do not want a possible antenna in your jaw!

Other Stress exposures to consider include:

1. Heavy metals

2. Chemical exposure from environment, xenoestrogens from plastics, diet, medications

3. Mold

4. Teeth/infection

5. Low/stressful energies inside the home: Feng shui, antique furniture, artwork, books, etc.

6. Stressful energies entering the home through windows facing neighbours (including smart meters)

7.  Diet - Non organic Foods or supplements, GMO's

8.  Air quality, water quality

Chapter 1:   About EMF's 

(If you want to dive right into the protocol, skip to Chapter 2!)

There is growing concern today regarding the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF),microwaves, and radio frequencies (RF), and especially the rollout of 5G.  These are now an unavoidable fact of life for most people today. Even if one was to live  alone on a remote island they would still be affected by satellites whose coverage includes every part of the earth.  However there are basic things we can easily do to effectively reduce our exposure at least in our own homes, and give our bodies extra support to tolerate these un-natural man made frequencies. (Watch for more detail in my upcoming book “Home and Office Energy Medicine – Beyond Feng Shui”.)

The new 5G world wide roll out may increase the number and severity of EMF sensitivity, since it is 10x stronger than 4G, and is an addition on top of 4G which is still remaining in place.  

I have seen the progression and effects of EMF sensitivity in myself and others, although many do no realise what is causing their symptoms, because for reasons of obvious conflict of interest, the extent of stress on the body from EMF is not disclosed.  In some people it is so disruptive that they can no longer live "normal" lives. 

The purpose of this protocol is to reduce or preferably eliminate symptoms from exposure, but even without symptoms it is wise to reduce exposure as much as possible in your home as a way of life.  It is not just for the "electro-sensitive", but for others in your home including pets, who are at much as risk as we are.  Reducing exposure will also "raise your base line" tolerance and support your body's natural energy and healing processes. 

It is now well documented in research that our typical every day radiation exposure and EMFs are associated with many of today’s common illnesses, and may negatively impact the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself. With 5G, this will only be increased. However it IS possible to increase our tolerance and reduce the negative impact. 

Common Sources of radiation exposure

So many things which we take for granted today emit significant EMFs.  Some are easier to avoid simply by making making basic lifestyle changes that after a short time come naturally, like turning off your wifi at night, or putting your cell on airplane mode.

Sources include:

Cell towers, high tension wires, dirty electricity, dimmer switches, fluorescent lighting, LED lighting/compact fluorescent bulbs, wiring, TV box, radar, flying in planes, cars, train, GPS, cell phone, hot tubs/whirlpool baths, battery and smart watches, computer, bluetooth, ear buds, wireless accessories/anything wireless, router, radio/antenna/satellite dish, smart meter, smart watch, smart appliances, microwave oven, transformers, battery quartz watch, clock radio, baby monitor, metal frame bed/box spring mattress (pick up and emit radiation from wall wiring), electrical appliances, waterbeds, metal spring mattresses, electrical panels, motors/motorcycles and other transportation, flying, microphone/amplifiers, electric guitar, all electrical devices and tools, some smoke and gas detectors.   

Tattoos, some nail polishes and lipsticks, metal jewelry/ watchbands:

What do these have in common? Heavy metals, and metals. In themselves metals do not emit radiation, but they react to it and attract it.  I was amazed when Sheena Symington, founder and president of the Electro Sensitive Society ( advised me that people have contacted her who had been fine, but as soon as they got tattoos, they suddenly became electrosensitive.  She explained that most inks for tattoos are loaded with heavy metals, and turn the body into a type of antenna.

If you already have tattoos, it is even more important

to follow the recommendations below. 

The same goes for many commercial nail polishes, metallic polishes, and especially shellac. If you love manicures, purchase your own enamel style polish from a health food store, and bring it to your manicurist to use.  Typically base and top coats are fine. Shades of commercial lipstick often contain heavy metals in the colouring.

Metals in clothing, shoes/accessories, and jewelry also attract electrical fields. Rhinestones typically contain lead.  It is best to go as metal free as possible to take this out of the equation and raise your health base line! 

Examples of conditions and illnesses

associated with EMFs:

Working with clients and volunteers over the years has shown me the heart and pancreas energy appear to be especially affected, and may display symptoms such as arrhythmias and diabetes.  My Kinesiology work has also shown strong evidence of thymus and thyroid energy stress, however it may impact the body on many more levels, whether we are aware of symptoms or not.  Stress, regardless of the source, can cause high cortisol levels and hormone imbalance leading to other issues. 

Other symptoms include; 

fatigue, mental and emotional stress and poor sense of well being, pain,  itchy skin, arrhythmia and other cardiac issues, brain fog / poor concentration, headaches, tinnitus, cancers, diabetes, ADHD, Alzheimers, depression, celiac disease and other digestive stress, calcium mishandling, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, osteoarthritis, digestive issues, sleep apnea, premature aging, infertility, and issues surrounding abnormal heartbeat have all been associated with EMF/Radiation exposure. 

Many issues are related to mitochondrial and DNA damage, which in turn are also related to aging.  DNA breakage is caused through free radicals produced by oxidative stress.  (See my blog article on mitochondrial function - "Our Biological Fountain of Youth".)

A few personal examples

I have far too many personal examples to include them all here, but a few stand out, I believe many people can relate to this one.  As a child in school, my parents were constantly getting notes from my teachers saying I wasn't paying attention, and was distracted and unable to focus.  Sound familiar?   

For some reason I was not able to settle down in school, but was fine at home in certain areas of our house.  For example I was able to focus intensely for long periods of time on practicing piano, and able to reach grade 10 Royal Conservatory by age 10, yet at school this kind of concentration was not possible - as well as in my bedroom doing my homework.  Our living room where the piano was located did have (indirect) fluorescent lighting, however I realised later when I could actually TEST the space using kinesiology, that the birch valences and wall paneling in the living room had a neutralising effect on the radiation, perhaps absorbing it in some way. 

I was constantly overwhelmed by the fluorescent lighting but of course had no concept of EMFs, and didn't actually realise until years later that I was having continuous mild headaches, which explained moodiness depending on my environmet.  I just knew I didn't like the fluorescent lights at school.   I would ask the teacher to switch off the lights since we had large classroom windows, and some other kids would always chime in "yes turn them off"..  The teachers would pause, looking very puzzled - some would turn the lights off and some wouldn't.  When they did, it was a huge relief!  Years later, it all made sense.

Teeth, Gums, Bone, and EMFs

I was a professional singer and pianist for many years, performing mainly in Europe 4 to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, 11 or even 12 months a year (I loved my job!).  Even though my teeth looked fine and my health was otherwise good, I had unbelievable problems with bleeding gums, abbesses and canker sores in my mouth. Dentists and hygienists were baffled.  For many years I had used a regular microphone, then moved to a (wired) headset. 

I developed a huge pocket between 2 back teeth in front of my left ear, exactly where the microphone headset wire touched my cheek.

No dental professional had any idea why this pocket appeared - the only one - they were truly baffled.  When my mother began having health issues in 2010, I stopped performing full time, and was amazed when the dental issues cleared up.  I went back to do a final contract 6 months later, and after 3 days, I had a canker in my mouth, plus aching in the pocket between my teeth where the microphone wire touched my cheek.  It was an eye opening revelation!  There have also been studies showing, for example, reduced femur bone density in men who carry their cell phone in their pocket, on that side.  


8 Year old boy

I had first became consciously aware of the EMF problem around 2000.  My cousin was a public school teacher, very conscientious and involved with student sports, plays, events, etc.  One student was a sweet 8 yr old boy who she felt was extremely bright, but was very distracted and had behavioural issues. She sensed there was something wrong but didn't know what.  She asked me if I could do a session with him to find out what was going on, I agreed, and she arranged with his mother for me to go to their home.       

When I do a session I first have to do a series of accuracy checks to make sure the muscles are locking and unlocking properly, but there was nothing i could do to get that boy's muscles to lock.  They were like jelly.  We were doing the session at the dining room table, and I suddenly my attention was drawn to the overhead chandelier, and I got up to switch it off the light.   Presto - the boy's muscles worked perfectly. 

The EMF from the chandolier was

a huge stress on his little body. 

Unfortunately I did not have solutions back then, and didn't know where to start - all I could tell his mother was that he seemed to be electro sensitive and to reduce exposure as much as possible - such as remove his clock radio from beside his bed, use lamps instead of overhead lights, etc. Cell phones and computers were not such an issue then.  This little boy has always been a motivation to me to find solutions for this issue.  

My Father

My parents were professional figure 

skaters who skated well into their 80's, so healthy diet and fitness

were always a priority in our family.. But in retrospect, we didn't understand the effect of EMFs would have on my father.. Environment is often overlooked. 

What we didn't understand was the effect of EMF's and  my father suffered the health effects despite a fantastic diet and active lifestyle . He was a real techie - an enthusiastic computer, electronics and HAM radio buff, worked in the communications business, and was continuously exposed to high EMF in his career.  He even had a small HAM radio antenna attached to the roof outside his study, and wiring across the headboard of their bed with about 8 switches for various things, and his router on his desk. 

He ended up with heart issues around age 60 - we were puzzled as to why, considering his excellent lifestyle.  He identified an excellent holistic MD, Dr. Zoltan Rona,  who got him off medications, but again  25 years later he was exposed to another layer of stress - strong chemical toxicity (VOC's) at their church during extensive renovations, and the heart problems came back.  Looking back I believe he could not recover at home because his stress "base line" was too high due to the continuous high EMF exposure from his home both in his bed, and study, where the router was also located. 

I would try to test him to find out why he was feeling sick and tired despite great diet and lifestyle but like the little boy, could not get his muscles to lock - he would lie down on his bed, and felt even worse, mainly with chest pain and fatigue.  His "figure skater's knees" also degenerated quickly. 

Shortly after he passed on from a heart attack in 2004, a friend gave me an enlightening book called "Geopathic Zones" by Luise Weidel, and everything suddenly made sense.  His death has been the main motivating factor that started my exploration into EMFs, and how to protect ourselves.  My parents had a spring mattress in their bed which I learned was picking up the electrical fields from the wall wiring, meaning his time in bed was stressful instead of healing.  So I continued my search for solutions with even more motivation. 

Blood Sugar Handling

 I had noticed "blood sugar handling" starting to show in my clients in my Budapest practice starting in the early 2000's.  We used omega 3 green powders such as chlorella at the time, to balance it.  Then I noticed it on myself as well.   It started one evening in 2004, living in Budapest.  I had a glass of red wine with my dinner - we finished dinner and the glass was still 3/4 full, so I took it into my study to sip on while doing computer work.  The glass was finished in 15 minutes!

I got up from the computer to refill the glass, then thought "why am I suddenly going through the wine so quickly - what's going on?" 

Using Kinesiology testing while in front of the computer, I found that my blood sugar handling and pancreas were showing stress.  I started searching on line, and found more related information to blood sugar and hormone imbalance from EMF exposure.   

Dr. Magda Havas was the first researcher whose work I found exciting and gave me scientific confirmations in what I had been finding in my practice, in the early 2000's.  She is a world leader in the study of EMF's at the University of Trent, Ontario, (see below link).  She also believes there could be a 3rd type of diabetes, Type 3, which is associated with dirty electricity and EMF exposure, and cites a study with a 54 year old man who was diagnosed as "pre diabetic".  His blood sugar is normal when he's out in nature, such as fishing, but as soon as he goes into a city environment his blood sugar rises. This man is likely not the exception. 

In the early 2000s, I noted 2 tragic examples of possible EMF related deaths of public figures... Dr. Randy Pausch was a young, healthy, very fit professor with 3 young children, teaching at Carnegie Melon University.  I came across his Ted Talk  "Last Lecture" (see link below) where he discussed his terminal pancreatic cancer.  He accepted it as fate,  saying he was making the best of the cards he was delt.  I wondered what subject he was teaching - if it was IT, and sure enough, he was teaching computer science.  This was also around the time that Steve Jobs passed from pancreatic cancer - too much of a co-incidence, and that is when I delved more into the work of Dr. Magda Havas. 

EMF researcher Dr. Martin Pall describes studies that show damage from two days on a cell phone is equivalent to 1600 x-rays.  Funding for research on EMF safety was officially stopped in 1986, and since then it has been the fox guarding the hen house scenario.  He describes massive misinformation coming from the telecommunications industry which seeks to discreditscientists and studies that do not support its own “research”.  He makes reference to a specific study where young mice were paired up and placed in high and low radiation environments.  The low radiation mice did produce healthy offspring, but by the 3rd generation, the high radiation mice were infertile.  (See the link at the end for the interview with Dr. Pall.) Dr. Pall also investigated the results of many studies, and found consistent references to the mishandling of calcium caused by interference of EMFs with our cells' ability to restrict the flow of calcium into the cells. 

Lloyd Burrell, is from the tech industry but suddenly became electrosensitive. He started an educational website, "Electric Sense" - in one of his newsletters he emphasizes how "studies show that EMFs damage your mitochondria (the tiny power houses in your cells responsible for energy and melatonin production) via an increase in oxidative stress,  calcium levels increase (far too much) INSIDE your mitochondria leading to a lowered ability to generate ATP (energy)."  This could account for the fatigue and general lack of energy which is a common complaint of many people today. He has certainly increased awareness and added value in providing (often expensive) solutions, but personally, I feel that if we fine tune our environment and diet to avoid stressors, support the body's energy, most mitigation strategies should be free, aside from some basic supplements. 

Finding extra support with supplements

Over the years I had found a few supplements to be very helpful - Oil of oregano was the latest, added in 2022.  First we would reduce exposure as much as possible  - with varying degrees of success!  If clients hadn't yet manifested obvious symptoms such as headaches or high blood pressure, they often didn't have the motivation to reduce EMF exposure. There are a few easy supplements which can make a dramatic improvement, quickly.

  • EMF stress uses up extraordinary amounts of magnesium for the process of counteracting an excess of calcium in the cells (see Dr. Martin Pall link, below), which most of us are deficient in anyway due to diet and depleted soils - when ever increasing  EMF exposure is added, we have a real problem.  In my experience I have noted that it is the TOPICAL magnesium (3 x day on the thymus gland area) that tests highly beneficial for supporting oxygen to the mitochondria.  Personally I take oral and topical magnesium. 
  • Chlorophyll  (1 T,  2 x day for the first 2 months or so) is very supportive for the micro biome which is compromised by EMF exposure.
  • Chlorella to remove heavy metals from the body, for those who eat sushi, seafood, or have had metal fillings.  (Do not use if until metal is removed.) Metals turn the body into a type of antenna, which attracts EMFs and can increase sensitivity.  Heavy metals detox should be done under the guidance of a medical professional who is familiar with this
  • Power herb blend to energise our foods


The Simplest and one of the most powerful Solutions Appears - Oil of Wild Oregano!   How it Happened...

Increasing your body's strength and tolerance to EMF requires a few strategies - not just one on it's own.  This is one of the most powerful support strategies to include in your lifestyle.

Very recently my husband I had been vacationing in Mallorca Spain with close friends who reside in Germany.  With the four of us in the car, I suddenly noticed an intense headache coming on, my pulse became erratic and fast, itching skin especially on my face, neck, and upper chest, and even laboured breathing.  It developed into the most severe headache I've ever had lasting several days (I'm not a "headache" person) - it felt like the center of my brain was being fried with a laser.  I wondered if perhaps there were communications towers in the area, but my symptoms seemed too extreme even for that.

I had a variety of therapeutic quality gemstone bracelets with me which have always been helpful (see blog article on semi precious stones) so I tested the right combination to balance the symptoms.  By wearing them 24/7 I was able to function normally and eliminate symptoms for the rest of the trip.  I wasn't "right", but much better and able to function. I then discovered our friends had the newest 5G enabled phones and later wondered if that could have been the problem since Spain, along with Italy, were early to jump on the 5G bandwagon with a full rollout.   I had always been able to protect myself against symptoms from cell phone exposure but these devices were much stronger.  

It was interesting to note the only time I felt really good on that trip was while swimming in the ocean, submerged up to my neck. All symptoms disappeared. This was most likely due to optimised grounding, which is most powerful swimming in salt water (or even fresh water) - especially with  high mineral content of the Mediterranean. 


Shortly after we returned home, my husband came home with the same 5G enabled phone as our friends had, and the problems, although less severe, started again -  especially in the car.  I started to panic, thinking "I can't take this"..  I always look to nature for answers, and thought about the many culinary herbs in our garden - herbs are nutrient dense, and contain powerful essential oils. 

I walked around the garden holding my husband's new

5G phone, testing my stress levels in relation to a variety of herbs. 

Oregano was very effective, as well as thyme to a lesser degree.  

I remembered using "oil of oregano" years ago, and found a small number of research studies on Oil of Oregano and radiation exposure.  There was enough to suggest there could be science supporting this "discovery".  I went to my local health food store who carried 7-8 brands of Oil of Oregano, and found the oral supplement version "Oil of Wild Oregano" tested the best of all the brands and types on the shelf.  If you don't see that, organic oil of oregano essential oil will work well also.

I started off taking it orally as I bought the oral supplement version - I took 2 drops (in red grapefruit juice) and IMMEDIATELY after the first dose I noticed a sense of calm, relief, and physical support or "strength".  The panic was gone.  I was even able to hold my husband's new cell phone without any notable distress.  Driving in the car with his phone on, was also fine.  However it is not good to take it internally over long periods of time, and I found that using it topically (diluted) is just as effective for EMF support. To dilute, add 6 drops oil of oregano to 3T olive oil and apply 5 drops to the thymus gland 3 x day.  4 x or more as needed if you are very electo sensitive .  (This combination is much more synergistic that other oils such as jojoba.)  If you need it many times in the day in the beginning, chances are you will be able to reduce it to 2 or 3 x day as you introduce other support listed below.


Golf - A testament to the effectiveness of Oil of Wild Oregano!

A week or so later my husband and I decided to play a short round of golf.  The week earlier we had golfed for the first time at a new 9 hole par 3 course.  When we arrived we saw that it (like many golf courses!) was located directly under 10,000 volt high tension wires. Normally I would have never returned a second time, but it seemed like a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of the Oil of Wild Oregano with the high voltage.  I did not have any of my usual symptoms which included irregular heart beat.  I still would not go back because the first rule is "reduce exposure"!  

Finding a Simple, Universally Effective Protocol

Luckily I had brought along tools which got me through that trip to Mallorca, but most people don't have these.  Since then, I have tested oil of wild oregano on numerous individuals of different age groups and genders. 

Every single person I have tested has shown a significant reduction in stress from  5G enabled cell phones after using the Oil of Oregano.

It should be used in combination with topical magnesium spray or cream (see cream recipe below) - more on these later.  We are all different, but the basic physiological mechanics of the human body should be relatively consistent.  I wondered if this could be part of an easy, low cost, natural protocol that would be helpful for most people - even those who are debilitated by today's EMFs.  

6 Universal Foot Reflex Zones, and EMFs

I stumbled onto this 6 months after the discovering the benefits oil of oregano for EMFs. Please read my recent blog on the "6 universal foot reflex zones".  These 6 zones on the feet on their own, are as effective as the oil of oregano when done regularly.   Zone 4 on the left foot (pancreas) is especially relevant for electro-sensitive people and zone 5 is helpful for other symptoms in general. (Note the other zones should be cleared 2 x day for best results - this becomes faster after a few days.)   When clear, the foot zones allow the body's energy to flow freely, reducing blockages which cause pain/illness, and heal itself naturally.  This come under the umbrella of "Desert Island Solutions". 

It is also important to eat a healthy, nutrient dense diet (with power herbs) to give your body the raw materials it needs to carry out the healing process. 


Copy from here down to copy/print summary. 

      Chapter 2:  Power up your body with

    "The Natural EMF Protocol"

 First, reduce EMF exposure (see details Chapter 3) then clear stressful energy out of your personal space using basic Feng Shui principles, and "spraying", detailed below. It is priority to reduce your body's stress levels, and provide an oasis of relaxing support for rejuvenation and increase your body's baseline energy. 

But it's not just about getting the router out of your bedroom (or switching it off at night)! Your personal priority in reducing stress levels could be any of number 1,2 and/or 3. These three areas can cause inflammation or reduce your body's energy before you even consider EMF, and amplify the negative effects of EMF.   I have often seen the priority is diet - do you eat inflammatory foods such as nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant), high oxalate or high lectin foods ( these include spinach/leafy greens, nuts/nut butters, nut milk such as almond milk, whole grains and brown rice, quinoa, wheat, most beans and pulses including chick peas and lentils)?  See details below - and best food substitutes, food preparation and suggestions. 

Consider basic Feng Shui? Where is your house located - at a T intersection, or near communications towers? Can you see the door (without turning your head much) from your bed or desk? All very important considerations and usually easy to fix with some fun and interesting mitigations... 

What fabrics do you wear? Certain synthetics DO dramatically decrease your body's baseline energy levels, making you more vulnerable to EMF stress. 

And of course consider the type of work you do when evaluating your exposure - are you continuously in front of the computer or working with electrical or motorised devices or equipment? Do you have high exposure to LED and Fluorescent lighting? This would also include careers such as hairdressers, drivers, dentists, and hygienists, drivers, pilots, teachers in the classroom, landscaping or working with sewing machines, etc.  

Always check with your doctor before  starting new supplements as some may interact with medications, or not be suitable for you personally. 

NOTE:  Tips for those who have EHS (electro hyper sensitivity) as a result of head trauma such as concussion, or have had other stress in the head area....

  • do the gentle cranial points (see image) under "Desert Island Solutions"
  • Limbic reset below under "Other Helpful Strategies" done 2 x day for 2 weeks to help reset the body from the original trauma. 
  • Omega 3 is almost an especially important supplement - see under "Other Helpful Strategies".
  • When going out, (or exposed), wear a metal free, natural fiber hat, cap, baseball cap, beret, toque  (ie no metal eyelets etc.) made of natural fibers - ANY content of polyester or acrylic is counterproductive.  Leather/suede/sheepskin etc., are especially protective but even cotton is protective. EMF protective clothing may be helpful but does contain silver threads so these should not touch your skin, and should NOT be made of polyester (bamboo and cotton protective clothing are good).  
  • Integrate the 2 mantras into your daily routine - the second mantra is specifically for the brow (6th) chakra whose energy is depleted by radiations, but both are necessary for the best results. 

The purpose of most of these mitigations is to remove as much stress as posible from the body in order to return the body to it's natural balance, and free up it's resources to more easily cope with EMF/radiations.  Then we implement strategies to protect and optimise that natural energy - such as the topical supplements of Magnesium, Oil of Oregano blend which I consider the equivalent of "body armour", and thyme oil blend.  Then we can use "Desert Island Solutions" such as Foot Zones to clear the body's electrical wiring system (meridians) of blockages which cause pain and fatigue and promote healing, K27s "hitch hiker thumbs" to balance the body's electrical system, and the 2 mantras to help mitigate effects immediately when IN a high EMF environment.  

Look through the list and see what you can start today. 

SUMMARY of the Top 8 interventions  (and Other Helpful Strategies)

For the best success, it is important to incorporate multiple strategies on a daily basis, as part of your lifestyle!

Implementing single strategies may be helpful, but will not bring the best results - implementing multiple overall changes into your environment and lifestyle is required for real results.

1. Start with reducing stress in your environment - (both EMF, and "energetic" low or stressful energies which we absorb.)  Apply as many EMF mitigation strategies as possible - see below in section C, clear low energies by decluttering, open windows daily or spray your environment well with a white vinegar solution (2 parts vinegar, 3 parts water) and spray antiques, porous surfaces, and decorating fabrics.  See more under "Details".   

2.  What You Wear!   What you wear can either support or deplete your body's natural energy: 

This is a POWERFUL strategy - do not under estimate the biological effect of the fabrics and accessories you wear! Recently I was working with someone but there was something off.  I asked her to please change her (acrylic) sweater into a natural fiber, and not only did the stress leave her body, but 15 minutes later she commented that her sore throat was diminishing! 

Take note how you feel - any pain or stress? Rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. Now check what you are wearing - if you are wearing anything listed here, remove metals or change your clothing.  Then after a few minutes, re-evaluate how you feel.  Chances are you are already improved by at least a few points!

Avoid wearing metals - this includes metal framed glasses (avoid large metal logos - look for bamboo frames), jewelry/watches, anything with a battery, metal studded clothing/metal zippers and accessories, and metal eyelets on clothing and hats.   Avoid synthetic fabrics that drain the body's energy, especially ANY percentage content of polyester, or acrylic. (Nylon is acceptable.)  Wear only natural supportive fibers such as cotton, bamboo, wool, cashmere, silk, viscose, rayon, leather/suede. Leather (and fur unfortunately) is especially protective, but be careful it is not lined with polyester. (Nylon lining is fine.) 

3.  Follow an anti inflammatory, high energy diet: 

Your diet is key. The negative effects of inflammatory foods will be aggravated by EMFs, and can easily sabotage your success. 

  • avoid Linoleic Acid (omega 6 in vegetable/seed oils):  Sugars have been vilified for harming our health, but our sugar consumption has barely changed since the 1940's.  However Linoleic acid (Omega 6) consumption has skyrocketed, along with heart disease, cancer, alzheimers, and other now common diseases.  It's already known that eating foods fried in vegetable oil and food products containing seed and vegetable oils will decrease the tolerance of the skin to solar radiation and cause it to burn more easily.   Evidence is showing in my work with those with EHS that these oils may also increase intolerance to all other radiations.  For example, I took some measurements on myself in relation to stress from wifi in our home environment.  With mitigations in place, stress from wifi before I cut omega 6 oils was 15%.   Now it is 3%.  If you are already noticeably affected by EMFs/radiation, it may be especially important to read labels and avoid these foods like the plague.  These oils are stored as fat because the body tends to tuck them away in fat cells as it is not able to deal with them - they can remain in the body for a few years.  As part of your regular daily diet, eliminate high oil foods such as nuts and seeds (high in omega 6), nut butters, GMO products, of course margarine/crisco, carob, "vegan" products like cheeses and fake meats, and beer - especially dark.  Be aware that almost all chicken pork, and farmed salmon are high in omega 6, only because they are grain fed and cannot convert omega 6 oils to omega 3 as multi stomached cows/sheep can do. If you eat dried fruit such as cranberries and raisins, read the label! Most are coated with sunflower oil!! It's everywhere, so learn what to watch for.  Use coconut oil and animal based fats for baking, frying, and cooking. 

Baked goods such as breads, crackers, and muffins are typically loaded with vegetable oils so bake your own using light spelt flour, and butter as the fat. I have personally only found 1 cracker (I love a crunchy snack!) in our health food stores that does not contain oils, seeds, or wheat.. that is "Brown Rice Snaps (organic)",  by Edward and Sons.  (Some of their crackers DO contain oil, so check ingredients carefully.)  Most rice crackers are loaded with sunflower oil.  The Big Carrot on Danforth is the only retail store in Toronto that I have found to carry these but they may be available on line. They do contain brown rice - ideally we want organic white rice - but the overall effect in this one situation is acceptable. 

  • Reduce and manage high oxalate foods!  Oxalalic acid is water soluble, so thoroughly boiling does reduce oxalate, but it still has to be managed. High oxalate foods include spinach and leafy greens, almonds, peanuts/nuts/nut butters, beets (unless fermented), carrots, yams, dark chocolate, wheat, bran, whole grains, potatoes, rhubarb, carob, beans/kidney beans etc, and beer.  Carrots and yams have excellent fiber for the micro biome health, and luckily boiling them well removes harmful oxalate.  Click on this video with scientist Sally Norton, who has written a book "Toxic Superfoods: How oxalate overload is making you sick."  She discusses how oxalates are ESPECIALLY  toxic when one is exposed to EMFs. This is related to permeation of cell walls, mitochondria, and an excess of unusable calcium flooding the  cells.

  • Eliminate the inflammatory "deadly night shades" group of vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers.  Note that tobacco is also a nightshade).  Yes they have nutritional value, but this is outweighed by inflammatory anti-nutrients. 

  • Limit whole grains  including quinoa whose shells contain inflammatory lectins - note that is is part of the grain's "immune system" to protect agains predators. 
  • Avoid processed foods/sugars, and fast foods or excess restaurant foods

What to eat!

Eat organic as much as possible as it truly is much higher in energy, and that energy is transferred to you. 

Add the Power Herb Blends in all your meals, including when on vacation.  Fill a shaker, and add total 1 1/2 tsp day as a minimum - more is good.  You can also take the Thyme Power Herb Blend as a tea -  3/4 tsp herb blend in 3 cups boiling water, for mitochondrial energy and micro biome support.   At the same time you can prepare the anti-inflammatory turmeric drink a couple of days a week. The turmeric drink is a priority for those with EHS.   The following is a list of anti-inflammatory foods that you can include in your diet.  Of course there may be certain foods that may not agree with certain individuals. 

NOTE: Because EMFs interfere with gut bacteria, if you are feeling bloated, you may need to do a very short term "Keto" diet which avoids all sugars/fruits/grains, for only about 5 days (it is not good long term), to bring the gut bacteria back into balance by not feeding bad bacteria. Of course, stick with foods in the beginning that you CAN tolerate - your tolerance should improve as the micro biome heals. 

  • ORGANIC VEGETABLES and herbs:  Include several portions of micro biome supporting vegetable such as boiled yams/carrots (boil to remove oxalates), onions, red cabbage, fennel, bok choy, radishes, asparagus, green beans, and peas...

Other anti-inflammatory vegetables include cooked broccoli, caulifulower, microgreens as salad, dark orange summer squash (such as honeynut, buttercup, kabocha),  green cabbage,  shitake and porcini mushrooms (typically porcini come dried), boiled spinach (to remove oxalates), and brussel sprouts. 

  • Herbs are powerhouses of energy and micronutrients.. Personally I believe the heavy use of herbs is the reason for the French Paradox!   Add chopped organic fresh herbs to your meals, such as cilantro, or lovage which you can grow up to 6' tall easily in the garden.  Parsley is fine, but over rated - it can be used when others are not available. Also use fresh herbs freely such as sage (especially purple sage), oregano, thyme, season with Himalayan salt, organic black pepper.    
  • FERMENTED FOODS:  to support a healthy gut micro biome.  Eat 1 heaped tablespoon fermented red beet (not pickled!) or real sauerkraut. Also include prebiotic foods in your diet, such as miso soup, bok choy, raw creamed honey, asparagus, garlic, onions, blueberries (limited), and grapefruit.
  • Avoid BEANS AND PULSES:  use black eyed peas, split peas as substitutes. 
  • POWER HERB BLENDS: 2T each dried thyme, sage, oregano, 1T black pepper (If you are sensitive to black pepper, reduce to tolerance).  Use total of at least 1 1/2 tsp per day sprinkled on or cooked into foods. This is mild - it even works well on yoghurt with organic hemp seed. Drink the Thyme blend as a tea - add 2 tsp to 2 cup boiling water and let it steep. The tea is ready when most herbs have sunk to the bottom of the mug, then it can be sipped throughout the day. This blend is VERY supportive of the micro biome, and  also strengthening and cleansing for the kidneys.
  • TURMERIC BLEND DRINK  (our version of "golden milk" without the milk!)  Our most powerful "Anti-inflammatory", and for healing. The ginger powder is carefully measured to support pancreas energy, which is under more stress in today's high radiation environment.  Make the blend by combining 3T organic turmeric powder, 4tsp ginger powder, 1 1/2 tsp black pepper.  Typically, Add 1 1/2 to 2 tsp blend - up to 3-4tsp (depending if you have painful inflammation). 1 large soupspoon raw creamed honey (for engymes/absorption), and optionally 1 1/2-2tsp tsp bee pollen, to 1 cup warm water. (Just warm enough to melt the honey - boiling water will kill the enzymes.) Sip on this throughout the day. Turmeric does not stay long in the body, therefor it is easiest to make a large mug, and sip it several times over the course of the day and evening. 
  • FRUITS:  Mango (#1), apples, avocado, pears, blueberries, red grapes, watermelon, lemon, red grapefruit, cherries. (Most fruits are low/medium oxalate except raspberries and dates, rhubarb. Note that strawberries are highly allergenic.) Mangos are still beneficial even if you can't get organic. 
  • PROTEIN: sardines, grass fed beef and lamb, limited wild sockeye salmon,  eggs, goat cheese/yoghurt, organic hemp seed (at least 1T/day sprinkled on yoghurt, salad, etc)
  •  FATS: olive oil (preferably Greek to ensure purity), pastured butter, ghee, coconut oil
  • GRAINS: (limited) white organic rice such as jasmin, light spelt flour in baking 

  • SUGARS:  Raw honey (creamed), dark organic maple syrup, organic Turbinado for baking 

4. Grounding:  Regular grounding is an absolute priority in today's environment.  It brings the earths geo-magnetic energy and electrons into our body, to balance our electrical system and scavenge free radicals.  Before 1960 grounding was not an issue as we all wore leather soled shoes, but with the advent of non conductive rubber soles, we cut our bodies off from a vital source of energy - the earth.  Grounding is important for mitochondrial function (to produce ATP for energy). EMF produces a positive charge in the body, leaving us with an electron imbalance, which is related to inflammation.  Grounding is best connecting directly to nature such as bare/sock feet on the grass/stone/concrete (not wood), walking at water's edge of the beach, or place bare or cotton sock feet on a concrete basement floor or balcony. 

It is not easy to find all leather shoes with 0 synthetics, but authentic all leather moccasins, or sheepskin only slippers, would be grounding.   Some high quality dress shoes are still all leather.  Grounding mats/tools* are a winter alternative and CAN be helpful depending on where you live and the wiring in your home. These are also available with a long fine grounding wire that can run out your window into the ground.   (

(*NOTE: Be cautious using grounding tools as people have reported injuries due to faulty wiring and dirty electricity in their homes, as well as electrical currents in the outside soil.  I have not seen this personally, however these cases have been reported. If you live in a rural area away from high tension wires, towers, and smart meters, in most cases it is likely fine.  Try out a grounding mat first - if you feel worse, don't use it. You can give it away to someone not living in your neighbourhood and see how they do.   )  

5.The Gut Micro Biome:   (See my blog article "Micro biome Optimisation" for more details.)

According to Christine Rosche, board certified nutritionist specializing in digestive health, we have up to 100 trillion micro organisms collectively called the  microbiome and 10 times the number of cells in our body.  99% in large intestine, and 2/3 of our immune lymphocytes are found in the small intestine.   In fact, researchers found that levels of the “Enterococcus fetalis“ (EF) bacteria in the body, if present and overgrown, was found to be the best predictor of  severe reaction to viruses, even over pre existing conditions such as diabetes, and heart disease, due to its inflammatory effect.

Chemicals, moulds, heavy metals, and man made radiation can all individually compromise the micro biome.  Microwave radiation is especially disruptive and overwhelming to the health gut microbes as it dramatically reduces the ability of the mitochondria to create energy.  It takes a lot of energy for the mitochondria to maintain an anaerobic environment in the large intestine, and will low energy output, they can't do it.  When healthy gut microbes such as Akkermansia come in contact with oxygen, they die, and bad microbes take over.  This creates immune, digestive, leaky gut, and brain function issues - partially because the bacteria communicate and integrate throughout the brain and body using electrical impulses.   When yeast and fungi are exposed longer periods of time (like carrying cell phone on your body) their growth starts to increase significantly, and grow out of control. 

Doctors have noticed tripling of autoimmune disease and other inflammatory diseases.  Symptoms may not be as obvious as gut discomfort but have other issues related to fungus such as in the toe and fingernails, colds and flu, and inflammation in general and increase susceptibility in our most vulnerable areas as individuals.  Oil of oregano, thyme, and sage also have a beneficial effect on the micro biome even applied topically as indicated above under supplements. Certain foods help to counteract the negative effects of microwave radiation and support the microbiome.

Be aware that refined sugar, hard alcohol, & beer, can be even more destructive to the

micro biome under continuous EMF exposure. 

Sugars combined with EMF are food for yeasts, fungi, and create a weak micro biome. There is also evidence the recent COVID 19 shots appear to possibly increase EMF sensitivity in individuals who have received them, however the mechanism for this is not yet clear.


Doctors have noted the tripling of auto immune diseases in general in the last 20 years, caused by inflammation.  EMF related symptoms include headaches, gut symptoms, tinnitus, fatigue and chronic fatigue, respiratory, cold and flu, Alzheimers, ADD,  irregular heartbeat, fibromyalgia, infertility, and premature aging caused by DNA damage.

6. Topical Essential oils -  Oil of Oregano for EMF support, oil of thyme for general stressful energies.  You can easily make your own oregano and thyme oil, see next paragraph.  This is probably the single most important intervention.  (Diluted for topical use only). TIP: mix oils with the olive oil in a pyrex measuring cup with spout, then pour into small dark glass bottles.  I have found that some common brands of essential oils do not test well. Aura Cacia and Divine Essence are reliable brands but it may be cheaper and more convenient to make your own. 

Studieshave also shown that oil of oregano increases blood flow (and therefor oxygen) in the vessels. It also loosens and breaks up mucous and phlegm, supports a healthy gut microbiome, eases inflammation, and supports mental health. In my work I have found is strong anecdotal evidence that it dramatically increases EMF tolerance when used as described below. 

Make your own oregano oil from dried or fresh organic herbs:   If organic oregano is not easy for you to locate, or if you have lots of oregano in your garden, make your own my marinating the leaves in olive oil.  

  • If using dried organic leaves, add 3T olive oil to a small glass jar, such as an old spice jar. Add 1T dried oregano to the olive oil, stir, and let marinate for 2 days (full 48hrs).  Then you can strain it into another small glass bottle and use undiluted on the thymus gland, or feet zones. 
  • If using fresh leaves, chop relatively finely and add 1T leaves to 4T olive oil, and marinate 3 days (full 72 hours).  Strain and use undiluted on the thymus gland or feet zones. 

As a reminder, keep this on your bedside table along with your topical magnesium - they only need to be used twice a day, and it may be easiest to apply them first thing in the morning and before bed.  (Magnesium is absorbed very quickly, but the oregano oil take about 3 minutes to do it's job, so wait a few minutes before taking a shower.)


OIL OF OREGANO topical formula using purchased Oil of Oregano(Dilute 6 drops oil of oregano per 1T olive oil). Think of this blend as a natural protective shield!  2 x day.  

Apply 4 drops to the thymus gland area (2" below bas of throat at the center of the sternum - there is a slight rise in the center), optionally 2 drops to thyroid gland area, and all foot zones, especially zone 4. 


  • If you have tinnitus or ear issues, apply your oil of oregano blend, 1 drop each side behind the ear lobe on the side of the neck, behind the angle of the jaw 
  • If you have had head trauma such as concussion, apply oil of oregano blend, 1 drop to each of the 3 cranial points 2 x day for 1 week, or longer if needed.   


7.  Magnesium - topical and oral (Reminder- always check with your health professional before starting new supplements.)  Topically, use cream or spray - see my magnesium cream recipe at the end of this article. 

Topically, use cream or spray.  See cream recipe at the end of this article.)  Apply topical magnesium 2-3 x day on thymus area to support mitochondrial energy and oxygen (as well as other benefits). And/or, take a magnesium supplement 3 x day (Magnesium L Threonate or Magnesium Bisglycinate).  As a culture we are already low in magnesium, and EMF/radiation exposure dramatically increases requirements for magnesium. 

Think of topical magnesium as a beautiful strengthening shield for your thymus gland applied across the upper center chest.  Spray 2 x into your palm and wipe onto your chest. Personally I take both oral and topical. Use it along with the oil of oregano on the thymus area.    

8. Two priority Desert Island Solutions: 10 minute walk, and K27's (Left right Polarity, also nicknamed "Hitch Hiker thumbs". )

I am listing these separately as they appear to be extremely benefical for EMF support. 

10 minute brisk walk:  When we wake up in the morning, our hormones are naturally a bit out of balance - cortisol is high, and other hormones are likely off.  The pancreas (and heart energy) are most affected by EMF, and are GREATLY supported by a short, 10 minute walk shortly after you wake up in the morning.  Personally, I drink a glass of water, have a shower, and walk around the block - rain or shine.  Of course this is not enough exercise for the day, but 10 minutes early morning is all that is required for natural hormone balancing to get your day off to a good start. You may notice that by the time your finish your walk, you feel stronger and better overall.  

K27's (Kidney meridian 27):  This is balancing/stabilising for hormones, used as an electrical "reset" while or after being exposed to EMF. (Actually it can be used as a "reset" for any kind of shock to the system, such as broken bones or illness.)  It should be done at least 2 x day, 3 or 4 times  if you are electro sensitive.  For electro sensitivity,  If you react going into a high wifi or radiation area, you can do this immediately to help the body adjust and get back on track.   For example in a show or lecture with a large group of people and cell phones, when you walk into a doctor's office or other high EMF areas, passing cell towers in a car (if you are a passenger!), etc. or even driving in a car, train, or flying. It can be done discretely, or you can duck into a bathroom and do this 30 second clearing.   

(It can be nicknamed "hitchhiker thumbs", or in PKP Kinesiology it is referred to as Left Right Polarity - see image above) 

"Left Right Polarity" is an ELECTRICAL correction which is helpful for everyone today since we are all exposed - not just for those with EHS (electro hyper sensitivity). The K27 points are quick the "go to" correction if you are thrown off balance by cell phone exposure, cell towers, or any exposure. 

This should take about 30 seconds. 

  • Make fists with fingertips touching palms, thumbs sticking out like a hitch hiker. 

  • Cross wrists and place thumbs in the hollows under the collar bones an inch or two from the sternum.  
  • Massage the area with your thumbs, quickly back and forth for about 5 seconds, then switch hands back and forth about 6-12 times - 12 times if you have a more pronouced reaction. (You can simply switch one hand back and forth, under and over the other.)  This criss crosses the accupuncture meridians, and polarity in each hand.  The thumbs act as a ground with neutral polarity connecting with the ends of the kidney meridians (K27 points). 

9. Ayurvedic Mantras for Longevity, Health, and Healing:  

This is the latest addition to the natural EMF protocol (October 24 2023) as well as to the Desert Island Solutions article (DIS).  If you are not comfortable with mantras, then focus on the other strategies.  The high vibration of the Sanscrit language is an important factor, so English translations will not work. 

The Sanscrit Mantra is "Om, Shree Dhanvantre Namah". (pronouced "Ohm, Shree D-havantré Na-mah" )   The literal translation is “ Oh Lord Shri Dhanvantari, I bow before you respectfully with prayers”.  However the English translation does NOT have the energetic benefit of the original Sanskrit. 

This mantra has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for longevity, health, healing, and even "immortality" according to ancient tablets.  It is addressed to Dhavantari, the father of Ayurvedic medicine. (Spellings of the name vary.)  Keep in mind that Sanscrit is the sacred high vibrational language of our most ancient ancestors, and mantras should be approached with the highest respect and reverence, in a meditative, peaceful, state.  You can hear a sample of the mantra here, by Deva Premal.

The mantra can be sung in monotone or with slight variations – do what feels comfortable to you, inhaling through the nose and being aware of the long exhalation. Repeat this mantra slowly for 1 minute twice a day.  (The first 2 days you may wish to do 2 or more minutes - of course you can repeat it as long and as much as you want to, but 1 minute is the minimum.)  Do it when you are out walking quietly in nature, in a quiet environment, or as part of a meditation or yoga programme. 

Typically at least 5-6 mitigations in total are needed for protection and tolerance to EMF, but it appears that saying or singing this 4 word mantra will put you FAR ahead in terms of removing stress from your body and protecting your body's natural energy field. 


How does it work?

Radiation frequencies appear to cause porousness and holes in the energetic fields around the human body, as well as of animals and most living things - think of Swiss Cheese!  Porousness allows low and stressful energies to move through our other energetic bodies right to our physical body.  The mantra appears to work mainly on the spiritual level – the most distant layer of the energy field, which may radiate roughly 5' from the body in all directions. This in turn protects  the other main levels closer to the body – emotional, mental, electrical, then physical. 


It appears that the reason this particular mantra is so powerful is that the energy of the name “Shri Dhavantari” is a connection to the ENERGY of knowledge of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicine. When we sing “Om Shree Dhanvantari Namaha” in Sanskrit’s high vibration, it takes it to a completely different level than if we use English, or any other modern language.

If I test the energy of the English translation, it has only 10% life force. No benefit or connection.  If I test it using the Sanscrit language, It’s life force is 100%.


The powerful high frequency of the language and words of this  ancient mantra appears to have an immediate forbearing effect over manmade radiation frequencies, and the energy field is protected, the holes are able to naturally fill in. The result is your energy field becomes complete again.  Virtually everyone in the trial could feel a positive effect immediately after completing the first round, and were enthusiastic about continuing it, and found themselves doing it for longer periods of time.   Because we are continuously being bombarded with man made radiations, now more than ever from satellites, this ancient mantra appears to offer us excellent, immediate support and protection. 

If you are suffering from EHS or health symptoms, sing the mantra for at least 2 minutes 2 x day for the first 2 days, then you can reduce to 1 minute if you wish.  I have been doing a trial with 10 volunteers for only the last week - We have found that repeating the mantra for 2 minutes will increase the "completeness" of the energy field from 0-10% up to 60% after just the first 2 minutes.  By the end of the second day the energy field so far has been typically 100% "complete". 

The mantra also supports the chakras.  It energetically benefits mainly the throat chakra, which is typically under 10% of it's optimal energy, due to the effect of man made radiations (and chemicals).  The throat chakra is considered the gateway for energy between the head and lower body. It is best if the mantra is sung or spoken (even whispered) as the frequency will pass through the throat chakra, HOWEVER, if this is not possible, such as with an ill person or with an animal, contact with them white reciting the mantra yourself will transfer the frequency to them, so it WILL work - it may take an extra day or two to get to the full potential.

Blockage of the throat chakra is said to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  (One can't help but wonder if this is connected to the rise in emotional/mental illness and violence in society today.)  Repeating the mantra in our trial has typically raised throat (and subsequently all chakras) energy to a very balanced 80% by the end of first 2 days.   Of course it must be repeated 2 x day indefinitely for ongoing support. 

MANTRA 2:  "Om Aim Namaha" (pronounced Ohm Ayeem Namaha).  This 3 word mantra specifically supports the 6th (brow) chakra and balances energy in the head area - so if you are prone to symptoms such as eyestrain or headaches, this is excellent.  Repeat for 30 seconds, 3 x day, or when exposed.  This is ideal to use along with the Thyme blend tea, which also supports the brow chakra.  In a large 2 cup mug, add 2 cups boiling water to 1 1/2 tsp thyme blend.  Let steep - the herbs will sink to the bottom.  Sip throughout the day, and bring some cold with you in a small flask to sip on if you go out. 

                                                                                                                                                             Other Helpful Strategies

1.  Other Desert Island Solutions:  Foot zones and other energy exercises to promote healing and optimal health    (Continuity of Energy flow throughout the body= Healing)

  • The foot zones is much like giving yourself an accupuncture treatment.  It supports the whole body in removing energetic blocks for healing and recovering from EMF or other injuries or conditions.  It clears all the energy pathways to support the body's natural healing process.  This should be done regularly..1 or 2 x day - for healing and rejuvenation.   

          (click here for short video. )

  • The thymus tap reset is easy to do anywhere - tap thymus quickly with 5 fingertips 10-20 times. 
  • The Central & Governing (meridian) points are calming, clearing,  and relaxing, Hold pointer and middle finger  just above upper lip, 2 fingers of the other hand top center of the head lengthwise such as over a center hair part.  Do 5 long slow breaths - count 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out.  Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. (You can close your eyes for extra relaxation.) Then place 2 finger below the lower lip, and 2 fingers of the other hand on the top center of the pubic bone.  Do the same breathing.  This is also helpful for falling asleep.  
  • The 3 Cranial points are good stress release and beneficial if you have suffered a concussion in the past. See points on the above image. In order touch points marked 1,2 and 3 in order, with your pointer and middle fingers of your right hand 


2. Regular exercise:  Just a 10 minute walk early every morning is all that is needed to have a positive balancing effect on your pancreas and hormones for the day! (including stress hormones.)   The pancreas is very vulnerable to EMF, and a good quick walk has a balancing effect. 

3. Energise your body and home with Semi Precious stones and "Snake Plant": 

  • Wear metal free Pale blue Amazonite bracelet and/or necklace.

  • Sleep wearing a Larimar and Selenite bracelet (See my semi precious stones blog, bracelet #7.)  

  • To improve the energy in your home, first remove clutter and spray well with 25% vinegar to water. Then place a few Rose Quartz pieces and a piece of clear quartz in a selenite bowl on your bedside table, dining table, or other areas where you spend a lot of time. 
  • Place Amethyst in your bathroom and kitchen near the taps. 
  • Use the all green variety snake plants (place in white ceramic or plastic pots - not metal) in central areas such as kitchen island, coffee table, bedside table, to harmonise energy. 

4. Other important Supplements for EMF support:  Check first with your doctor.

  • Vitamin C with flavanoids (Thorne brand is good),  1500 mg/day (2 + 1 caps)

  • Vitamin Dfor immune system and hormone balance.  Most women require about 6,000iu, and men about 7,000iu/day. Increase by 2,000iu in winter months.  Check with your doctor.
  • NACsupplement or NAC rich foods to increase glutathione production, protects against free radical damage from EMFs, supports the liver.
  • Omega 3 for brain and heart support, anti-inflammatory, and also may help to displace harmful omega 6 in some cells. Best natural sources are water packed sardines (3/serving), organic hemp seed (1-2T/day), and for women - cold pressed flax seed oil (not flax seeds themselves, ground or whole, as the seed shell is inflammatory), 2 tsp 2 x day. Note that most flax oil in capsules is rancid - get it in bottles in the refrigerator at your health food store. Flax oil supports female hormones.
  • Quercetin - powerful anti oxidant.  You can likely get enough from eating 1 apple/day, preferably organic Gala, unless you have an apple tree!.  Or eat 1/2 cup a day of home made applesauce. (peeled, boiled, mashed, add 1 1/2 tsp Power Herbs.) The apple skin should be fine, but if you have a problem with ANY oxalates, you can peel the apple.

5.  Limbic Reset:  The purpose of the limbic reset is to help the limbic system return to normal balance after a trauma such as concussion, illness such as covid (or vax injury), or any event which suddenly "throws one off" the natural balance causing long term symptoms. It could also be childhood trauma or stress.  One person I worked with had an extreme sensitivity to corn, as she grew up with a lot of corn in her diet.  It can harmonise the system after a sudden, high EMF or chemical exposure, or loss a loved one, which may have caused hypersensitivity. This is a simple collection of 3 "Brain Gym" exercises from Dr. Paul Dennison, which takes 5 minutes 2 x day for only 2 weeks.  

Here are the 3 steps: 

  • draw large horizontal 8's with 1 extended arm, head straight, following fingers with your eyes.  Draw eight "8s" with one arm, then the other, then clasp both hands together and draw three "8s" with hands clasped. 
  • "Balance Buttons":  Close eyes, sit with 2 fingers in the groove at base of skull, the other palm across your navel.  Inhale through the nose for 5 sec, out through the mouth for 5 sec, do 5 breaths.
  • Positive points:  Close eyes, breath as above with fingertips in the middle of your forehead above the eyeballs. 

If you are negatively impacted by EMF's when traveling in a car, train, or plane, here are some tips for protection and support.  Motorcyles of course are not a good idea!

  • If traveling especially by plain or train, wrap yourself in a (preferably) cashmere pashmina, or at least wear a natural fiber scarf knotted loosely around your neck, tails hanging down the center of the sternum. Cashmere or silk ideal, but any natural fiber is good. 
  • Wear a wool or natural fiber/leather hat, baseball cap, scarf, or beret. 
  • Wear only natural fibers 
  • Carry about 25gm rose quartz in your pocket close to your body - it's gentle love vibration is counteractive to harsh EMF.  (25gm is a stone approx. 2"x1"x1/2") 
  • Sing the 2 mantras as you drive, especially close to cell towers etc., or hum them quietly on a plane or train...  Have a flask of Power Herb Blend tea handy - warm or cold - to sip on regularly - especially if you feel fatigue coming on.  Mantra 2 (Om ayeem namaha) is especially supportive for the brow chakra - eyes/head area.
  • Avoid wearing metal jewelry, watch, belt buckles, wire framed glasses, or other accessories.
  • On a plane or train wear a leather or natural fiber coat or bring a pashmina which you can use as a blanket to shield yourself.   (Blankets supplied by airlines are synthetic and should not be used.)
  • Do the Left Right Polarity K27's frequently
  • If you a the driver, you can safely do the thymus tap as needed, for a quick balance. Wearing light leather gloves will also add protection from EMF through the steering column. 


Copy down to here to copy/print summary


DETAILS:   The Natural EMF Protocol

Incorporating the basics - regular grounding, anti-inflammatory diet avoiding PUFA's (seed and vegetable oils), and 

1. Thymus energy support:  Oil of Oregano (diluted for topical use) with thymus tap

Thymus energy support appears to offer the greatest overall benefit when you are starting out on this protocol.  The thymus gland is key for life force energy, hormone balance including adrenal "fight or flight" stress, and for the immune system. You can do the tap then apply oil consecutively, 2 x day. 

Humans are the only primates who do not habitually pound their chest (except perhaps some athletes! We do not have to pound our chests - a light firm tapping is enough.)  The reason primates do this is to stimulate strength and power - it acts as a reset and energiser for the thymus gland. 

METHOD: Simply tap your thymus gland area quickly with your 5 fingertips about 10-20 times for a few seconds.  (It is located under the slight rise in the center of the sternum about 2" below the sternal notch at the base of the throat) 


Oil of Oregano - Topical

Oil of oregano is VERY concentrated, and this mild dilution is very low cost - one small bottle will likely last at least one year.  Buy either oral supplement grade (pictured above) or organic essential oil of oregano. 

The manufacturer legally must print an expiry date on the bottle, but the fact is, as I was told by a company rep - "nothing can ever grow in it" as it is so concentrated and high in anti mold properties.

Mixing instructions:

  • Mix 6 drops oil of oregano per 1 T olive oil in a measuring cup (preferably use Greek olive oil, which tends to be pure and not adulterated with cheap oils like Italian olive oil often is).  I usually make 2T at once, to fill a small glass bottle.
  • The olive oil is a bit thick for typical dropper inserts, so I use no dropper, and tip the bottle against a finger for the equivalent of 1 drop.  Massage 4 drops into the thymus area, 2 x day.

NOTE:  Apply oil of oregano blend to CRANIAL POINTS (See Image chart above).  If you have experienced head trauma such as concussion, or if most of your symptoms manifest in the head area, you can also apply one drop to each of these 3 cranial points along the midline of the skull separating the left and right brain, 2 x day for about 1 week.  Hold each point lightly with 2 fingers for about 20 seconds.   The 3 points are, in order, 

  1. The occiput (bump in the center of the back of the head, about 1" up from the bottom of the skull)
  2. Anterior fontinel (baby's soft spot at the top center of the head - can feel tender to press)
  3. Posterior fontinel (upper back  of the skull approx. 3" above the occiput. Find the exact spot by pressing - it may feel tender.)  

2. Home Environment  (Continuity of energy):Keep the energy of your home environment, and linens/clothing, light and clear.  

Clear stressful "Low Energies" from your home environment.  Declutter, and use white vinegar spray (1 part vinegar, 3 parts water) spraying around the rooms/halls and porous surfaces including wood,  energetically clear bedding and clothing using 1 cup white vinegar in laundry "fabric softener compartment".  Thyme essential oil on foot zones 3,5 and 6 supports keeping your body's energy clear.  Make a Thyme "power blend" and add 3/4 tsp to a meal twice a day, or make a tea with 3/4 tsp thyme blend and 1 cup hot water. (2 x day)  This will help to prevent absorption of negative environmental frequencies and energies.      

It has become clear that very electrosensitive people are not just sensitive to EMF frequencies, but also to other stressful frequencies.  (To read more detail about this subject see my blog article "Home and Office Energy Medicine".)

In most cases these low energies are very fast, cheap, and easy to clear from your living space.  Keeping your body clear from absorbing them in the future is also easy. 

Think about how you feel going into an antique shop.  You may have noticed they have a heavy energy - personally I won't go in unless I have to, and I make it quick!  Or a museum, or even someone's house that has a heavy feeling... The reason for this is that unpainted wood, and other porous materials such as paper and  fabric, absorb stressful low energies.  Much of this energy comes from people's emotions and state of being - it can be "mass consciousness", or an individual's stress, fear, anger, illness, sadness, etc.  EVERY home has them, and everyone, no matter how wonderful and beloved, leaves an energetic "footprint".  Our bodies absorb this and can manifest the low energies as physical pain, physical or mental illness, or different types of emotional distress.  This does affect everyone, but moreso the electrosensitive.  These energies are typically very easy and cheap to clear, and you will instantly notice a lovely lightness in your home environment.  

All you need is plain, cheap white vinegar that you might use for cleaning, a large spray bottle that sprays a fine mist, and tap water!

Fill the spray bottle with 25% vinegar (not less), then fill it with tap water - or - 1 part vinegar, 2 parts tap water.  Hold the bottle a few feet from the item, and "dust" with a fine mist.  Start with your living room, then spray through every room, hallway, entry, closet, and stairway in your house. Spray around the room like you are spraying air freshener, then spray up and down the corners, inside closets including lightly spraying clothing hanging there, the underside unpainted wooden tables, chairs, one spray inside drawers, under the upper cabinets in the kitchen - anywhere that energy can get trapped. Spray all wood (carry a soft cloth to dry it if desired - it just takes a few seconds to clear), the under side and legs of tables and chairs, curtains/blinds, carpet, unsealed wooden floors.. All porous surfaces. 

The first time you do this clearing,  it is important to get into every corner and hidden space, but after that, clear it lightly once a month or more often if you have guests.  We need more detail the first time - then after that, focus mainly on spraying lightly over upholstered or leather furniture, blinds and curtains etc. The more porous the materical the more quickly it absorbs stressful energies.  If the house is sprayed regularly, it will not have a chance to reabsorb fully into harder porous surfaces like wooden furniture.  Hard surfaces such as glass, metal, and porcelain do not absorb low energies. 

Clothing and bedding also absorb low energies - this is easily cleared by adding 1 to 1  1/2 cups of vinegar to the fabric softener compartment in your washing machine. Note that if you have discomfort in a specific part of your body - for example hip or knee - then your jeans will be absorbing the stress in that area.  For something like a down duvet, hang it outside for 1/2 hour when you change your sheets.  If it is something such as a coat that needs dry cleaning, just spray it lightly with the vinegar spray or hang it outside for 1/2 hr. Everything will feel fresher and lighter. 

To keep YOUR BODY's energy clear and avoid re-absorbing low energies:

There are several strategies that will slow down absorption of low energies that you don't have control over, outside of your home..

  • Sing the Healing Ayurvedic mantra for 1 minute, 2 x day as described above
  • This is still being tested, but it appears Central and Governing Clearing Points (see below "Other Helpful Strategies" #1) release undesirable energies your body might be hanging on to.
  • Increase vitamin C (check first with your Doctor!) I find that 2,500 mg a day, split into 2 doses is very effective. Ascorbic acid on it's own is not good - it is best to take it with a natural source of vitamin C, such as stirring 1/4 tsp (1,000mg) into 1/4 cup unsweetened red grapefruit juice or strong rose hip tea.
  • Add 1/2 cup baking soda to warm bathwater and relax in it for 15 minutes. This will release stressful energies from your body.
  • Wear dark purple amethyst on your body, such as in your pocket. Jewelry such as bracelets will not work if they contain metal.  Rinse the stone in cold running water every morning before putting it in your pocket. 

3.  6 Universal Foot Reflex ZonesPlease refer to my blog article on this - this "foot reflex"  treatment is very unique in that it helps to clear all acupuncture meridians so the body is able to self heal.  Do this 2 x day, paying special attention to zone 4/left foot (pancreas), which is the main energy blockage region from EMF exposure.  This one may take a bit longer, or have several very tender spots. 

4Wear natural fabrics, avoid wearing metals

Some synthetics, especially polyester and acrylic, interfere with the body's energy field and reduce over all life force energy. Wear fibers such as cotton, bamboo, rayon, viscose, silk, wools/cashmere.  Leather and suede are actually protective against EMFs so if you carry a cell phone, carrying it in a leather purse or leather "fanny pack" will reduce exposure. Nylon is relatively neutral, and is the best synthetic.  Spandex in small percentages is fine. 

Metal is not compatible with the human body - if you have joint replacements, titanium and ceramic are best.  If you have a stainless steel plate after a fracture it is good to have if removed if that is an option.  Be aware that metals on clothing, such as a metal front zipper on a jacket, will also interfere.  The center chest area is most sensitive, so in this case do not zip it right up - if it is cold, zip it part way, and wear a natural fiber scarf. 

- avoid polyester, acrylic. (Nylon and spandex are acceptable.) Wear natural fibers, avoid wearing metal jewelry or clothing/accessories with a lot of metal.  Metals tend to act a bit like an antenna, attracting EMFs. Avoid metals such as watches, jewelry, dental work, clothing and accessories such as purses (especially purse straps that have metal), large belt buckles, metal buttons/zippers, glasses, etc. Tattoo ink normally contains metals - if you already have them, be vigilant about avoiding other metals, or have it removed.    

For more details on clothing fabrics, see my blog article "My Favourite Hacks".  Polyester is not toxic in the sense of off gassing, but it is toxic to the energy field,  (like lead crystal), lowering our body's energy levels dramatically.  For example the life force energy of a healthy person of 70% will immediately (temporarily) drop to about 20% the second they put on clothing containing polyester - even a poly/cotton blend such as a sweat shirt.  Acrylic is just as harmful, but is not used nearly as much. Polyester is everywhere - in thows, blankets, toys, fluffy soft socks and housecoats, sportswear, yoga wear etc.. it can be very tempting but it will drain your energy and cause ill health.  Nylon is the "best" synthetic with quite a neutral effect on the body energetically.  The reduction in the body's energy field from wearing synthetics will also reduce your body's healing energy, and can exacerbate already existing pain.  If you have body pain or pain of any kind, see how much better you feel dressing only in natural fibers.  Take note of what you are wearing if you feel pain - this includes shoes - some synthetic shoes are better than others - wear cotton socks in running shoes. 

Another example - If you have hip or knee pain, avoid polyester leggings and coats.  Do you have erratic heart beat from EMFs?  Make sure you are wearing 0 polyester especially over the chest area. In fact high quality fabrics such as silk, merino wool, and cashmere actually INCREASE your life force energy - even if it's only a scarf.  Wear it around the house, or in the car - any type of travel.   Natural fibers include cotton, bamboo, wool, silk, viscose, rayon, wool - especially merino wool and cashmere, alpaca.  In coats, be careful of the linings which are often polyester satin. Look for Cupro lining, which is made from cotton,  or nylon.  I found an excellent quilted jacket made from nylon with ethically sourced down lining.  There is more complete information about the best options in "My Favourite Hacks blog". 

5.  Grounding ("Earthing"):  This may be the number one priority, after we have reduced aforementioned environmental home based stressors that we have control over.  Grounding is excellent support against inflammation, and to help us achieve electrical balance by absorption of electrons through the feet.  Weather permitting, this can easily be one of your first few hacks to do today, as it is a "desert island solution" - free and available. (See my "Grounding" blog article.)  Place your bare feet on the ground today for at least 1/2 hour, or touch or lean against a tree with bare hands or skin - this will load up your body with anti-inflammatory electrons covering the surface of the earth. We have been deprived of these electrons since the introduction on rubber soled shoes (insulating) which replaced leather soles (conductive) around 1960. Today's high tech environment is positively charged, compounding the problem. 

Getting your bare feet on the ground, beach, concrete, grass, brick, or stone,  outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day (the more the better) is ideal but clearly dependent on weather conditions.  You can now purchase basic grounding tools such as a grounding mat for the computer, and grounding pillow case for your bed – use it under your standard cotton pillow case. It can also be easily packed in a suitcase for travel. (Note you may need a different adapter end when traveling - check with your supplier.)

I have heard understandable concerns about plugging these tools into the ground of electrical outlets due to "dirty electricity", however so far in my experience I have not come across this problem.  If you are hesitant, or you live in an older home which has no grounded outlets, you can purchase an optional grounding rod which a fine wire you can run outside your window and stick into the ground, connected to a grounding mat under the bottom sheet of your bed, or at your desk under your bare or sock feet.

To purchase grounding products, the main site in USA is, but you can purchase in Europe from, and in Canada from   (Photo from you don't have access to "ground", bare feet on concrete (such as balcony), stone, ceramic tile, grass and earth, and sand - especially wet -  are all good.  Wood and tar are not conductive.

6.  More about the Low Oxalate Diet: include organic vegetables, Power Herb Blend, Turmeric blend.

If you are electro sensitive and have symptoms such as body pain, it is important to follow a low oxalate diet.  A low oxalate diet is key to reduce inflammation -  my first alert to this was working with an electro sensitive client who was debilitated with body pain.  The first priority in her session was to eliminate the large almond milk based smoothie she drank every morning.  I thought it was odd, and we didn't realise why at the time, but then discovered almonds are very high in oxalates.  The inflammatory effects of EMFs seem to aggravate this.  It can also manifest as stiffness in your hands, knees, back, etc.  It is important not to cut out oxalates "cold turkey" as that can result in an "oxalate dump", which can be painful.  Do it gradually, and take activated charcoal as directed for about 2 wks to help bind to the oxalates and remove them from your body.  

Limit high oxalate foods such as nuts/almonds/almond milk, dark chocolate, spinach, kale, coffee (don't worry - normally 1-2 cups is fine if you cut down other oxalates!), black tea, lentils, chick peas, whole grains (especially wheat), and beans. There are many high oxalate food lists available on line. Oxalates are water soluble, so in some cases boiling can reduce them enough - although this may not be the case for kale.   Drain greens thoroughly (or rinse), then fry or cook as you like after that.  The boiling water is "toxic" so throw it out.   Animal products such as meats and dairy to not contain oxalates. 

Here is a list of excellent foods to include in a low oxalate diet.

  • Animal products such as meats, dairy, fish, butter, cheeses, olive and coconut oil do not contain oxalates.
  • Vegetables such as peas, green beans, avocado, cauliflower, cabbage, shitake mushrooms, onions, microgreens such as radish / sunflower/ broccoli/ pea,  are low oxalate.  Medium oxalate vegetables include asparagus, broccoli boiled in just a bit of water, boiled parsnips / turnips/ potatoes/ yams /spinach / kale.
  • White organic Jasmine rice is the best grain to include, used as a base for lots of vegetables.  LIGHT spelt flour is also good for baking, but the whole grain has oxalates. 
  • Fruits: apples (peeled), grapefruit, grapes, banana, nectarines, melons, plums, pinabpple, cherries

Substitutions for common high oxalate foods:

  • instead of beans, lentils, and chick peas - use black eyed peas and split peas
  • instead of wheat flour - use light spelt flour, white rice flour
  • instead of dark chocolate - substitute a small amount of quality plain milk chocolate without nuts, such as Ritter Sport milk chocolate. 
  • instead of almond milk - use 1T organic hemp seed in 1 cup water to make hemp milk
  • instead of sauteed spinach - well boiled spinach/drained, THEN fry in butter/herbs as you like
  • instead of baked or roasted potato/sweet potatoes - boil well until very soft, then mash

NOTE:  Always structure blended drinks - after blending, stir briskly 40x left, 40x right creating a vortex - taste the difference!)  

If you think you may be suffering from high oxalate inflammation, aside from cutting down oxalates, there are two anti inflammatory strategies that you can immediately implement.   

Grounding, at least 1/2 hr 2 x day (see below)

Turmeric blend - either added to food or in 00 capsules (1/4 tsp each).  The formula is: 3T organic turmeric powder, 4 tsp organic ginger powder, 1 1/2 tsp black pepper.  I fill 00 capsules and take 3-6 per day, depending how much inflammation I can feel in my body. Some people have told me they enjoy adding the turmeric blend as is, to foods and smoothies.  It also as a probiotic effect, helping to balance the gut and digestive bacteria.


Power Blend Herbs in your cooking and meals 

This is a fabulous way to dramatically energise your food. Use organic dried herbs where possible.

Use at least 3/4 tsp per meal - more if you like.  Add it to as many foods as possible - I even add it to my goat's milk yoghurt along with 1T organic hemp seed, and dark organic maple syrup. SO good!

2T oregano

2T cilantro

2T sage

1T black pepper

Use the Power Herb Blend in every meal possible, including in baking.  For example, add 1 1/2 tsp to a making of banana bread.  I also add 3/4 tsp to goat's milk yoghurt. These high energy herbs can dramatically raise the energy of your meals, including restaurant meals.  As a general rule, add at least 3/4 tps of power herbs to each meal.  (Most restaurant food has a life force of about 0% plus stress from bad oils but this blend can even boost restaurant foods.) 

Choose foods which are supportive against EMF and high in anti oxidants, including: 

  • Green beans
  • Mango (1 small, 1/2 large, or about 50gm unsulphered dried mango strips, varying sizes)
  • Pumpkin/dark orange squash, boiled yams 
  • Broccoli and especially broccoli microgreens

Mango is a superfood against EMF stress.  The reason could possibly be related to it's enzymes, specifically amylase, which breaks down sugars.  Surprisingly, studies done with dried mango have shown that mango actually improves diabetes - perhaps as it reduces the work load of the pancreas. (This is speculation.) It is best, but not imperative that mango be organic to receive the benefits. 

 Yams are also an excellent nutrient dense food high in protective anti-oxidants, but since they are high in oxalates they must be boiled. (Boil/drain, and mash, add butter and power herbs with Himalayan salt).  Dark orange smaller squashes such as honey nut, buttercup, and kabocha, are excellent.  (The larger butternut, spaghetti, and acorn squash are not particularly beneficial.)

7.  LIMBIC RESET:  If you have had a trauma such as concussion, medical intervention, high chemical or EMF exposure,  or traumatic event (such as death of a loved one) which has upset your system causing long term symptoms, you can do this Limbic System Reset to  help stabilise and reset your limbic system to it's pre-trauma state. It is done in 3 parts, takes 5 minutes, twice a day for 2 weeks,  and the exercises are from Paul Dennison PhD and Gail Dennison's book Brain Gym. 

First, be aware of what you are trying to fix.  ie if you have headaches from this trauma, touch your head first, or a sore arm, touch your arm, to bring up your body's awareness. 

1. Lazy Eights: Stand looking straight ahead. Raise your right arm and draw a large "lazy eight" (horizontal 8) starting up and to the left, keeping your face straight ahead but following your fingertips with your eyes.  Be aware of your breathing, inhaling through the nose, out through the mouth. 

Do this as slowly as needed to keep your eyes focused on your fingers as they move around the eight.  Sometimes they may want to "skip" certain areas of the 8.  Draw 8 eights with the right arm, then 8 with the left (starting up and to the right).  Then clasp your hands so your fingers are interlocking, a metaphor for left and right brain integration,  and do 3 eights starting up and to the left. 

2. Balance Buttons:  Sit relaxed with your eyes closed (if you like), place 2 fingers at the center base of the scull in the indentation, and the other palm on the navel.  Inhale up through the nose, exhale through the mouth slowly about 4-5 times, then switch hands.

3. Positive Points:  Relax, close your eyes (if you like).  Place 3 or 4 fingers over the center of each side of your forehead (above the eyeballs) half way between your eyebrows and hairline, breathing.. Do this for less than a minute - about 5 slow breaths. 

Repeat this limbic reset 2 x day for 2 weeks.  It starts working as soon as you do it the first time, but it will not hold and "reset" unless it is repeated for the two weeks.   


Other Important strategies to include:

1. Central and Governing Meridian (clearing points): These are 2 sets of 2 points which help to balance and release stress from the 2 main acupuncture meridians - They are a quick and effective "centering and reset" tool....  the central meridian (running up the center front of the body to the lower lip), and governing meridian (running up the spine and over the top of the head to upper lip).

They release stored stress on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, as well as stressful energy which we pick up from our environment via other people and things (see above "Power UP your Body" #2)..  For the first 2 days, repeat as often as you remember, such as every hour or two, at least 6 x day.  Then repeat 2 x day for maintenance.  An easy way to do this is to do it at the same time you do something else, such as the oil of oregano, or foot zones, or brush your teeth. 

Breathing is a key part of this exercise - inhale through the nose for 5 seconds and exhale through the mouth for 5 seconds.. Hold each set of points for 5 full breaths.  Focus on the exhale, and be aware that you are actually exhaling stress out of your body when holding these points.

TIP: If you like, you can also help your body to target specific areas by doing "Pre-tests"... showing it where you would like to release stress.  To do this, "circuit locate" (hold the stress areas) such as your head if you get headaches, move your knee if you have a sore knee, your stomach if you have bloating, etc.  Or if it's emotional/mental, think of the stressful situation and note how you feel.  When you finish you can re-check these

  • 2 Governing meridian points:  Place 2 fingers side by side just above your upper lip, and 2 fingers on the other hand at the top of your head on the "baby's soft spot". (May be slightly tender.)  Hold both at the same time, for 5 normal breaths, focusing on inhaling through the nose and deep exhale out the mouth. 
  • 2 Central meridian points:  Then place 2 fingers side by side just under the lower lip, and 2 fingers on the other hand at the top/front of the pubic bone.  Hold for 5 normal breaths, focusing on the breathing. 

2. Semi Precious Stones:

Rose Quartz:  The most helpful semi precious stone I have found for people with EHS is rose quartz, worn on the body, specifically the right front pants pocket.  Rose quartz has a powerful "love vibration" which appears to counteract the harsh, irritating vibration of EMF, relaxing the wearer.  It is also good support for heart energy, which is affected by EMF.

Any stone vendor will have a weigh scale - you need at least 25gm (which is typically about 2 pieces of tumbled stone) for the benefit. Some people have mentioned the stone work well in the beginning but the benefits fade - this is because the stones need to be cleared/rinsed in cold running water  for 20 seconds, at least once a day.  OR, add a small piece of selenite along with the rose quartz and these will keep the stones clear, charged, and working for you!  Note that contact ANY metal, such as a pendant loop, will ruin the energy of the stone - remove the metal and it will be fine.  If you use a pouch for your stones, be sure it is not synthetic such as polyester - cotton or other natural fiber is good. 

Pale Blue Amazonite, Amethyst

On my website under the "semi precious stones" blog, I have bracelets which are metal free using energy supportive materials and therapeutic grade stones. There is a rose quartz bracelet, as well as pale blue Amazonite (specifically for EMF), and amethyst for healing.  They all contain selenite to maintain their high energy.  Personally I wear 4 bracelets every day - always rose quartz and Amazonite, then I vary the others. 

3. Magnesium topical supplement -  This is the number 1 priority supplement to counteract negative effects of EMFs - I have been using it topically since 2004 (it absorbs better through the skin than digestive tract), however if you would prefer to take a supplement, Magnesium L Threonate is better absorbed than most.   Magnesium protects from DNA damage, so supplying extra magnesium is vital.  EMF's gobble up magnesium in huge amounts, leaving most of us deficient. Magnesium is a common deficiency without the EMF's due to depletion of our soils.


  • TOPICAL SPRAY.   Magnesium used topically is much more bio available than oral -  you can buy magnesium spray to spray on your upper chest area, then wipe it up on to your throat over to support your thymus and thyroid gland.   Commercial sprays can prickle, so if this happens, try diluting it a bit by wetting your hands with a bit of water,  spray the magnesium at least 2 x into your palms and rub them together and apply.

  • HOME MADE MAGNESIUM MINERAL CREAM:  My favourite method is making a magnesium cream (recipe below at the end of the article).  I apply 1/4 to 1/8 tsp of the cream 2 x day.  I prefer this cream to the sprays as it is very gentle, and is also good for the skin on your face and neck. 

  • BATH:  Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) baths are another option but must be done at least every 2nd day - 2 cups of Epsom Salts in comfortably hot bath water, bathe for 15-20 min. If you like taking baths and take one every day, 1 cup of Epsom salts is enough. If you do not have a bathtub, you can also do a foot bath with Epsom Salts. 

  • Magnesium L-Threonate is an absorbable oral form of magnesium.  I take 2 caps per day (1+1) as well as 2 topical applications - check first with your doctor before you take supplements. I like NAKA brand in Canada, and in USA it is available from 

4. Myrrh essential oil blend for heart chakra (also supports circulatory and pancreas energy)

This can be supportive if you have heart stress, such as irregular heart beat as I did, from EMF exposure.  Myrrh essential oil is supportive for both heart and pancreas energy.  Add 4 drops of Myrrh essential oil to 15ml jojoba oil in a small glass bottle.   Apply 1 drop to the heart chakra (about 2" up from the base of the sternum") once a day in the beginning, or as needed. (I apply it every second day or so.)

The other benefit is on a spiritual level, especially in relation to EMFs. Myrrh has been used in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years, and is often used with meditation.   EMFs can be considered "anti-spiritual" invasive frequencies, and using Myrrh may counteract this effect.  I use Desert Essence brand organic Myrrh. 

5. Specific supplements: NAC (N Acetyl Cystine), Omega 3

Here is a list of supplements to discuss with your doctor to see if they are right for you.  Some supplements may interact with medications.

Include NAC or NAC rich foods:  This amino acid is vital as it is a pre curser in the production of one of our most powerful anti oxidants, glutathione, which can repair cellular damage from EMF exposure.  Glutathione can be purchased as a supplement, but I have never found this to test well for people - it is better if our body makes its own using NAC.  iNAC/Glutathione is very effective for repairing oxidative damage and other damage from EMF exposure. 

I take one 500mg capsule, 2 x day.  (Always check with your doctor first.) If you have high EMF exposure and symptoms such as headache, you may need to take up to 3-4/day, one at a time spread out over the day. NAC rich foods include pastured eggs, meats, gouda cheese, broccoli, and broccoli microgreens.

Omega 3 EFA:  Omega 3 is especially important as an anti-inflammatory, to help balance against an excess of omega 6 oils, and to support healthy brain function. 

I find generally women do better taking flax oil, either in capsules or oil form. Note that quality capsules are not easy to find as the the oils are so volatile in the presence of oxygen and light. Health food stores may sell Barleans or Flora brand capsules, and Flora oil is available in the refrigerated section.  It is also good to get Omega 3 from multiple sources.  I take 2 bottle caps of flax oil (on yoghurt or salad) 2 x day, plus 1T organic Hemp Seed on goat's yoghurt, 1 x day.  I also eat a few sardines 2 x week. 

Men do well with marine source Omega 3, such as Carlson brand (again, be careful of the brand as many are rancid).  My husband takes 1+1 capsules/day plus 1T organic hemp seed on yoghurt, plus sardines.  Mercury in fish is a real problem, but smaller fish such as sardines and anchovies are safer.  

6. "K27s (kidney 27s) Left Right Body Polarity (nicknamed "hitch hiker thumbs") :   This is an electrical correction. Since EMF sensitivity involves the body's reaction to electrical fields and body signaling, I was not surprised when this correction came up repeatedly for people suffering from electro sensitivity.  This is a simple Kinesiology exercise to balance the polarity in your body.  Do this 2 x day, for example when you brush your teeth, or as part of your regular routine - it takes about 1 minute.  See photo above. 

  • make fists, fingertips touching your palms, thumbs sticking out like "hitch hiker" thumbs
  • Cross your wrists and place your thumbs in the hollows under the collar bones, which is K27 (Kidney point 27) in accupuncture.  
  • Massage thumbs quickly in small circles about 10-15 times.  Then remove the top hand and place it under the other one, massage again, then repeat.  Switch the top hand back and forth at least twice each way.  

NOTE: The switching of hands under and over relates to the 6 meridians (our body's electrical wiring system) that run down the top of the arms to the finger tips, and up the inside.  By switching we are connecting all of the meridians.) 

7. Exercise:  Be sure you are getting regular exercise to strengthen pancreas energy, the lymphatic and circulatory system, muscles, bones, and joints which can all be negatively impacted by EMF. Have a walking routine, include some light weights - such as walking outdoors with the added benefit of connecting with nature (not on a treadmill which is typically high EMF) with very light weights working the arm and shoulders, and a regular stretching routine such as yoga or tai chi.  Exercise is especially supportive for foot zones 4 (left foot/pancreas), 5 and 6....(See " 6 Universal Foot Zones" blog article.)  

Solutions for the Microbiome:

  • Reduce exposure as much as possible, and follow as many of the "top interventions" above, as possible.  
  • Eat a diet supportive to the body against negative effects of EMF.   The Power Herb Blend above is a priority added to meals and/or as a tea.  Organic shitake mushrooms, and Porcini mushrooms (mostly available dehydrated), and boiled yams (boiled to remove oxalates) also provide high quality support.   Include with a lot of organic vegetables and a sprout salad every day.  Keep refined sugar to a minimum, and if you must, eat it only as desert - bake your own deserts using sucanat sugar, or at least organic raw turbinado.  Avoid hard alcohol and beer. 
  • Other foods and supplements that specifically support the microbiome include:   

Quality probiotic "spore" supplement

Herbs and foods with a prebiotic effect:  Turmeric blend, Ginger, thyme, and cilantro (1/4 tsp dried organic herb per serving), bok choy, broccoli/broccoli microgreens, goat's milk gouda cheese, goat's milk brie, red radish, Plain goat's milk yoghurt - 1/2 cup (add your own toppings including herb blend), Real raw sauerkraut  (one serving is 2 rounded T), ginger kombucha.   


Travel tips to reduce the effects of flying: 

I heard an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, when she mentioned that we don't get sick on planes because of the air quality - it's the radiation from the altitude.  The first 3 points below should keep you healthier during the flight!  All modes of transportation can be very stressful - even modern cruise ships are fully equipped with 5G. 

  • Do the 6 Universal Foot Reflex Zones treatment on the plane, and after you arrive.  On the plane focus on zone 4 and 6, but do all zones in order.  
  • When traveling especially in planes, wear a cashmere or silk pashmina, or scarf scarf tied around your neck, covering your upper center chest.  You could also wear a cashmere sweater with a higher neckline that covers your upper chest.  These supportive fabrics have a protective effect on the thymus gland (upper center chest) from EMF exposure.
  • Avoid wearing polyester especially when traveling - it has a negative impact on the body's energy levels. Travel with a small bottle of your diluted Oil of Oregano to use on your thymus area.  You can even bring  a bottle of organic oregano seasoning to sprinkle on to your restaurant food.
  • Bring at least one grounding tool for your hotel, such as a mat to place under your bottom sheet,  which is small and easy to pack.  (Don't worry - the maids will not accidentally remove it as it is black and has a cord!)  Note that depending where you are going you may need a special adapter for the plug - ask your supplier what you need. 

Chapter 3:

  • The Home - reducing EMF exposure
  • Magnesium cream recipe

 Simple Strategies to reduce your EMF exposure!

The first priority is to decrease your EMF exposure at home, so your home can be a place of healthy regeneration.  You can do this by adopting a few simple habits to protect yourself and family as much as possible.  Here are some basic strategies to begin with.

What are the main sources of EMF’s in the home? 

Wifi router, baby monitor, TV box, blue tooth, wireless technology, appliances (especially smart appliances), smart meter (normally outdoors, but a have found them indoors - this is a major source, and very underestimated in it’s damage), LED and fluorescent lighting, computer/printer, cell phone, appliances and live cords, wireless house phones, dimmers, and home wiring in itself are all factors. Wire spring mattresses are even a factor as they pick up the electric field from internal wall wiring.  There are so many sources, but there are basic, simple strategies to reduce their impact. 

1. Fabrics we wear:   Wearing natural fibers and using only natural fibers in bedding is a quick way to increase your EMF tolerance by reducing stress on your body.  See details in Part B.  

2. Bedroom and Wifi.  Switch off your wifi when you go to bed and put your phone on airplane mode - your alarm will still work!  To make compliance easier, you can buy an on/off outlet remote at most big box home stores, and keep it on your bedside table. 

Make sure you have a foam or natural mattress, (preferably organic to avoid toxic foam offgassing), and wooden bed frame, preferably with wooden slats. Avoid metal bedframes and headboards.  Use 100% cotton, bamboo, or other natural fiber sheets - no polyester including comforter filling.  Remove clock radio and any other electronic devices. 

3. Avoid using Bluetoothand wireless devices, including (especially) in the car, as these frequencies are amplified by being in essentially a metal cage.

4.  Cell phone:   

  • At night keep it on airplane mode
  • when you are not using it,  keep it in airplane mode. You can always turn it on to check for calls. 
  • Never wear it on your body unless in airplane mode. (Leather and wood have  absorbing properties for EMF, so keep it in a real wood or leather case,  or purse/"man bag".) 
  • Keep your phone it at least 3 ft away from your bed at night, always in airplane mode. 
  • When using the phone always use it on speaker and don't hold it in your hand.  Get a small stand for it that you can hold to carry it, and sit it on the table when using it. This is especially handy for video calling, and you can keep it several feet away from you. 

5.  Use a windup or automatic watch.  Avoid battery watches which emit a stead flow of radiation into your wrist - especially smart watches. Watch batteries are a significant source of stress as they are against your skin.  Watches also normally contain metals - especially metal bands, should be avoided.  (Carry a cell phone on airplane mode.)

6.  Kitchen appliances:  Keep appliances unplugged when not in use.  Avoid microwave ovens which produce radiations even when switched off.  Replace them with toaster or steam ovens.  Avoid microwave use.  If you have a build in microwave that you cannot unplug, at least use a 3 hole resonator from bio-magnetic research beside the LED readout. (below)  Ovens are also hotbeds for EMF's - place a resonator beside the LED readout. 

7.  Hard wire your home computer and avoid wireless accessories, bluetooth, and use corded land line phones - cordless phone and bases are one of the worst sources of EMFs.  If you still have a clock radio, remove it – even your cell phone on airplane mode is a preferable alarm.

8.  Avoid LED and fluorescent lighting, or combine with natural or incandescent light. This is vital, especially for reading.  Use either halogen or incandescent bulbs where possible, which are close to full spectrum and when charted, have a smooth natural light spectrum curve.  LED wavelengths have un-natural spikes and gaps caused by the continuous pulsing of the bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs are only available as specialty "appliance bulbs" but you can still get them in most common sizes. The kitchen stove top fan is often incandescent or halogen so you can use that - if yours is, keep it switched on if using LED light, to "dilute" the pulsing of the LED.  I you must use LED, such as pot lighting in your ceilings, be sure to use "warm" LED bulbs, and keep their use to a minimum. 

If you must use LED bulbs, don't switch them on until you have to, and put  incandescent bulbs in your lamps to help balance the light. LED light is most harmful when it is the only light source, such as at night.  Don't use switch on LED lights unless you have to, and when you do, make sure there is another lighting source, such as natural daylight, incandescent, or halogen lights switched on along with it to "dilute" the pulsing frequencies.

NOTE: As a child, my parents' home had only indirect fluorescent lighting.  Some rooms had birch paneling, and I was fine in these rooms, which in retrospect leads me to believe that soft wood absorbed the radiation to some degree.  (Hardwood floors such as oak do not appear to have the same effect.)  In painted rooms, even as a child, I couldn't tolerate the lights and used only my small incandescent reading and desk lamps. My experience is with birch, but I suspect other soft woods such as pine would also work. 

Simple EMF mitigation tools to buy for use in your home: 

  • Biomagnetic Research "3 hole dot resonator Tabs"
  • Snake Plants:  
  • Grounding Tools 

1. “3 hole star resonator tabs” from Biomagnetic Research:  They are an effective way to neutralize the effect of radiations from smart meters (see photo above) which are especially stressful, TV boxes, wifi extenders, computers, monitors, glass domed gas detectors, printers, oven, and of course microwave ovens (which should be removed from your home.. Use a steam oven instead).   The average home would need roughly 10 tabs, depending on the number of TVs in your home.  These are quarter sized stick on tabs made from rare earths and ceramic, and are very effective in neutralising stressful frequencies.  They do not remove the frequency so you will still get a reading if you use a measuring device, but they very effectively transform it into a more harmless state which does not cause stress to the body. 

Remember your neighbours!  Locate your neighbour’s smart meter. If it is visible  from your windows, then it is affecting you, since glass does not block radiation. 

In this case, ask your neighbour if you can place a resonator tab on it... it will benefit them as well!  (My neighbour was very pleased!)

2. Use Sansevieria Plants (snake plant) to Harmonise Home Energy

 This could be a priority to improve the harmony of your home environment.  Sansevieria do not block radiations in the same way as the blue 3 hole resonator tabs, but these useful and hardy plants harmonise the energy in your home, including measurable reducing stressful impact from EMF.   Sansevieria are commonly know as the “snake plant”.  NASA has found this plant very effective in improving air quality, but it also has the added property of harmonizing radiations and energies in your home. It does not neutralise radiation, but it "harmonises" it so they have less of an impact. 

The variety we use has all green leaves darker green with a lighter green

“snakeskin” pattern on the leaves.  (Sansevieria with yellow edges on the leave DO NOT work - this variety does not have the same harmonising properties.)  Place them in a white ceramic or plastic pot (to take advantage of the Feng Shui 5 elements) - never metal.   You can typically buy sansevieria in large DIY stores and nurseries


Sansevieria require good drainage and modest watering every 2-3 weeks.  It's a very useful plant as it does well even in low lighting situations such as basements and media rooms – you will often see them in shopping malls and medical offices with no natural light at all.   As a rule of thumb:

  • If on a budget or you can't find enough of them, start with 3 plants - 2 in the bedroom on bedside end tables, and one in the kitchen, such as on an island, kitchen bar, or under the cabinet beside the refrigerator. In this case you can buy a shorter breed of sansevieria to fit under the cabinet.
  • use 2 Sansevieria in the kitchen close to where you spend the most time
  • use 2 in a study very close to the computer or monitor, or at least one on a work office desk
  • use one in dining room, such as on a buffet
  • use one in the living room or sitting room, entry 
  • Bedrooms:  Its peaceful calming energy is even suitable to use on end tables in bedrooms – especially childrens’ bedrooms if there are computers or electronics.  If a child has a computer in their room, it should be hard wired, and power bar switched off at night. Use one sansevieria on their desk and one on their bedside end table. 

3.  Install basic grounding tools in your home, such as a grounding mat at the computer, and pillow case over your pillow. (Use this under your present cotton pillow case - cotton is conductive.) Grounding is an absolute priority for electro sensitive people, and are a good option for winter when it may not be possible to sit outside in bare feet!  These do not of course eliminate EMFs in the home, but grounding tools reduce exposure when you are in contact with them and exposed to EMF's. For example there is a video on where he uses a meter to demonstrate body voltage at  the comuputer, with and without being grounded.   Without touching the grounding mat he measures body voltage of 23 picked up from the computer, when in contact with the grounding mat, his body voltage is almost 0.  

Personally I use a grounding mat at the computer, and have a pillowcase and half sheet for the bed.  If you have dirty electricity in your home (meters can identify this) use a grounding rod with a plug splitter so you can plug 2 items into one grounding rod. There is concern that there may be electrical fields in the earth, or dirty electricity in the home, but personally I have not experienced this with myself or anyone I have worked with. 

Make your own Magnesium Mineral Cream!

If you can't make this cream right away, you can go out and purchase magnesium spray from a healthy food store, and spray 3 x on the thymus area, twice a day.  But I have found that actually this cream tests much better - perhaps because it has more ingredients which work well together. (It is normal that magnesium spray can prickle a bit on some people. In this case, spray in on, then rub it around a bit with a wet hand to dilute it.)

Magnesium is much better absorbed topically than through the digestive tract. I created this cream years ago, and have found it is also wonderful as a skin cream.  A little goes a lot way - you only need a scant 1/8 tsp massaged into the upper chest and throat, then pat the excess on your face as it is good for your skin.  If you have sore joints or muscles such as knees, hands, or back, you can also apply it there as an extra.  One person told me she loves to use it on the soles of her feet!

This cream is superior (and much cheaper) to anything commercially available that I have found.  The ingredients work synergistically together to create a gentle but powerful topical supplement.   It is vital that all ingredients are organic because this is a vibrational type of cream - any chemicals and impurities will destroy it's integrity. 

(If you are not inclined to make it yourself, you can contact me for purchase.)

You Will Need....

1 litre/quart size pyrex measuring cup

1 T measuring spoon

3 unbleached tea bags (the kind used for loose tea)

Clip for the top of the tea bags

Saucepan (Small/medium) large enough to sit the 1L measuring cup into

Pyrex dish or bowl with cover to store the extra cream (2 cup size or larger)

Saucer, small dish, or 2 cup pyrex measuring cup to sit the bags in, to drain 

Pyrex covered dish large enough to hold 400ml cream to be stored in the fridge

Small glass (or medical grade plastic) jar for your cream. Refill it as needed. 


400 ml organic coconut oil

12 T Epsom Salts

8 T Himalayan salt

20 drops "D Drops" liquid vitamin D  (Carlson vit. D drops in USA)

20 drops organic lavender oil

  1. Add water to the pot so the water reaches 1/3 to 1/2 way up the 1L measuring cup when it's places into the pot.  Spoon the (hard or semi-hard) coconut oil into the pyrex measuring cup.  Turn up the heat to melt the coconut oil.
  2. Measure 4 T Epsom salts and 4 T Himalayan salt each into 2 tea bags, and 4 T Espom salt into the 3rd tea bag.  Clip them together at the top, separately or together depending on your clips. 
  3. Remove the measuring cup from the pan and immerse the tea bags into the melted hot coconut oil so they are completely covered.  Holding the clips, slowly and gently agitate them up and down in the oil for 5 minutes, keeping them under the oil.  You want to encourage complete saturation of the oil through the minerals.
  4. After 5 minutes, Remove the bags from the oil and place on the saucer or smaller measuring cup - they will drain a bit more over the next few minutes and you can add this to the measuring cup before you pour the oil into the containers. 
  5. Add the vitamin D drops and organic lavender oil to the mineral oil. Stir gently a few times to blend, adding any extra oil that has drained from the bags. Pour into the cream jar, and pour the rest into the pyrex container to store in the refrigerator.  Discard teabags. 

That's it! Your jar does not need to be refrigerated so you can keep it in the bathroom.  I prefer to keep the extra in the fridge to maintain freshness. NOTE: coconut oil melts at about 75oF, so if you are travelling or live in a warm climate and find your cream is usually liquid, you can pour it into a dark glass bottle and use it in liquid form from that.  Glass bottles are often available from stores that sell essential oils, or pharmacies.  Containers must be glass or medical grade plastic, because chemicals from plastics leach into the oil. 


EMF senstivity is a real condition.

Dr. Randy Pausch  (this link is not related to EMF info, but is here as an example as a situation that perhaps could have been avoided had we known more.)

Dr. Magda Havas

Click link and scroll down to interview with Dr. Martin Pall


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