Raise your Vibration!  

and support your health, and protect yourself from low energies around you

such as "the news", and collective consciousness!

February 18, 2022

by Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH

Why would we want to achieve and maintain a high vibration?  One compelling reason is for our health on all levels.  Illness, discomfort, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, and negativity all have low vibrations.  Our energy field is the pre curser to what becomes reality in our physical body.  When we maintain a high, positive vibration in our energetic field, these things will not be able to survive – they tend to “melt away” as we undergo a natural, positive, transformation.  Our bodies should have a feeling of lightness, with only pleasant sensations.  Mental or physical health issues are an indicator that we have absorbed low vibrations. We want to "be our true selves" as we were meant to be, without the influence of negative low energies. 

We absorb negativity from others around us and what we are exposed to, and the effect of low vibrational elements of our environment (ie. radiations, mould, chemical exposure from environment, poor diet, medications all have a low vibration), listening to stressful news, the collective consciousness of the world during a crisis, the energy of the country you live or grew up in depending on it’s history, and even geographic type, such as desert (low energy) or healthy, lush vegetation (higher energy) can be a major factor.  


This simple and practical protocol is designed to raise your vibration easily and efficiently by releasing energetic absorbed stress.  The number one priority is the bath with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) and baking soda.  A healthy person who pays attention to their diet is typically only  10-20% clear of stressful energies.  The bath will typically bring them up to 70% immediately by cleaning the energy field of heavy energy, absorbed negativity, and stress, and by supplying much needed magnesium which is so deficient in many today in our high tech world. 


A bogged down energy field can make us feel physically uncomfortable, sluggish, and depressed.  With a high vibration we will feel light and comfortable all the time.  Pain and stiffness in your body may be significantly reduced or elminated after only one 15-20 minute bath.   This allows the other simple corrections to work much more effectively.


1.    Drink 2L of structured water per day. (see blog article "Supercharge Your Water".) Since we are at least 70% water, bathing your cells in bio available, high vibrational structured water is the priority in raising your vibration. 

2.  6 Universal Foot Reflex Zones:  (See my blog article of that name).  Doing this self treatment as part of your regular health care routine will keep you feeling joyful, happier and your vibration higher.  Specifically Zone 2, the Solar Plexus, when clear, will create a clear channel to keep you positively connected to divine source energy. All of the zones must be clear for this to work properly, but if you are working on raising your vibration, you can do the 6 Universal Zones 1 x day, and the zones 2 and 6 (lymph) twice more throughout the day.  Always finish with a glass of water to support  clearing the lymph.  This will also help to clear and remove emotional and mental stress blockages, and you will likely feel "lighter" after just your first treatment. 

3.  Bath (or foot soak):  The water should be comfortably hot.  Add 2 cups Epsom salts, and 1/2 cup aluminum free baking soda to the water. Enjoy the bath for 15-20 minutes, frequently sweeping the water up over your chest area as you sit back as much as possible – ideally up to the back of your hairline.   The cleansing effect from the baking soda is immediate and even more effective when combined with the benefits of the Epsom Salts.  Repeat every 10-14 days to keep yourself as clear as possible.  

Epsom salts baths or foot soaks with 2 cups of Epsom Salts can be taken more frequently as an effective magnesium supplement - every 2nd or 3rd day is ideal, considering our high EMF exposure today, which increases our magnesium requirement. Consider keeping a 2 cup plastic measuring cup from the dollar store near the bath with the salts!

Note: If you do not have access to a bathtub, fill a bucket or plastic tub with comfortably hot water and add 200ml (3/4 cup) each of magnesium sulphate and baking soda.  Do a 20 minute foot soak, then bring the tub into the shower, stand in it and pour the water over your body with a jug until it feels like enough. (Be sure to soak any areas of stiffness or pain.)  Then rinse in a hot shower.

4.     Meditation:  Meditations involving filling your body and energy field around you with white light, with white light flowing into your solar plexus  and top of your head, are highly beneficial.  Even for 3-5 minutes, once a day.  Feel the tingle of the high vibrational white light.  You can do it in bed before you go to sleep, and  get up in the morning - even in the bath.  To simplify, consider combining ionization and body polarity exercises (#4) before your meditation.k 

NOTE: If you don't sleep right through the night, when you get into bed (or if you wake up) try a 2 minute mediation visualising your body and energy field filled with shimmering emerald green light - feel the calming energy of the light. 

5.     Kidney and liver health:  Of course it is important that all organs are healthy, but these two are vital in increasing and maintaining a high healthy vibration.  It is said in Chinese medicine that when energy is flowing smoothly throughout the body, we have no pain or disease. (1) The Kidney is unique in that it also has another property, called Essence. Chinese medicine believes that the Kidney encompasses our whole genetic makeup, providing the human body with the vital substance of its being at birth.  Kidney Essence is stored in the Kidneys, but circulates through the body.  The aging process in the body is evident by observing the normal physiological decline of Kidney Essence. (2)

    Here are some helpful tips to support kidney and liver energy, including 2 yoga type stretching exercises to increase blood flow and energy to kidney and liver. 

Kidney:  sitting forward stretch - sit on the floor with legs straight, heals touching, reach toward or grab the arches of your feet.  Breathing slowly and deeply, inhale, then exhale as you drop forward, 3 x. Liver:

Sit with legs stretched out in a V. Clasp your hands then press them up above your head, palms up. Inhale, exhale as you stretch sideways right, repeat 2 more times, then switch sides. 

  • 6 oz celery and beet juice (powdered is fine) every 2nd day or so. Add 1T of each powder to 6oz water.  If you are making fresh juice, dilute the juice 50/50 with water. 
  • 1/2 tsp/day turmeric blend in soups, rice dishes etc.   (Mix your own blend in a container - combine 4T organic turmeric powder, 1T ginger powder, 1 1/2 tsp black pepper.)

6.     Balance your Electrical system and increase mitochondrial function with this set of 3 quick "electrical support" exercises - together they take about 1 minute!.....

The mitochondria are energy generators in our cells, similar to a car battery in a car.  These corrections are excellent boosters and balancers for our body's vital electrical system.  They is especially helpful for those of us who have had COVID shots, which are not good for the mitochondria. The 3rd correction, "Electrical Field Regenerator" need only be done if you have had one or more shots.

Repeat these 3 exercises together 2 x day.  They are also easy to integrate into an exercise routine.


Ionization breathing

Ionisation breathing is simply alternate nostril breathing - breathing deeply in one side, and out the other side.  (It is refered to in yoga as alternate nostril breathing.) Use your thumb and 4th finger to close off one nostril as you breath in, and the other as you breath out.  Our nostrils produce positive ions in one side, negative in the other, then they switch sides.  Ionization breathing helps to balance our electrical system. 

Method Cover ie. your left nostril with your thumb and deeply inhale through your right nostril.  Hold your breath briefly as you switch fingers then exhale out your left nostril.  Inhale deeply through your left nostril, then cover your left and inhale through your right.  Keep breathing back and forth about 10 cycles. Do it quite quickly. 

Left Right Polarity

Left right polarity is a PKP electrical correction developed by Bruce Dewe MD in PKP Kinesiology. (It also happens to be a quick correction if your leg length suddenly becomes uneven.) We have 3 acupuncture meridians (rivers of energy associated with organs) running down the inside of the arms and another 3 running up the outside.  When we switch hands and massage the points, we are harmonising  these meridians, which are part of our electrical system.) 

Method Make "hitchhiker fists" - a fist with your thumbs extended, cross your wrists and place your thumbs under your collar bones, which are the ends of the kidney meridians - K27.  Massage thumbs quickly in about 10 small circles, then move the bottom hand so it is on top, and continue.  Repeat each side.  

Electrical Field Regeneration exercise

Hold either one or both hands over your heart area, in the center of your chest. Move them about 1" away from your body and hold them there for about 20 seconds.  It is possible you will feel heat or "activity" such as tingling when you do this. 

Repeat these 3 in a row twice a day - create a routine such as when you brush your teeth, or do your basic 3-4 minute routine including 2, 3, and 4 together in the morning and before bed. 


7.     Semi Precious stones:  Wear tourmaline bracelet or necklace at least a few hours a day, at least 3 x wk.  Watermelon or multi coloured tourmaline are good – do not wear black tourmaline.   


Extra Tips


If you are eating a clean diet with certified organic food and avoiding fast and processed foods, you may not need many changes.  If you are looking for help with your diet, here are some up to date basics. 

  • Avoid commercial fast food, refined sugar, and junk food as much as possible. 

Chemicals have a low vibration and chemical laden fake foods have virtually no life force to give to your body - in fact they drain it, creating imbalances. Sucanat (Rapadura) is whole sugar cane and is acceptable. 

  • Include grass fed meats and eggs, wild sockeye, organic vegetables (avoid nightshade), good fats such as grass fed butter and organic coconut oil – limited extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Limit sweet fruits.  Organic blueberries, frozen or fresh, are an excellent fruit, high in flavanoids.
  • Limit grains, and choose "gluten free" where possible.
  • Avoid vegetable oils in salad dressings and hidden in baked goods and fried foods.
  • 5 days per week practice “time restricted eating”, so you are fasting about 16 hrs per day, such as don’t eat between 8pm at night and noon the next day.  Drink lots of spring water and even herbal teas during the “fasting” time.


Home environment: 

Reduce your radiation exposure as much as possible.  Radiation is also draining on magnesium levels and creates stress in the body.  

  • If you have a room where you do a lot of computer work, hardwire everything as much as possible, avoiding wireless and Bluetooth technology where possible.  Keep these functions turned off when possible.


  • Bedroom: turn off wifi at night – your phone alarm with still work!  Turn off wifi in the house.   Keep your phone on airplane mode just out of arm’s reach from your bed.  Place a sansevieria plant (snake plant) on bedside tables for better sleep, as they harmonise energy in a space.


  • Kitchen: Keep unused appliances unplugged,  and avoid using microwave ovens as they denature food and emit radiation, even when not in use.   Either remove it, keep it unplugged, or replace with a toaster oven. 


  • Use Sansevieria plants (“Snake plant”) throughout your home to harmonise the energy in your home that have the most EMF.  Purchase the all green variety.  Use them throughout the house if you wish – they do well in low light and only need water every 2 weeks but can go longer as they are in the cactus family. They are especially beneficial in the kitchen, bedroom, and study/media room areas.  Place 2 in the kitchen where you spend the most time such as near the stove, fridge, and sink, or on an island. You can get shorter ones that fit under cabinets.  This is one plant that you can use in the bedroom - place a thick healthy sansevieria on your bedside tables, and 2 in your study or office desk area – one beside and in front of your monitor.


Pots for the Sansevieria should be white or even light grey ceramic or plastic (Feng Shui principle of combining earth and metal elements) to enhance the energy of the plant.  Metal pots will drain their energy. Be careful not to over water or they can get root rot and die – water should not sitting in the bottom of the container.


(Note:  “Mother in law’s tongue” with yellow stripes bordering the edges of the leaves, does NOT have the same properties in relation to radiation.  It must be the all green variety, green with usually with a whitish snakeskin pattern.)