The High Energy Diet!

 Energise Your Meals with High Energy Foods and  Herbs!  

March 26, 2022

By Karen Unsworth Berger, BAA, TFH

Updated February 29 2024


  • Foods to avoid
  • Create a high life force energy with a high life force diet! Buy organic and read labels to avoid omega 6 (vegetable and seed) oils.
  • What else we need to know and avoid
  • Corruption and the food industry
  • Sometimes foods that should be healthy, are not!
  • Avoid dead and low energy foods


The importance of organic food today

Create a high life force energy with a high life force diet... 

First - Foods to Avoid!:

    Creating a "high life force energy" body and positive mental outlook begins with a high life force energy diet.  This is not possible eating today's standard American diet. (SAD)  The great news is, with todays logistics, scientific breakthroughs, the possibility of achieving soaring levels of health and optimal longevity is available to us in orders of magnitude more than in previous generations. 

    Many young people in their teens and 20's today have very low life force energy - about 20-30% - due to a low quality conventional (non organic) diet, toxic junk food and sodas, radiation exposure, and other stress factors. They may no notice it as they still have "energy from the womb", but as we approach 40-50 years old, the youthful life force energy we are born with, will diminish if not maintained properly with high energy foods.  The degenerative diseases our society is faced with are almost always avoidable with the right lifestyle.   A key part of this is food quality. 

    One of the great tragedies of the food industry is that they prey on the very young and the very old and sick.  If you havn't already, read the labels on commercial baby formulas, and high calorie beverages for the elderly and those with cancer.  I believe these products are criminal, and a crime against humanity. These cheap junk foods will degrade the health of babies and make them sickly adults (who need their medications!), and shorten the lives of the sick and elderly. 

    With today's logistics, tools, and science, we have the option to choose health, vitality, and longetity as never before. 

    But the option of chronic physical and mental illness, poor quality of life, and shortened lifespan is also right there in front of us, depending on which road we choose.  It's all about our choices.  Consider the old line,  "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing (as others) and expecting different results"... Look around you!  Our population is chronically ill and not generally not in good shape.  Why should any of us expect to be better off unless we make different and sensible choices in our diet and lifestyle?  If we eat dead chemical laden meats, fruits, vegetables, and processed adulterated foods that line the supermarket shelves, what will support our long term health and energy levels?  Most of these products have literally 0% life force energy - up to 5% for some conventional fruits and vegetables where organic typically has about 50% (more using herbs). 

     A Word about Glyphosate!

    Glyphosate is an incredibly toxic herbicide developed by Monsanto (now Bayer).  It is the active ingredient in the commercial product "Roundup", which shockingly, is still available on the shelves in USA and Canada despite its carcinogenic effects. Genetically modified foods (GMO's) are typically high in glyphosate as the foods are bred to be able to tolerate high levels of it - say soy or corn - without killing the crop.

    Even non GMO foods can contain Glyphosate.  This is another reason it's important to go organic.  Foods and pharmaceuticals containing glyphosate  are dangerous, toxic, and of course low energy.  Most people associate it with lymphoma, in wake of Monsanto's lost lawsuit where they were forced to pay millions to lymphoma victims and their families.  However Glyphosate has also been shown to negatively impact the brain, associated with autism in the young, Alzheimers in older people, and violence in others.  It is though that one of it's mechanisms of harm is due to the fact that it is a "chelator" in that it removes vitamins and minerals from the body. The impact on the brain is believed to be related to it's chelation Niacin (Vitamin B3) from the body, creating the dramatic deficiencies found in those suffering from these illnesses. 

    Glyphosate is found in GMO foods (bred to withstand huge amounts of glyphosate), non GMO foods such as non organic wheat, oats, and hemp seed (it is sprayed on the crops to act as a desiccant to make harvest faster and easier), and found heavily in vaccines where gelatine is widely used.  Commercial gelatine is made from the bones of GMO fed commercial cattle therefor unless organic, can be high in glyphosate.  

    Foods to Avoid:

  • Seed and vegetable oils such as sunflower, corn, canola, soybean, crisco, etc.  (Linoleic acid/Omega 6 fats, which are toxic over a small amount).  Read labels - they are hidden in most processed foods, including breads and crackers.
  • GMO foods which are high in glyphosate ("roundup")
  • farmed fish, especially salmon, which is high in Omega 6 (instead of Omega 3) due to the un natural way the fish are raised on a GMO grain diet. 
  • CAFO raised meats and eggs, especially chicken and pork, which are high in Omega 6 fats
  • Conventional wheat and grains, which contain high levels of glyphosate and other chemicals 
  • Sodas and refined high sugar/chemical laden foods - these usually also contain vegetable oils
  • Fried foods in restaurants (high omega 6) 
  • limit hard liquor.  Some red wine and herbal digestive drinks are generally fine. 
  • AVOID FAKE (vegan) MEATS, CHEESES, MILK etc.  These foods are absolutely dead, and loaded with omega 6 fats. 

An extra note about seed and vegetable oils, Chicken, Pork, Farmed Salmon

These 3 foods all have the same problem - they are all fed a species inappropiate diet of GMO grains, which are high not only in glyphosate residue, but omega 6 fats.  Chicken and pigs do not have the ability to convert Omega 6 to Omega 3 the way cows, sheep, and goats do, therefor their grain fed diet (even if organic) produces toxic food products.  

Most of the salmon on our shelves and in our restaurants is farmed, unless it is labeled "wild caught".  Fresh wild sockeye is often available in fish markets or grocery stores with a large fish counter.  It is also often available in frozen, or in cans.  

Farmed salmon is absolutely one of the most toxic junk foods we can buy,  due to the way the fish are raised and fed.  They are raised in close quarters and fed a species unsuitable diet of GMO grains and antibiotics.  One reason wild salmon is s healthy is because of it's high omega 3 content from it's natural ocean diet, but farmed salmon contains virtually no Omega 3 - only very high levels omega 6 fats (you can see the thick white streaks of fat in farmed salmon), which are toxic in the high levels we are exposed to today.  The same goes for ORGANIC SALMON - it is also grain fed, therefor very high in Omega 6 and void of Omega 3.  The industry has managed to destroy one of nature's healthiest foods. 

Foods to buy! 

Buying organic in the 2020's does not mean that you are a closet hippie!  It is vital for your health, in order to reduce your exposure to the chemical soup that we are all living in.  It just means you are aware,  protecting you and your family's health as much as possible, and supplying your bodies with the raw materials needed to regenerate, and maintain optimal health and energy our whole long lives.  This is also SO important for children, in order to reach their optimal intelligence and potential. Their bodies have to deal with so much more stress than previous generations - especially from food and environmental chemicals, synthetic clothing, and EMF and radiation exposure from computers in the classrooms and cell/cordless phones around them even at home.  Their bodies need nutrient dense, unprocessed foods in order to cope more easily with their environment. 

We were designed to thrive on natural, high energy, organic foods, therefore loading up on packed processed foods is literally a killer over time.   Choose organic not just because it is higher in energy, but also due to the heavy use of glyphosate ("roundup") on crops - especially GMO crops which are bred to tolerate huge amounts of it.  Non organic wheat, oats, hemp seed, and other grains where Glyphosate is used as a desiccant to kill the plant so it dries out, saving the farmer harvesting time.  THEN it is processed to make our breads, pastries, pasta, and other products.  92% of non organic oats tested have been found to contain chlormequat chloride, a hormone and reproduction disrupting agricultural chemical used as a pesticide and plant growth regulator.  How yummy does that sound?!

What about the price of organic food??

People often say it is too expensive, but pay in the long term with their health and appearance. There are organic foods that are inexpensive when you calculate per meal and calculate the nutritional/energy value.  Organic herbs and seasonings, carrots, onions, boxes of fresh salad sprouts, apples, eggs, light spelt flour, frozen organic berries, mangos, frozen peas and other organic vegetables give you a lot of bang for your buck...   A box of fresh broccoli and sunflower sprouts are incredibly nutrient dense, contains the equivalent energy of 5 servings of broccoli (you need less per meal), and costs the same as a box of cookies! 

Are Organic Foods Really Better?  Here are some numbers...

Yes they are, and these high energy foods will transfer their energy to YOU!

To illustrate this, I have used refined muscle testing to measure the difference in life force energy between conventional and organic foods.  As you can see there is a HUGE disparity between them.  The percentage of "stress" on the body when consuming these foods (typically from chemical and drug residue) is the first thing to look at.  Remember that when you add the herb blend to the organic foods, life force will typically jump at least another 20%. 


  • conventional blueberries 5% life force, 25% stress.   organic blueberries 60% life force, 0 stress
  • conventional broccoli 8% life force, 15% stress,  organic broccoli 45% life force, 0 stress
  • conventional grocery store eggs 5% life force, 24% stress,  health food store pastured eggs 50% life force, 0 stress
  • conventional shitake mushrooms, 5% life force, 12% stress,  organic 30% life force, 0% stress
  • conventional rib eye steak 5% life force, 33% stress. grass fed rib eye 50% life force, 0 stress
  • farmed salmon 3% life force, 35% stress.  Wild sockeye salmon 50% life force,  1% stress (likely from ocean pollution) 
  • commercial plant based burgers, popular brand 0% life force, 45% stress.  Grass fed hamburger patty 40% life force, 0 stress. 
  • Canola and corn oil, 0% life force, 45% stress. (Imagine what this does to your foods!)  Organic coconut oil for frying 30% life force, 0 stress.  Grass fed butter/ghee for low temperature frying 30% energy 0 stress. 
  • Water:   Toronto city tap water 0% life force, 8% stress, bottled spring water in plastic bottle, 0% life force 15% stress.  Filtered tap water (using Santevia jug filter) 10% life force, 0 stress.  Santevia filtered tap water after structuring, 30% life force energy. 

 These are the facts - You decide!   Is it any wonder why we see so much fatigue and illness in modern societies? Young people in their twenties I have tested almost always have a very low life force energy - typically 15-20%, because most do not eat organic foods. 

Navigating the grocery store!

The best way to navigate a grocery store is to focus on organic fruits and vegetables, and foods that are not packaged with just a few exceptions... Organic is not always available, so certain foods are generally safe to eat non organic, such as yams, winter squash,  avocados, mangos, and clementines/mandarins.  Focus on organic foods with their higher life force energy. This energy IS transferred to you, and even if organic and conventional look similar, THEY ARE NOT! Many health food stores now carry fresh organic produce, and some farmers markets (beware, much is not organic) 

An ideal shopping list! - foods to look for..

  • organic fruits and vegetables - the best fruits include mango (fresh and dried/unsulphered), watermelon, tangerine or mandarins, small amounts of banana (1/2 at a time), tart cherries (European brands jars in light syrup is fine if rinsed), apple, red grapefruit, lemon/lime.  Best vegetables include shitake and porcini mushrooms, cooked broccoli, asparagus, peas,  boiled yams, winter squash, green beans, boiled spinach, cauliflower.. 
  • healthy natural fats - butter (ideally grass fed, unsalted - add your own Himalayan salt to meals), extra virgin olive oil from Greece or Tunesia.  (most Italian is adulterated with vegetable oil by the agro-maffia),  organic coconut oil for frying, make your own ghee (clarified butter) for frying.
  • grass fed meats - look for beef, lamb, bison (perhaps from local Mennonites)
  • Fermented foods such as REAL live sauerkraut (refrigerated), goat's milk kefir, certain cheeses such as goat brie, gouda, mozarella. 
  • Raw honey from health food stores, bee keepers, Mennonites etc. 
  • wild sockeye or coho salmon ( limit to 2-3 x month it does contain some mercury), sardines and anchovies (which are very low in mercury)
  • instead of beans and pulses, buy black eyed peas, split peas, mung beans. 
  • good natural fats such as grass fed butter, ghee, organic cream, organic coconut oil
  • limit grains to organic white rice such as Jasmin. This in itself provides a clean (necessary) carbohydrate although not high nutrition, but it is a great base for nutritious additions. 
  • If your family is demanding pasta, try white pasta, and if that doesn't pass, at least buy pastas that are made it Italy such as De Cecco, which use Italian (glyphosate free) wheat. 
  • specific herbs and seasonings.  Some herbs are nutrient dense and boost the energy of our meals. 
  • organic coffee and cream

Household and personal care products

Avoid toxic chemical exposure by using the cleanest products you can find...most of these are available in the grocery store. 

  • Household cleaners - look for unscented natural brands of laundry detergent such as "Nature Clean", and spray cleaners such as "Attitude", Nature Clean Clear unscented dish soap, toilet bowl cleaner. 
  • Air fresheners and scented candles: No no no! These are typically very toxic - if you would like a scent, add organic essential oils in water to a spray bottle and spray away!  Note that rose otto oil will also clear stressful energies out of your home.  For more about this, see my blog article "Home and Office Energy Medicine"..
  • Toilet paper and paper towels - avoid "super soft" or "super absorbent" brands.  I have stress tested multiple brands in the store and find that "Royal Original", typically with a picture of a kitten or baby tiger, tests best in both toilet paper and paper towels.  
  • Unscented personal care products, look for Nature Clean clear dish soap, or Nature Clean shampoo or Herbatint chamomile shampoo, clear glycerine soap, or Dr. Bronner pure castille unscented (baby) liquid soap. (You may have to look in a health food store for some of these.) 
  • Laundry  - fabric softener - use 1- 1/2 cups plain white vinegar in the fabric softener area.  (It will likely overflow, but it still gets in there!)  Whitener - add 1/4 cup baking soda to your detergent compartment. Avoid dryer sheets!  The vinegar is a good substitute. 

Be Aware of Oxalates, nighshades

If you are prone to inflammations, there are certain food groups to be aware of.  Oxalic acid is know for it's relationship to kidney stones, but it can be very inflammatory by nature - especially when the body is dealing with other inflammatory environmental factors on top of it, such as today's high levels of EMF and chemical exposure. 

High oxalate foods include dates, almonds/almond milk and other nuts, whole grain products including wheat, cous cous, bran, bulgar, quinoa, and rye, most beans such as kidney beans, tomatoes, potatoes, dark chocolate, spinach and most leafy greens, and rhubarb which is the highest.  (Animal products do not contain oxalates.)  These are mostly nutritious foods, and this does not mean you have to eliminate them completely - just do not eat huge amounts of them, and if you are prone to inflammation such as sore joints etc., limit them.  Low oxalate substitutes for beans include mung beans, black eyed peas, and split peas. 

You can also prepare certain foods to reduce oxalates.  For example, NEVER eat raw spinach - this is extremely high in oxalates, but if you boil/drain the spinach, most oxalates are removed. The same goes for yams - cook by boiling and draining - not baking.  

The old term "Deadly Nightshades" is not accidental - these foods are inflammatory by nature, as the plant's natural defense from predators is the secretion of chemicals which are also toxic to humans.  The nightshades include tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine, sweet peppers, and even tobacco.  These foods are best avoided - I have tried to find preparation methods to make them acceptable, but inflammatory compounds are simply a property of these plants which probably cannot be eliminated.  It's the nature of the plants. 

Increasing the Life force energy foods to sustain our 

natural energy... 

It is not always easy to follow the diet we would like to, for various reasons including dinner invitations and travelling.  Many people cite cost as their reason for not eating organically, and for some larger families this may be a valid point. 

By using specific dried herbs, we can:

  1. Raise the energy of lower quality "high demand" family meals containing starchy carbs such as rice and pastas
  2. In some situations, we can balance the odd small sugary desert
  3. Optimise already nutritious meals to an even higher energy level

Dried herbs are an excellent energising tool!

Of course you can use fresh organic herbs, but here I refer mainly to dried herbs as they are easier to measure and transport.  Certain herbs have a very high life force energy and nutrient density. When these herbs are used with a compatible but less desirable food such as wheat, other grains, or non organic low energy foods, they increase the over all energy of the dish.  I believe the abundant use of fresh herbs (and quality red wine) may be one of the secrets of the French health paradox!   


For example cilantro is a very high frequency herb and is best used fresh chopped, then stirred into many type of dishes including starchy low nutrition carbs like white rice and pasta. It is very nutrient dense, and increases the vibrational energy of compatible foods it is combined with – always keep fresh organic cilantro on hand and use it liberally - a handful of chopped organic cilantro per serving will typically enhance a pasta dish by about 40 percentage points!  You can also use it in scrambled eggs, chili, salads, and countless savory dishes. 

You can make a batch of this dried herb combo, and keep it on hand to season everything you cook.  Ideally we would want about 1tsp per dinner plate, but if you are making a large pot of soup for example, a few teaspoons would be enough.  You can double or triple this recipe...  The thyme and sage do not have to be organic in case you have trouble finding them.  It is important that the oregano and black pepper are organic - there is a huge upgrade in life force energy. 


Herb Blend Recipe

3T dried thyme

3T dried sage

3T organic oregano

1 1/2 tsp organic black pepper 

Combine all 3 in a glass jar, and use liberally in any foods that they combine with such as vegetables, meats, soups, rice and pasta dishes, mix into goat's milk yoghurt, eggs, even home made bread and dessert recipes.  (ie 2 tsp in a loaf of home made banana bread).  Have a small glass jar in your bag handy for restaurants or travel.  The blend has a mild flavour and will go un noticed in small quantities.  You can increase the life force energy of an organic meal from about 50% to 70% using this method, and a non organic conventional meal or restaurant meal from 0-10% up to 15-30%.  A pasta or organic white rice meal can be dramatically increased from about 10% to 40-50%. 

Turmeric Blend

This high powered anti inflammatory blend can be taken as a "golden milk" with raw honey and optionally bee pollen, as well as used to season foods such as soups, stews, and rice. Make up a large batch and store in a glass jar.   This is formula is also exactly balanced to support the pancreas and blood sugar handling.  Ideally all ingredients should be organic, but conventional ginger powder will work.  (Conventional turmeric and black pepper will not - they must be organic.) 

3T organic turmeric powder

4 tsp ginger powder

1 1/2 tsp organic black pepper

Golden Milk beverage: 2-4tsp turmeric blend (depending on your level of inflammation), large soupspoon thick raw honey (more if using 4 tsp blend), 2 tsp bee pollen, 2 cups warm water. Dissolve and sip throughout the day.     (Note that boiling water will kill the enzymes and good microbes in the honey).  This works best with a lot of raw honey - the taste should be pleasant. 

This drink is especially good for the liver, supporting liver detox, energy, and rejuvenation

Goat Kefir Probiotic drink

This combination works well together with a combined life force energy of 60%.  It offers extra support for bone and gut health.  The flax oil is supportive for women - men should instead take a fish oil capsule with it - Carlson brand Super Omega is "clean" as it is made from low mercury fish.  (Be VERY careful of the brand of flax oil -  it must be refrigerated in a dark bottle.  I use "Flora" brand.)  D Drops may not be available in USA, but Carlson is a good brand in USA. 

3/4 cup goat's milk kefir

2 cap fulls liquid Flax oil 

D Drops      (I take 10 drops in winter, 6 or less in summer depending on sun exposure)

Mung Bean Soup

This is a very high energy "Ayurvedic" combo that can be used as a detox for the filtering organs - liver, spleen, and kidneys. The special ingredients work synergistically to create a high life force soup of about 70%.   NOTE: I am currently researching the best way to cook the mung beans to get them very soft - likely pressure cooking.  In the meantime search it on line - the ingredients should include 1 tsp turmeric blend, 1/2 extra tsp ginger, ghee, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp corriander seeds, Asafetida (or use 1/2 finely chopped onion instead, HImalayan salt. 

Other Whole Food Energisers you can add to meals

Blueberries - Balancing Sugary desserts:  It is definitely a good idea to keep sugary deserts to a minumum, but on occasions where you must, serve 1/8 to 1/4 cup organic or wild blueberries on the side with the dessert. 

Baking:  Substitutions and additions for healthier baking...

  • 2T organic hemp seeds and 2 tsp herb blend to a banana bread, cake, or muffin recipe
  • add blueberries to a cake or muffin recipe. 
  • Use light (white) spelt flour instead of wheat flour.
  • Use ginger powder where it suits. 
  • For a basic buttercream icing, use ¾ cup organic icing sugar, 1/3 cup soft pastured butter, and 2T organic hemp seed OR ¼ tsp ginger powder.  (Hemp seed always has to be organic, because like wheat, non organic is typically sprayed with glyphosate before harvesting!)
  • use Organic Turbinado sugar instead of white or brown sugar, or sugar replacements. (Note that Sucanat is the best sugar, but is not easy to find - also known as Rapadura.  This is made from whole, ground sugar cane and contains fiber and molasses.)

Lemon -  It is definitely best to avoid fried foods, but once in a while you will end up with something on your plate that you did not realise was fried.  Lemon will help cut the bad fats associated with frying.  it also enhances the energy of seafood, water, and other recipes where lemon or (organic) lemon rind is called for. 

Sage  - Sage also helps to break down bad fats.  For example if you have an olive oil which you are not 100% is unadulterated, add about organic 3 sage leaves to the bottle, and leave them there.  The above dried herb blend can also be added to restaurant foods if you are think it may contain vegetable or seed oils.  I carry a small bottle of the herb blend in my purse. 

Chopped Cilantro - add a handful of chopped organic cilantro to rice, eggs, pasta,  or other dishes that need more energy.  Top salads with fresh cilantro..  If you cannot get fresh organic cilantro, use the dried herb blend instead.  Non organic cilantro has low energy and will not energise food. 


Synergistic Enhancement - Raising good foods to the next level!

 Our goal is to achieve at least 50% life force energy meals - preferably over 60 and up to 80%, to maintain a high level of health and vitality throughout your life. 

 Following these methods, your home prepared meals can easily  reach 70 or even 80%.  If using dried organic herbs, it takes ¼ to ½ tsp per serving of dried herbs per portion, to balance foods, so use liberally - also use a lot of black pepper!  

Here is how we can energise organic vegetables and other foods! 

  I have indicated the improvement in life force energy using the indicated ingredients.. Most organic vegetables and foods have a life force energy of about 50%.  Fish and meats are important sources of protein and a vital part of our diet, but their life force energy on their own is not high.  Luckily, they respond extremely well to this type of combining.   Add the Herb Blend to the following foods, and accent with the following herbs if desired. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz (vice chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University, and host of the Dr. Oz Show) asserts that 3 in 4 Americans are deficient in magnesium.  Certain vegetables are great sources of magnesium so do your best to include many portions of these organic vegetables (traditional are likely very depleted) in your daily diet, and energise them with the following techniques.. Some vegetables should be boiled to remove oxalates.  Excellent sources of magnesium include:

  • Boiled spinach

  • broccoli boiled with just a bit of water until al dente
  • broccoli micro greens
  • Bok Choy
  • squash (butternut is too light - look for dark orange flesh), 

Asparagus:  Look for the thick stalked asparagus.  Sauté in a bit of pastured butter at low temp., add 1/4 tsp per serving herb blend and Himalayan salt.  From 50% up to 70% life force. 

Broccoli (steamed sitting in a bit of water):  herb blend, butter, Himalayan salt, sautéed garlic  (50% up to 70%)

Green string beans:  Herb blend, Himalayan salt, bit of pastured butter  (from 50% up to 80% life force) 


Eggs:  Herb blend, Lovage, Himalayan salt, a little pastured butter.   Use pastured eggs only - you can remove half the egg white as the choline is in the yolk. For scrambled eggs, add structured water. 50% up to 70%. 

*Lovage is in the same family as celery, and grows several feet high in the garden and produces a LOT of herbs. You can harvest and dry the leaves for winter. 


Cauliflower:   Herb blend, Black pepper, Himalayan salt, a little pastured butter.  If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can make a white "cheese" sauce including organic nutritional yeast for B12. 

From 40% up to 60% 

Meat Loaf:  My husband occasionally enjoys meat loaf from a local German deli. As it comes, the meat loaf only has 3% life force energy.  Add 1/2 tsp herb blend per serving, organic black pepper, it rises to 50%.   


Use 1/2 tsp herb blend per serving, organic black pepper and Himalayan salt are high energy seasonings for meats.  20% up to 50%. 

Peas (organic/frozen):

 Organic frozen peas are excellent, and have about 50% life force energy.  When you combine peas with the herb blend, a little grass fed butter, Himalayan salt, and chopped fresh cilantro, the life force rises to 70%.

Salad:  For the most nutrient dense power salad, use broccoli and sunflower microgreens, (radish and pea are good as well) and chopped lovage or cilantro, one chopped radish, with a bit of real raw sauerkraut on the side  - See photo.  Add optional avocado slices.  Lettuces are relatively low in energy and this salad is more "worthwhile".  The small salad shown tests as equivalent in sulforaphane to 2 servings of cruciferous vegetables because of the broccoli microgreens.  Use a touch of quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing. 

Classic iceberg salad with commercial dressing has 0% life force energy (mostly due to the commercial dressing).  Microgreens salad with 1/4 avocado, Acropolis brand olive oil and balsamic, (OR women can use 2 capfulls Flora flax oil with balsamic)  up to 60%. 

Mushrooms:  Shitake are the most nutritious mushrooms I have found. Porcini mushroom are also excellent - they are wild, and usually just available dried,  It just take a few minutes to rehydrate them when covered with very hot water (not boiling) and left to sit 10-15 minutes.

Herb blend, Butter, Himalayan salt.  50% up to 70%     (Note: it is vital they are organic.) 

Spinach (boiled and drained):  herb blend, lovage, butter and HImalayan salt.  40% up to 70%. 


Vegetable soups:   To a large pot of organic vegetable soup, Add 4 tsp herb blend, Himalayan salt,  veg. ingredients, typically 50%, up to 80%.  Be sure to structure blended soups! (see below)


Yams (boiled and drained): pastured butter, Himalayan salt, black pepper, oregano, lovage, or sage 50% up to 80%  

A typical conventional restaurant meal could be 0 to 5% life force.  Organic vegetables and eggs typically have about 50% life force.  Certain fresh herbs have a whopping 80%.  By combining these herbs generously with even conventional foods, you can dramatically increase the life force energy of your meals, and therefor yourself. 

Fats and oils: The best fats to cook with are pastured butter at low temperature, ghee made from pastured butter is good at higher temperatures, and organic coconut oil at medium  temperatures or if you want to brown something like pancakes - as long as it doesn't smoke.  

Structure liquids to increase their energy:

Make water, smoothies and other blended foods healthier!

Any foods or beverages which we liquify - blend or mix at high speed,  becomes “destructured”, which dramatically reduces it's energy.  The best way I can describe this is to say the the structure of the food becomes scrambled, and "incoherent" on a cellular level so the body does not recognise the structure, and it is "denatured"..  however this is easy to remedy. 

I discovered this a few years ago when making vegetable juice with a friend who had a farm.  She saw me throwing away large quantities of vegetable pulp, and asked me if it might be good food for her animals.  I thought that was a great idea, but was astounded when I tested the pulp – it actually had 0% life force energy, therefor would not be beneficial to her animals.  I also could not believe that the life force energy of the juice itself was only 5% despite all the organic vegetables. 

The problem is the food is no longer in it's natural form - the structure has been changed and as a result, the Life Force Energy of the food drops dramatically.  The most commonly affected foods would be sauces, smoothies, blended soups, and juices, etc. 

Imagine dumping all the building materials to build a house in one pile, and then trying to sort it out! 

However you CAN return cellular coherence or "order" to the liquid after blending, by the quick process of “structuring”, and return it to a high Life Force Energy of 70-80%.   Simply stir briskly 40 times left, then 40 x right, creating as deep a vortex as possible.  You can actually taste the difference before and after.  For example if you are beating or scrambling eggs, finish by "re-structuring" whisking the eggs left then right, and this will raise the energy of your end result. 

In some recipes which must just be "stirred to moisten" only, structure liquids or eggs first before adding them to the dry.  This will raise the Life Force Energy of the whole recipe.  

Wash non organic foods with structured water

Structured water can also be used for detoxifying non organic fruits and vegetables.  Occasionally when organic has not been available, I have had to purchase something like conventional blueberries. They muscle test as stressful even after washing in tap water.  But, if you wash them in structured water you can effectively neutralise harmful chemicals, and the life force of the berries will go up - although not as high as with organic berries.  I always keep a jug of filtered, structured water on the counter.  Place the berries in a bowl and pour structured water over them - leave it for about 30 seconds and drain the water.


Add structured water to your pet's food

Pet food is highly processed with a very low Life Force Energy, but you can increase it significantly (ie. from 5% to 40%) by stirring a bit a structured water into your pet's

kibble or wet food 

Its not easy to give our pets good organic food because it's often simply not readily available, but adding a bit of structured water  - say 2T - to a cat's portion of food, will help to neutralise chemical stress and increase life force energy of wet food. For example our cat's expensive veterinary food has about 5% life force and 8% stress.  Stir in a bit of structured water and it raises the life force to 40%, and 0% stress (be careful not to use too much - about 2T).   You can definitely do this with wet dog food and kibble to make a gravy.  Of course give them structured water in their water bowl.