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Zen For Living

How often have you heard someone say,  I love this place - it has a great feel!”  Your home should feel light and joyful, and support the health, happiness, and goals of your family members!  

Using simple but effective techniques, we clear and then optimize your home's energy to create a pleasing harmonious flow through your living space.  This unique process includes Feng Shui principles, but is "beyond Feng Shui" - for realtors we call it "Feng Shui and energy staging". 

WORLD WIDE SERVICE!: Zen for Living is located in Toronto, but  by connecting on What's App for live walk through instructions, we can clear and optimise your home worldwide!  

All payments for on line services are made directly to several animal support groups around the world, including Animal Love (Costa Rica), Soi Dog Foundation (Thailand), Till the Cows Come Home (Australia), Humane Society International, and Animals Asia.  All profits for in person consultations are donated to these organisations. 



Clearing and energizing your living space is a form of alternative health care - "energetic imrints" in our homes keep us stuck in old patterns.  Create a healthy, high vibrational  supportive environment for health and positivity on all levels.     

  • You can easily create a healthy, high vibrational supportive home environment  and feel the difference immediately.  It feels lighter, freer, happier.... Smile more easily!
  • Raise your energy levels, upport your family's health, wellbeing, and family relationships
  • Freshen and improve the feel of your home with little or no redecorating!



  • Our homes retain varying levels of environmental stressors which affects the first   impression of a buyer, as well as the health, lives, and family relationships of the residents?Sell your properties faster, economically! 
  • Use this technique with or without conventional staging.  Or, you can give  our contact details to your "conditional buyers" to get their current home sold faster.                                                                                       

Karen Unsworth Berger B.A.A. (Interior Design), T.F.H.

Education: BAA Interior Design (Toronto), Touch For Health & PKP Kinesiology (Edinburgh), Feng Shui (Budapest),   Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto (Gr. 10 piano/vocal)

  • Karen's unique blend of formal education in design, holistic health, music, and a lifelong  natural  sensitivity to environmental energies, have given her the training, skills, and experience to create a  truly effective system of space clearing and enhancement.   
  • We call this process "energy staging", using a variety of techniques, materials, and accents to clear, then increase the energy of the space.  
  • Feel the immediate shift, and experience fast results. 

Our Mission: 

Creating home environments that support the health, happiness, and success of the residents.           


Use our services, and help a worthy cause. 

All payments for on line services are made directly to Animal Support Organisations world wide, listed below.  Please submit a copy of your receipt back to info@zenforliving.com. 

100% of on line services, and 50% of in person services are donated to these groups. 

Animal Love, Costa Rica   https://animallove.cr/donations/

Humane Society Int. (closing dog meat farms)   https://donate.hsi.org/page/23410/donate/1?locale=en-CA

Till the Cows Come Home (saving newborn calves) https://ttcch-general-appeal.tilthecowscomehome.org/

Animals Asia (Bear sanctuaries)  https://www.animalsasia.org/us/donate/

Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand   https://www.soidog.org/content/make-donation

This is Zen, in Luxembourg... my doggy love and inspiration. .

Realtors Within the GTA

On site service. $225.  (includes the loan and instalation of  over $300. of enhancement accents.)   


 Homeowners Within the Toronto area

On site service.  Includes 1 or 2 mitigation products, as needed.  $225. Inquiries or booking,  info@zenforliving.com 

Realtors and Homeowners Outside the Toronto Area

Via What's App. $175. inquiries or booking 


Zen for Living's clearing and energising home accents 

(Coming Soon!)


  Karen is a breath of fresh air. She has helped me with her Zen For Living method on several homes that were "stuck" and were sitting on the market for no apparent reason.  She recommended  some subtle changes and immediately the home would feel lighter and the homes sold shortly after.   

- Anna Oliver, Anna Oliver Group, Sotheby's Canada

After years of trouble sleeping and feeling sluggish during the day, we made some modifications to my bedroom and working area. Now I am able to rest and my energy is noticeably different! Karen is very professional and I trust her guidance 100%.

Sandra  Saenz, Homeowner Phoenix Arizona

  "Karen used her Zen for Living "Energy Staging" method in a few What's App sessions to help me sell my flat fast.  It was fun and amazingly easy. My 2 neighbours' identical flats had already been on the market for 8 and 11 months - mine sold before theirs in 6 weeks, to the 2nd person that saw it!      

Ashleen, Homeowner, Luxembourg EU     


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Home and office energy medicine: Clear & enhance your spacefor  health and happiness!



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